How To Use the Crystals


Dear Lightworker,


The Crystals have the highest energy and are from the highest Light. Please be aware that each Crystal comprises the consciousness of a deity.

The more frequently you work with the Crystals, the more you will feel how strong and powerful they are.


You may copy the Crystals, cut them out and energize water, rooms or other objects with them. For meditations it is recommendable to put them directly on your Chakras. Use them as your intiution tells you. The energy of the Crystals will always work for your highest welfare and therefore they can never be applied improperly.


The description often tells you to "visualize the Crystals". Should you experience difficulties in doing so in the beginning, look directly at the Crystal, draw the Crystal and say the name aloud. What matters most is the state of consciousness you are in when you use the Crystals. Visualize the Crystal, realize the effect it has and use it. You may say the name of the Crystal aloud. If your situation does not make this possible it suffices just to think it.


You may send the Crystals through time and space or to other people as support. The effect is particularly powerful if you are in your Unified Chakra, sending the Crystals with the intention of Love. It does not matter which side of the Crystal is top or bottom. The Crystals have their own consciousness and seek their way out of the Divine Reality into your own reality. Use the Crystals as often as is possible for you. Thereby the consciousness of the Crystals will be stored more and more in your cellular water. Live the truth that lies behind the Crystals and awakening will surely follow.


Sending you ELEXIER, ANA and PRADNA

The Team of the KryonSchool