*Starfleet 999*

The Conference of the High Council



It was a big day in the universe today for the High Councillors of the Light met in a big gathering, and that was something special even in the universe. They were always about very important things and decisions. Because of that only the highest and the elders are summoned. As always the great lights met in the big conference rooms of the energy ship of Ashtar Sheran, who had the command of this ship.

About half a light year away Master Lao Tse rubbed the last stardust out of his eyes and regarded his reflection in the rays of the sun. For today he had got himself a very nice outward appearance, for Lao Tse has a natural gift for condensing himself. As he is a very wise and old master, he manifested himself a nice white beard and was happy with what he saw. But he could not deny that he was a little nervous, for he had received a big task from Melek Metatron and had to present his results to the High Councillors today. But he was also full of joy, for at these gatherings it was always so that the great lights put on a body, and he was longing to see what ideas his friend Angel Chamuel had had. Master Lao Tse had his own small energy ship and off he went. As by itself, only a few thoughts later, he entered the big conference room.

"Oh, what joy to see you all, OMAR TA SATT my dears." Master Lao Tse called. "What beautiful bodies you have put on." And Lady Nada, he could not deny it, was of special beauty. With a short but intensive ELEXIER he greeted his friend Chamuel and sat down next to him. Angel Chamuel was also of considerable beauty. He wore long wavy hair and a pink robe over his body. Suddenly it became very quiet and this meant that Melek Metatron and Jesus, the Christ, were announcing their arrival. All the High Councillors rose to their feet in order to pay them respect and honor, and a flood of light flowed through the room. "OMAR TA SATT", thus the High Councillors of the Light were greeted by Melek Metatron and Jesus Christ. They gave them a quick bow and resumed their seats.
Melek Metatron looked at his lightworkers full of love and said: "My dears, the first point of our agenda today is our beautiful blue planet earth and the human beings. My dear Master Lao Tse has received the task from me to observe the human beings from the divine reality, in order to find out how far they have progressed in their development. For the great ascension is near. The time has come that the human beings remember who they are again. Over a long period of time the human beings had forgotten who they were. A big dense veil lay over their consciousness and thus they were no longer able to feel their divinity."

All eyes focused on Master Lao Tse. He had resolved to make known only the essential part, for you have to know that Master Lao Tse was well known to tell long stories as soon as it was his turn to speak.
Thus he stood up, looked as Melek Metatron and said: "With the exception of a very few human beings they are still sleeping." and sat down again. Master Lao Tse was very happy with himself for he had really managed to express only the essential part. He did not notice that all eyes were still turned towards him. Melek Metatron could not hide a smile and looked at Master Lao Tse full of love and said: "My dear Master, perhaps you could explain your observations a little more?" "Oh yes, of course." And he considered where best to begin.

"According to my observations most of the human beings don't know yet that they are great lights in a human body. It's true that many are searching for something, but they are searching for the greater truth outside of themselves. Many feel very small themselves and search for God everywhere except where God is: in their soul - where God resides and they would find all they need in order to realize their magnificence. I'll be happy to give you a few examples about how human beings think and live."
"Keep going, Master Lao Tse, let us hear them."


And right away there was no stopping Master Lao Tse anymore.

"I have observed the human beings and they have forgotten completely who they are. With the exception of a few human beings whose soul has remembered, with a few differences unfortunately this is true for all human beings, but you know this yourselves as we are in constant contact with those whom we call the Pioneers of the Light.
Okay, I will tell you about one, please consider, just one soul now. Do you remember the soul Mira who volunteered for earth service?"
"But of course, how could we ever forget a single soul."


Mira was a soul from the Starseed. Mira had tirelessly gone back onto earth again and again and had experienced  so many things. The last time Mira incarnated on earth the Sun God said to her: "My dear Mira, this time when you go onto earth it will be a little different than usual. For you know that you are going onto earth with a big task. As you have been able to gather so much experience it will be your task this time to prepare the human beings for the great change of ages.
We, your family, will do everything to support you."



Planet earth

It is the year 1970. The soul Mira, who is called Fiona on earth, was 10 years old and a rather shy girl. Fiona did not have many friends for she was a bit different from most of the children her age. Fiona was a very thin and fragile girl. She often had colds and also often ran a temperature. She also often had headaches. At school her class mates mostly did not notice her and Fiona often felt lonely and alone. It is true she had very loving parents, but both of them had to work. They owned a small grocery store and had little time for their only child. Fiona loved stories. She often made the stories she had read her reality. She dreamed of becoming a great dancer, for dancing, that was something Fiona was really good at. Every evening she begged her parents to allow her to take dancing lessons. She told them about her dreams to become a dancer one day. But the parents had no sympathy for this kind of dream. The mother said to Fiona: "Stop dreaming and wake up at last. You will never become a dancer, you are far too weak and also not pretty enough. You will take charge of our shop some day. This is what we have planned for you." The mother gave her a quick kiss and sent Fiona to bed.

Thus the years passed, and Fiona's dreams also passed. After she finished school Fiona worked in the shop of her parents. Fiona no longer made any demands of her life, and yet a yearning burned in her that she could hardly explain. Somehow she did not feel she belonged with anybody and she was still very lonely and alone.

Fiona walked through the streets, stopped in front of a shop window and stared at a book that drew her like magic. It was about angels and masters. Fiona could hardly wait till she was in bed, for at night she had the quiet to read. Fiona did not read just the one book. In the course of time she read at least 10 spiritual books, for since then she no longer felt alone. She began to understand that there had to be more. She began her spiritual development. At weekends she went to seminars and met a nice young man there. His name was Bob. They fell in love and at last Fiona thought she had found all she needed.
But her parents had great doubts about Fiona's happiness: The parents thought it was more than suspicious that Fiona occupied herself with such strange things as laying on of hands and similar practices that cost money on top. They also feared that Fiona could have come across a sect. Instead of accepting a nice young man such as Karl the banker, for example, their only daughter fell in love with a good-for-nothing of all people.
One evening when they were having supper Fiona plucked up her courage and told the parents that she would go to India with Bob for a while. She had other plans for her life than to take charge of the grocery shop. The parents were outraged. The mother said: "Fiona, you can't do this to us. And anyway, what do you think can happen to you over there?" When none of that was any good the mother said: "Do you really think your Bob is serious about you? There are so many pretty girls and he will be sure to leave you some day!"



Many years later, the year 2004

At the till of a grocery shop sat a middle-aged woman and took the money for the groceries with a vacant look. What had happened?Fiona went to India with Bob, to a great master in spite of the parents' misgivings. She had imagined it so nice. But it all turned out differently. She became very ill and no matter what she did and how often she meditated her body did not recover fully. When she could not take any more Bob left her for another woman. Completely exhausted and also full of anger Fiona returned home where her parents took her in  and said: "You see, child, we knew this right from the start. And now grow up at last!"
Fiona married Karl the banker soon after, and to make matters worse Fiona also found out that she was not able to bear children. All her dreams, all her hopes and the belief in God had burst like a soap bubble. Fiona had no dreams anymore. She did not want to see anything or hear anything anymore. The days resembled each other. Like a puppet Fiona lived her dreary life, for who was she? There were human beings whose fate was far worse than hers!

One day, however, Fiona had a strange encounter. She was walking in the forest and rested on a bench. Suddenly a woman sat next to her and looked at her so constantly that Fiona was embarrassed and looked away. It was too long since anybody had really looked at her. The woman began to speak and said: "Everything you have experienced was for your highest good, for you are a great light in a human body. You have a big task on earth. Your name is Mira and you are a starborn. Listen to the truth of your soul and begin to understand that you are more than a human being. Awaken!"

Fiona wanted to answer but the woman was already gone. It seemed to her as if she had dreamed. Fiona thought: "What if this woman is right and I have a task? Perhaps I got this severe illness in India only to return to where I incarnated? What if Bob only left me in order to show me that I could find love only in myself?"
Fiona felt how a feeling of peace and strength overcame her in her soul. Fiona cried tears that she had held back for far too long already. She felt a truth that she could not put into words. Now she also understood why she had been different already as a child. Fiona went home feeling blissful and told Karl everything.
He, however, was not happy for Fiona and threatened to leave her if she did not stop being mad right away. "And who do you think you are?" he asked. "Fiona, do you really believe that you of all people have been chosen for anything? A little saleswoman, not even particularly pretty, and you can't even become a mother? You should be chosen? Don't make me laugh!"


At night great doubts came to Fiona. Karl was right, who was she anyway? She had probably only dreamed it all.
Fiona decided to forget it all in order to grow up at last.



Lao Tse looked at Melek Metatron and saw that Melek Metatron, the great lord, cried. He went to the soul Mira with his energy and spoke the words:



The End



Closing words by Sabine Sangitar

For so many years I am working with human beings, or, rather, with great lights in a human body. Again and again I have experienced that human beings gave up their dreams even though they felt that their dreams came from their soul and therefore spring from the divine reality. Many human beings ask: "Why should I of all people have a task? I haven't done a single wonderful thing in my entire life."
And even when the human beings feel their task it is still often so that the influence from outside is so powerful that the human beings do not fulfil their task.
And thus the story of Mira is a story that happens thousands of times.

I can only confirm to you:
You are magnificent. When you feel that the divine reality and the truth want to expand in you then let it happen. Be brave and live your dream. You are divine!!!