Little Hats and Caps

- Angel's Tailor's -


Stories from the Universe

by Sabine - Sangitar




Angels have the ability to put on a body.
Perhaps you ask yourself why the angels do this?
Angels love to play and love beauty, but there is another, much more important reason.

Sometimes the human beings travel through the Stargate in order to visit the angels. On such an occasion the angels manifest themselves a body and assume human form.
And for that there is the Angel's Tailor's in the universe.



Beyond the Stargate, three magnetic field ways to the right, behind the moon - then left and continuing straight on, you will find the Angel's Tailor's 'Little Caps and Hats'.


The only one in the universe, by the way, and that is why it is very busy. You have to know that angels are very social, and also talkative beings.
As you often have to wait at the gate for a while the angels love to exchange the latest heavenly messages, naturally in the language of the angels, called Ari So Am. 

The angels always have something to talk about, e.g. about the great mights, the Elohim, or about distant planets and much more.


There was a lot to do in the Angel's Tailor's. Lady Nada had ordered three dresses at once and the ball gown for Angel Sophia wasn't ready yet either. But the angel's tailors were industrious and did their task with great joy and dedication.

The angel Firius was the supervisor and had a lot of responsibility. For the heavenly orders had to be delivered exactly as they had been ordered. Particularly important were the colors and embroidery. Firius darted to and fro and gave instructions every now and then, but he was very happy with his team. Only one little angel called Sina worried him. Not that Sina didn't do good work, on the contrary, Sina was particularly skilful at dressmaking. She had a sense for colors and rare embroidery. But sometimes Sina appeared to be far away and a little worried. Firius wondered if it might have something to do with the fact that Sina had returned into the universe from earth service only recently.


Sina was far away with her thoughts and bore a great pain in her angel soul. It's true Sina was overjoyed to be back home, with her true siblings, at last. But there was something that marred her joy.

When Sina left the planet earth because her time had come she had to leave somebody she loved very much behind. Planet earth is still very dense in its energy and the great lights, who called themselves human beings, had accepted this density and at the same time forgotten who they were. These human beings bore unbelievable burdens in their vibration. Most human beings felt separated from God and lonely. When a soul left the body it was often a great pain for the human beings, as they didn't know that the soul returns home. The human beings called it death. They thought to have lost the loved human being for ever and they cried bitter tears. Thus it was also with Sina's loved ones. It's true that the human beings had heard of God, but their heart was often closed and they only believed what they really saw.

Sina sighed, and hadn't noticed that Firius stood next to her. Only when he greeted her with the words OMAR TA SATT did she take notice. Firius looked at the dress that Sina was sewing for Lady Nada and was speechless in the face of this beauty. "Oh Sina, how beautifully you are doing this. Lady Nada is going to be delighted." Shyly but still smiling, Sina looked at Firius. "You know, Firius, I have looked at many things on earth. The human beings there often wear pretty dresses."


Suddenly Firius sensed that something had changed. The jabbering of the angels had stopped. As a rule this only happens when important visitors arrive. Firius darted to the gate as fast as he could. He almost couldn't believe his eyes. A sea of colors covered the Angel's Tailor's, Little Caps and Hats.
Firius shook himself for joy, and, what an honor, it was the lightship of Ashtar Sheran.

Adonai Ashtar Sheran is one of the most powerful beings in the universe as he looks after order and peace with his fleet. The magnificent color rays are decorations he received for his services. A small shuttle ship approached the Angel's Tailor's and a lightbeing transported itself to the gate.

"OMAR TA SATT, I am Ilu of the confederation of peace, in the service of Adonai Ashtar Sheran. I bring you the order to make two suits by your best angel's tailors. The suits are for Ashtar Sheran and Arius Nux."


The lightbeing Ilu had withdrawn long since, but Firius couldn't move his wings with excitement. Only when the bell that signals a break could be heard did the excitement move from Firius's wings.


It had been the end of work a long time ago, but, as so often happens in the periods of not linear time, the little angel Sina was still sitting at the sewing machine and making the suits for the gentlemen.

With great patience and much love Sina sewed, sewed, and sewed. The suits were finished that evening. Splendid and shining they lay in front of Sina. Carefully she stroked the blue collars.


Suddenly it got really bright in the Tailors to the Angels, Sina looked around and looked right into the eyes of Ashtar Sheran and Arius Nux. She looked at the gentlemen reverently and gave them their suits. One could feel how satisfied the gentlemen were and they gave Sina a big AN'ANASHA.

Adonai Ashtar Sheran war ready to go, but Arius Nux didn't move an inch. Ashtar Sheran looked at Arius Nux and knew, this, his best friend still had something to do. He withdrew quietly.

Arius Nux couldn't stop looking at Sina. He was being reminded of something. Something touched his soul. "Where are you from?" Arius Nux asked. Sina, who also felt a tugging in her soul, answered: "I have just returned from earth service." And suddenly all the pain burst out of Sina, for she had waited too long already. Arius Nux was a very good listener and he understood Sina's pain only too well. He too had once had to say goodbye to somebody, but this is another story.

Arius Nux had had a different task before he was in the service of the confederation. When he was still very young he had the task to send shooting stars through the Stargate to the human beings. Nux was well known to conjure up the most beautiful shooting stars. Sometimes they sowed the seed of love in the hearts of the human beings.


Sina was on the big lightship and was amazed. Close to Arius Nux's side they rode an elevator right to the top, to the observation platform. The cosmic starry sky twinkled and Sina took in the entire beauty. At the end of the platform was a bench. Arius Nux and Sina sat on it and looked into the distance.
Adonai Ashtar Sheran gave his crew the order to set course for the Stargate and smiled at the same time.

Arrived at the Stargate one saw the chink into the other dimension. Arius Nux looked at Sina full of love. On the earth, between the mountains, sat Sina's loved human being, also on a bench. Something had moved him to do just that. Full of sadness because of Sina's death he looked into the sky. "If only I could receive one more sign I might be able to believe what Sina always told me about the universe. But this will probably never happen!"

And suddenly a shooting star, the like had never existed before, appeared in the sky. It tumbled from the sky in the shape of a big heart, and the heart of Sina's loved one, whose name was Lukas, understood: "Sina has returned home and I will see her again!" Once more Lukas looked at the sky and knew: "Sina doesn't want me to mourn." He sent all his love to Sina and let her move on.


Sina took Arius Nux's hand and squeezed it. Words were unnecessary. For a long time they continued to sit on the heavenly bench and looked into the distance.


Firius was flabbergasted when he entered the Angel's Tailor's. Sina sat at the sewing machine as usual, but something had changed. Sina sang a most beautiful song and was beaming. Firius guessed and smiled…


Should you ever be in the vicinity, do visit the Angel's Tailor's, Little Caps and Hats. Firius and Sina look forward to your visit.


See you soon.