General Terms and Conditions of Business


§ 1 Application and Validity

The following General Terms and Conditions of Business (GTCB) set forth the terms and conditions for the participation in the Online SOL'A'VANA Steps and the use of the files and websites. They are valid for all products, services and files as well as their contents. This agreement constitutes the legal contract between the SHIMAA Verlag GmbH (subsequently called Supplier) and the user of the Online SOL'A'VANA Steps (subsequently called User) legally binding and enforceable in accordance with its terms.

There is no legal right to permanent availability of the service.


§ 2 Download

On the 1st of a month the User will be sent an email in which it will be pointed out to him that a new lesson of the SOL'A'VANA Steps (subsequently called Step) is available for retrieval. If such a date coincides with a Sunday or public holiday the email will be sent on the next working day.

The dispatch cycle is subject to alteration.

It is also possible to receive more or fewer Steps a month.


§ 3 Price, Payment and Delivery Volume

The price for the Online SOL'A'VANA Steps is 20 Euro per Step. Payment is to be made by PayPal or credit card charge. Payment of the price covers all services of the Supplier.

The delivery of a Step comprises the script of the respective Step in accordance with the Supplier's program as well as one or two included meditation MP3 files. Further extras such as light language or various bonus files are optional and will be made available as required.


§ 4 Cancellation, Premature Termination of Contract

The User may terminate the contract each month and end the Steps by giving notice not less than two weeks prior to the end of the month.

Any payments made beyond the last Step which was made available will be refunded.

A refund of delivered Steps is not possible.


§ 5 Rights of Use

The Supplier reserves the rights to all aspects of publication, duplication, editing and utilization of the Steps.

The User is entitled to the personal use of the Steps only. The User is not entitled to commercial duplication of the Steps, nor to make them publicly available to third parties for utilization, nor to pass them on or to sell them.


§ 6 Guarantee and Liability

The reading of the scripts and the use of the meditation MP3 files is done at the sole responsibility of the User.

The Supplier accepts no responsibility for possible resulting disadvantageous consequences for the User and/or the inappropriate behavior of the User. Furthermore, the Steps are to be understood to be support only. Therefore no claims can be made from accidents which may happen during the use of or in cunjunction with the Steps. The SOL'A'VANA Steps/Kryonschool do not represent healing in the medical sense and do not replace the consultation of a doctor.


§ 7 Data Protection

The User agrees that the Supplier saves and processes personal data of the User in machine-readable form.

The user data is saved for internal use only. The use of user data and the processing of it is carried out with strict adherence to the Data Protection Act by the Supplier and his cooperation partners.


§ 8 Final Clause

German law only is in force.

The place of fulfilment of Contract and the court of jurisdiction are Rosenheim.

Should individual legal requirements of these terms be or become ineffective, the other requirements remain unaffected.


As at January 2013

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