OMAR TA SATT dear Lightworker,
You have made the decision to carry out the SOL’A’VANA Steps. For me these Steps mean a completely new dawning of consciousness. When I feel that SOL’A’VANA flows directly from the divine Source and connects all energies a feeling of great humility arrives in me. To be part of this probably biggest process touches my soul really deeply.

During the next Steps you will find out the use as well as the assignment of the elements and priesthoods to the SOL'A'VANA stones.

Build your Temple of Peace. From this first Step you will feel a peace you would never have guessed.

I wish you much joy and send you lots of ELEXIER,
Sabine Sangitar





  • Your First SOL'A'VANA Step

Channeling Kryon: Embedding the Crystal SOL'A'VANA
Channeling Melek Metatron and Jesus Christ: Temple of Peace

Script and Important Information


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Initiates file downloadInitiation into the White Priesthood
(N.B. In order to begin your SOL'A'VANA Steps you need to have received an initiation into the White Priesthood. If you have not done so yet you can receive it now by listening to this meditation.)

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While you are listening to this Step the 36 High Councillors are looking at your light body, expanding it appropriately and stabilizing the energy you have absorbed. Please do not pass these files on to others for this could harm the energy stored in them.