Information about the SOL'A'VANA Steps


From Sabine Sangitar

My dear Lightworkers,

There is much information about the SOL'A'VANA Steps that I would like to tell you about today. I will explain the differences between the 48 Steps, the Pioneer Meetings and the SOL'A'VANA Steps.


In the year 2012 SOL'A'VANA began to arrive. The Kryon Festival Spring 2012 had SOL'A'VANA as its motto and the beginning of SOL'A'VANA was celebrated by a huge collective.


The 48 Steps continue to be of great importance, particularly at this time. They guarantee that you reach an energetic expansion and your cell consciousness is newly programmed for the New Age. The Ascension Steps stabilize this. This energetic expansion and the fusion is called divine awakening by the spirit world. Your cell consciousness is awakened. This does not change anymore, whether one continues with spiritual development or not. When the time is right the cells will remember that they have been reprogrammed. SOL'A'VANA cannot promise this. SOL'A'VANA has nothing to do with awakening. There will be an awakening, but not in this form.


People who go into an even deeper intention take the Pioneer Steps. They really want to work with their light and their task and stand by and help the human beings during the change of the New Age. The Pioneer Steps are designed to embed patterns in you that are similar to receiving training. No matter which Step you are on, these patterns will release themselves at a certain time, decode themselves and your aspects connect. Everything you have received will be released.


The SOL'A'VANA Steps are completely different.  They cannot be compared with either the 48 Steps or the Pioneer Steps. You could actually give these steps many headings, but together with the spirit world I decided on SOL'A'VANA. They are steps of unification and for the adaptation phase, for the time after the ascension. But the steps already begin to work at this time. SOL'A'VANA is the only energy that comes directly from the divine Source. The Pioneer Steps and the 48 Steps come from various energetic frequencies. They have been put together in order to embed as many energetic patterns as possible in you.


The SOL'A'VANA Steps will generate the perfect sound in you, so that you can feel, sense and use it. It is very important to me to say that they will not be easy steps. Unlike the Pioneer Steps you cannot lie back and simply absorb the energy, knowing and being sure that everything is going to be embedded. For with the Pioneer Steps it is not quite so important how often you listen to a step. Important is that you receive the energetic patterns.


SOL'A'VANA will challenge you quite differently. The steps will challenge you personally. You will receive tasks that you have to fulfil during the steps, e.g. to focus energies with the higher power. To me personally it feels as if each SOL'A'VANA Step has to be worked for. They are steps for the adaptation phase. They will be one of the most important tools in the adaptation phase.


Everybody can take the SOL'A'VANA Steps. The reason is the existence of the Crystal of Crystals, the SOL'A'VANA Crystal. It works in two ways. This Crystal will receive all the energies from the divine Source that contain the perfect sound and embed them in you. Thus at some point your very own sound, your perfect sound will be generated. On the other hand the Crystal SOL'A'VANA works like a protective shield. It will only allow as much energy to pass as you can receive. Always just as is right and good for you, adapted to your consciousness.


SOL'A'VANA is also attributed to the elements, just as the priesthoods are attributed to the elements. It will also be about the priesthood a lot, about the galactic riders, the star travellers, the various planets, the heritage of God, but mainly about the connection of the higher power with your personal divine power.


SOL'A'VANA is described as the peace energy by the 36 High Councillors. In conversations the spirit world point out again and again that the human being feels and judges his own personal peace. There are moments in which you are energetically balanced and full of peace. However, this is not the peace of SOL'A'VANA. The peace of SOL'A'VANA generates the highest possible divine power because it comes from the divine Source. The very moment SOL'A'VANA arrived here on Earth God breathed differently. The merkabah of God is breathing in a different rhythm. And this distinguishes SOL'A'VANA in its energy.


Many of you feel physical symptoms, emotional ups and downs, sadness or dizziness. This comes from God breathing differently und because your biorhythm does not adapt itself to it straight away. It is important to adapt one's biorhythm to the new energy and balance it immediately. Then you have fewer symptoms. During the SOL'A'VANA Steps your biorhythm is adapted to the merkabah of God with each Step.


The SOL'A'VANA Steps will challenge you.