SOL'A'VANA – The Steps of Unification


When the 36 High Councillors transmitted the messages about the White Priesthood to me they emphasized again and again that this is the beginning of something much greater. With the first breath I could feel what power underlies it. Now I have spoken much with the 36 High Councillors of the Light and the greater thing that underlies the White Priesthood is the SOL'A'VANA Steps of Unification.


SOL'A'VANA is the highest energy of peace. It flows directly from the divine Source and carries the vibration of the perfect sound. SOL'A'VANA will unify everything, the entire heritage of God that every one of you bears within, unified with the White Priesthood, the Prosonodo Light and the Eleua Energy. Jesus says that many energetic patterns have to work together so that a human being can feel the perfect sound within. The requirement for this is that the entire heritage of God is kindled in you. I have thought long about how to channel these Steps. The decision I made is to carry them out once a month. Everybody can carry these Steps out as a correspondence course. There are no special requirements for this. The only requirement is the initiation into the White Priesthood. This is available here on our website as part of the first SOL'A'VANA Step, but can also be carried out by a white, red, blue or golden priestess or priest.


When the Crystal SOL'A'VANA has been embedded it works like an energetic protective shield. This Crystal will embed the energies of the SOL'A'VANA Steps into the merkabah and at the same time only let the amount of energy through that is good and right for the individual human being. I am very happy to carry out the SOL'A'VANA Steps with you.


Let us kindle the entire heritage of God and generate the perfect sound.


Your Sabine Sangitar



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Channeling from Jesus


I am who I am, who I have always been and shall always be. I greet you with the vibration of SOL'A'VANA, OMAR TA SATT.


When I was on Earth and walked the light tracks of love and redemption, many of you accompanied me. The Source of my Father, my High Self, Shan'Shija, called me to touch you and to carry out an initiation with you. This was the initiation into the White Priesthood. This energy can be released now, in the New Age. Thus the White Priesthood arrives. It is the beginning of something much bigger. Through the White Priesthood, the Prosonodo Light and the Eleua Energy the path to SOL'A'VANA has been smoothed. Many messages about the perfect sound reach you. Each one of you feels in the depth of your soul that this is something very special. SOL'A'VANA is arriving. Impressions of the entire heritage of God are in your merkabah. These can now be kindled so that you can generate and feel your very own perfect sound. When this happens Lady Gaia will also generate the perfect sound.

It will come to the dimensional change.


SOL'A'VANA is the energy of the divine Source and is brought to you directly. The medium Sangitar gave her agreement to carry out the SOL'A'VANA Steps with you. As soon as the dimensional change has taken place the SOL'A'VANA Steps will train many human beings in the adaptation phase and raise their energy. I hold out my hand to you and invite you to carry out these steps of unification, that redeem you from all vows and promises from the various epochs, with me, God's Son Jesus Christ. In addition, your energy that you have left on various planets will be brought back to you. Everything will be unified until the perfect sound SOL'A'VANA rings out in you. We are connected by a love bond. I am with you with each breath. AN'ANASHA.

Organisational information:

Step 1 is free.

You can download the first Step free here:

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On each 1st of the month a new SOL'A'VANA Step becomes available for download.

One SOL'A'VANA Step costs 20 Euro.


You need tools for the SOL'A'VANA Steps, the SOL'A'VANA Elements. They are four energized stones for the unification of the priesthoods.

They are required from SOL'A'VANA Step 2. The price is 120 Euro.

The SOL'A'VANA Elements can be purchased in our online shop.



Terms and conditions for the SOL'A'VANA Steps

Further information about SOL'A'VANA from Sabine Sangitar

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