Training Set "Intuition Trainer of the New Age"

Training Set "Intuition Trainer of the New Age"
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I am the Angel of Intuition and speak from the group of intuition angels which are called the Liebara Angels. I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT.

The new professions are being passed on to you at this time, and it is a great pleasure for me to introduce the profession of intuition trainer to you. The intuition of the New Age differs from the usual intuition which you already know and let work in yourself.

The earlier intuition was orientated towards your gut feeling. When you acted from a gut feeling up until now, then it was mostly also linked to your mind – you felt unsure.


The intuition happens through the unified chakra in the New Age. This may be less noticeable, but through this it is ensured that the mind is switched off. Jesus, the Christ, will open and initiate the intuition channel. This opening with the three necessary Crystals ensures the flowing of a special energy which is connected to your Heart Ray. When you act intuitively from the unified chakra you will then experience your everyday life as a wonderful path.


Through the opening of your channel and the use of the Crystals which belong to this a new certainty will develop in you and your doubts will evaporate. As intuition trainer of the New Age you will smooth the way to happiness for many human beings.




As intuition trainer you awaken the intuition of the New Age in individual sessions or during a seminar in a group. Jesus, the Christ, opens the intuition channel. This initiation which you, as intuition trainer, carry out with the participants of your seminar is on a special group CD.

During the initiation you support the initiation process with the highly energetic Crystals which were transmitted specially for this work.

Then exercises follow with which the intuition of the New Age is trained and developed.

This is very pleasant work. I wish you a lot of happiness and joy with your work.


Sabine Sangitar



Product contents:

- Script with intuition exercises

- CD: Vow and initiation for the trainer

- CD: Initiation and opening of the intuition channel for seminar participants

- Highly energetic Crystals (symbols) for the opening of the intuition channel