Training Set "Healer of the New Age"

Training Set "Healer of the New Age"
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The Golden Age comprises many changes. From this wonderful possibilities for development arise. Development takes place when the human beings are ready for change. We have called upon the medium Sabine Sangitar to channel the new professions. Through that the human beings receive the possibility to use their abilities in the new energy. As lightworker you will work with these methods and techniques in the New Age.

The energy of the Earth is already vibrating very high. Many human beings have not moved with this energy yet. The profession of the New Healer is very important in order to help the human beings. As Healer of the New Age you are able to alleviate and heal mental, emotional and physical trouble.

This profession comprises many highly energetic techniques from our spheres that are now passed on to the human beings. A healing channel will be opened for you that up until now has not been used in any incarnation. This healing channel is free from crystalline patterns and memories. The pure energy of 999 flows in it.

Angel Nathaniel




Booklet "Healer of the New Age":
- Healing angels and their competence
- The highly energetic healing Crystals
- Chakras and their symptoms
- Healing methods for physical and emotional trouble
- Treatment of light body symptoms
- Dissolving old patterns
- Dispensing

CD "Healer of the New Age":
- Vow
- Initiation of the healing channel "Sharanton"