Lightcosmetician Training Set

Lightcosmetician Training Set
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OMAR TA SATT my dear Lightworker of the New Age.


I am Eschka. In close cooperation with Hagia Sophia, angel Raphael and Ranuar I have the noble task to bring you the new profession of lightcosmetician.


We realize what a loving and brave being you are. You carry such great divine might in you. Do not allow yourself to be influenced by the duality. Trust and live the vibration of 999, in your highest intention, in your whole love and in your full trust. This empowers us to bring you the working techniques of the new energy. The professions of the New Age will be of the greatest importance before the ascension, during the ascension and also after the ascension.


Everything is in change. The human beings need instructions on how they can live in the New Age. It is still only a few chosen ones who feel called to these new tasks. They are the torch bearers and pioneers.


For the wonderful new task of lightcosmetician you need great support from our side. You will receive it if your heart is open and full of joy for this profession of the New Age. Follow all our instructions exactly as we bring them to you.


The Crystals which you receive for this work cause rejuvenation. The outer appearance will change after several sessions. The texture of the skin improves and the connective tissue is strengthened. The client who has been treated by you outwardly appears younger, fresher and healthier.


The Rejuvenation Cream consists of substances of high quality, but the valuable thing about it is the energization by Hagia Sophia which causes the actual rejuvenation of your cells. The Crystals are highly frequent and work on the structure of your client's cells. Here, the intention and, above all, the permission of your client are important.


Before you practise your new task hear my words with which I address you through the medium Sangitar. Have faith in the new age and the changes involved. As creature of God you are being loved immeasurably.




Product contents:

- Script

- Poster with the highly frequent Crystals

- CD - Channeling: Lightcosmetics, The Rejuvenation Ritual

- 1 x Noah & Lumina Rejuvenation Cream

- CD: Invocation of the 36 High Councillors