TABA'TES - Nourishment of the New Age

TABA'TES - Nourishment of the New AgeTABA'TES - Nourishment of the New Age
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I am Eschka and I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT my dear lightworker.

The New Energy triggers the changes off which the human beings need in the duality in order to lead a life in peace, health, joy and abundance on the New Earth. Old structures are dissolving and the energy stream of the New Age is pouring in. As lightworker of the New Age it is important to be open for the new messages. The medium Sangitar has been called to channel the New Professions so that the New Energy can arrive in the duality. The lightworkers will spread this new knowledge.


Now the time has come to bring you TABA'TES - Nourishment of the New Age.

The light nourishment in the New Age differs considerably from the light nourishment familiar to you for here, too, new energy streams are flowing. Most human beings who are developing themselves spiritually bear a high consciousness already. The New Energy can pour into them and expand itself. Even human beings who refuse the New Energy and are not ready to develop themselves already absorb it. In this time of change the development happens a lot faster than previously. Even the time of deprivations will pass.


The nourishment of the New Age not only enriches your everyday life, but also supplies you with the highest energies. If you go through the light nourishment process with deep intention great healing can take place. Important is to go through this process with the greatest intention and in high consciousness for it is about your body and about your human life on Earth. This is another big step into the New Energy. You are the lightworker who steps along the new path with full trust.


In addition to all due care and deep intention you should also have a lot of joy with the New Nourishment. Handle it playfully and without pressure. Understand that pressure always causes the opposite to what you wish for. Do not be strict with yourself, but love yourself for your courage and your trust.


Eschka would like to thank the medium and you, lightworker of the New Age.




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- 11 Crystal lids to energize water

  (e.g. prana absorption, strengthening the immune system, detoxification)

- 5 Crystal cards to energize food

  (e.g. to generate the essence of fruit or of something sweet)

- detailed script