YOAH'TOH - Build the Merkabah

YOAH'TOH - Build the Merkabah
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OMAR TA SATT dear lightworkers,

YOAH'TOH, the high angel of love who once detached himself from the Divine Thought Field, needs a living merkabah. Through it he can return home which will complete the big experiment of the duality.

The merkabah can be erected now, in the present time. The frequency of the golden-blue light is called to do this. Your original name as well as your original frequency play a significant role.
The call to be involved in this most important and biggest process of love in the New Age is ringing out.

We, the old souls of the golden-blue frequency have been prepared for this in so many incarnations.
There are no requirements for the erection of the merkabah. Only your belonging to the golden-blue frequency, your original name as well as an open heart that is filled with trust are necessary to carry out this high lightwork.

Erecting the merkabah of YOAH'TOH grounds you on all levels and nourishes the letters of your original name with the energy of the divine Reality. Especially the last letter will dissolve self-doubts and lead you into great strength.

I wish you deep experiences, joy and lightness for your work.
Sabine – Sangitar

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