Initiation into Your Omnipotence Aspect

Initiation into Your Omnipotence Aspect
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Contents: 3 CDs

1. CD Angel Michael - Chakra Cleansing and Grounding
2. CD Melek Metatron - Initiation into the Omnipotence Aspect
3. CD Sherin - Journey into the Divine Reality


My dear Lightworkers,

It was a great pleasure for me to channel these three CDs for you. They are three channelings that cause very much.

The first channeling comprises a cleansing of your chakras by Angel Michael. Angel Michael not only cleanses your chakras, but also frees you from crystalline structures that no longer serve you. Afterwards the angels of love charge your chakras with the high energy of the divine Reality and help you to unify them. You receive deep grounding on all levels. You should carry this ritual out before you insert the second CD.

The second channeling is an initiation into your omnipotence aspect through Melek Metatron. This aspect is very important for you. When this aspect is active the omnipotence energies can connect with other aspects. The omnipotence energy comprises the highest energy and has a very strengthening and balancing effect. But this aspect is also of great importance for your work.
This initiation is very significant. Take time for this initiation.

With the third channeling a soul journey into the divine Reality with Sherin takes place. Your soul aspect will travel to Venus, bathe in a room of light and love and absorb the high energies. Afterwards these love energies will connect with your original aspect and your omnipotence aspect. This is very important so that you can feel in your soul what it means to carry God's omnipotence in yourself.

Once you have absorbed all channelings in this sequence you can repeat them whenever you wish as you wish. However, it is advisable to carry out the cleansing and grounding with Angel Michael beforehand.

I wish you very much joy and wonderful experiences,
Your Sabine Sangitar.