AN'ARINA - Venus Travel Set

AN'ARINA - Venus Travel Set
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OMAR TA SATT my dear Lightworkers,

I have spoken with Sherin a lot and Sherin agreed to create the AN'ARINA travel set with me. Through years of experience I know how many people love travelling through the stargate. Conscious travel is wonderful. You experience much childlike joy and also wisdom of course. Many human beings travel to Venus.

The new Venus is the biggest hologram in the universe and is called AN'ARINA there. Although many human beings travel to Venus few know how diverse the experiences one can gather on Venus can be.

A few steps are necessary in order to travel to AN'ARINA consciously. When you arrive on AN'ARINA you need a Crystal Key to be able to dip into the respective fields. We have decided to call these fields chambers as the human beings know and recognize the word. Many names on Venus do not exist in our language.

This travel set is meant to help you to go on a journey consciously. The Crystal Keys make it possible for you to dip into specific chambers you have chosen.

- Skript with 11 Crystal Keys that will be attuned to your light body
- Channeling CD with Sherin: Initiation for Travel to Venus
- Channeling CD with Sherin: Journey into the Chambers