Thalmos Stone for Light Body Symptoms

Thalmos Stone for Light Body Symptoms
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The Thalmos energy is one of the highest healing energies and comes from the planet Sirius. There the energy is bundled and kept in a Thalmos light vessel. It is used for the healing and regeneration of many light beings in the universe. This energy has now been released by Ranuar and Angel Gabriel. As so many human beings suffer from light body symptoms and do not know what they can do against them, the High Council has decided to charge the stone with the Thalmos energy. In addition this stone is also charged with the healing energy of the healing angels.

Personal Thalmos stone:
With the CD that is included you receive the possibility to program the Thalmos stone with Angel Gabriel in such a way, that it can alleviate and even cancel your light body symptoms. During the channeling, when you lay the Thalmos stone on your heart chakra, Angel Gabriel will analyse your light body and program the Thalmos energies of the stone to your light body. As each human being is unique, everyone bears other light body symptoms. This stone will be a great help and relief for you. Use the Thalmos stone whenever you feel light body symptoms. When the stone has been charged for you personally it should under no circumstances be used on another person.

Should you wish to use the Thalmos stone for your healing sessions, the basic energization of the Thalmos stone is sufficient. In that case the individual programming to your light body through the channeling must not take place. During your healing sessions lay the Thalmos stone onto the heart chakra of your client for approx. 15 minutes. The Thalmos energy will always be present in the stone. The stone needs neither to be cleansed nor to be charged again.


- Thalmos Stone
- CD Angel Gabriel "Programming the Thalmos Stone to Your Light Body"