Frequently Asked Questions about TABA'TES - Nourishment of the New Age


How Does the Light Nourishment Process Normally Go?

Before you begin the process listen to the CD first to find out how it goes. When you are certain that you would like to go through the light nourishment process prepare yourself for it for 3 days (eating fruit and vegetables, cleansing with Glauber salt, drinking a lot of energized water). Then listen to the CD with the intention to carry out the initiation and begin with the light nourishment process.

During the light nourishment process your cells are reprogrammed. Therefore it may come to symptoms. Take time out for these 3 days and allow yourself a lot of quiet.

On the 4th day gradually begin to eat again, eat normally again in the following days and drink the energised water.

After that, when you are stabilized again and your body has got used to the change you can return to the  light nourishment. Then the process is concluded and it will be easy for you to nourish yourself with light.

Be aware of the fact that you do not have to prove anything to anybody. Follow your inner voice.



Can I also Use Several Crystals at the Same Time?

Yes, that is possible.



Do I Have to Do without Coffee?

During the light nourishment process you should only take the energized water. Afterwards you can nourish yourself again as you like.

You should completely avoid eating meat if possible. Meat will not be eaten in the New Age anymore. Using the Crystal cards you can generate the essence of meat in mash for example.



How Do I Generate the Nutrients which Are not there as a Lid?

The Crystal TABA'TES contains all nutrients.



Can I Also Lay the Crystal Lids Directly on the Body or Energize Food?

Yes, the Crystals are suitable for this, too.



How Does the Body React to the Change?

Before you begin you should go into the intention and the trust. It may come to physical symptoms such as palpitations of the heart, dizziness, weakness or stomach pain. Allow yourself rest.

Drink the energized water, take the light nourishment regularly and breathe prana. It is possible that the feeling of weakness lasts for 1-2 days beyond the process. Afterwards, however, the body gains more and more strength and vitality.



How much Energized Water or Nourishment Can I Take? Is it Possible to Absorb too Many Nutrients Through the Crystals?

In principle you cannot make a mistake with the use of the Crystals. The water absorbs the information which is transmitted to it through the Crystal. This is similar to homeopathy. The water then contains the information of, for example, a type of food. This information is then passed on to your cells.



How Can I Take Light Nourishment if I Have Chronic Illnesses and Have to Take Medication?

You should not stop taking your medication and begin to take the energized water first. Observe how your body reacts to the Crystals and your health changes.

Begin the light nourishment process only after consulting your doctor.