Activation of the Eranus and Luina Chakras



As part of the Earth healer training three new chakras were announced which can only be activated in this quality of time. Through this meditation you can activate two of these chakras.



1. Eranus Chakra

The Eranus chakra is situated approximately 3 cm below the top of the skull at the back of the head. It serves the transformation of fears, the deletion of the death hormone, and bears the energy of the harmonic rhythm of the universe within. Especially memories of fears from past incarnations are dissolved by the Eranus chakra. Through the activation of the Eranus chakra it is easier for you to center yourself, and you receive self-confidence and strength.



2. Luina Chakra

The Luina chakra is situated in the middle of the brain, next to an energy ribbon which is above the auricular channels. Human beings whose Luina chakra is not activated are often restless and find it hard to concentrate. Is the Luina chakra activated, it facilitates states of deep centeredness. The recognition of deeper connections and inner clarity is supported.



3. Sewaja Chakra

The Sewaja chakra can only be activated at a particularly high light-expansion. Therefore it will not be activated in this meditation. This chakra is being guarded by a group of angels, the Sewaja Angels. The seat of the Sewaja chakra is near the blueprint. Through the opening of this chakra getting in touch with high intelligences is easier. Even though the Sewaja chakra will not be activated you may still send energy to this chakra time and again.