Thija'A'Nada - Steps for the Children of the New Age

Thija'A'Nada - Steps for the Children of the New Age
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OMAR TA SATT my dear children and parents,
It was my wish and a very great pleasure to channel these Steps for the children. It is much harder in the duality for the children of the New Age than we adults can perceive. Although these children already possess a new cell memory and activated aspects, they are still children and it is hard for them to give expression to their abilities and spirituality. They perceive the energies much more intensively than we can imagine - the high lightful energies but also the collective energies of the duality. This can generate emotional stress in the children which then shows itself as aggression or hyperactivity.

The spirit world has kept the children's Steps Thija'A'Nada compact, yet they still carry a high energetic basic pattern. This basic pattern is complete with Step 9.

You will see what wonderful changes will appear in your child.
These Steps do not cause light body symptoms, however there may be emotional stirrings. It would be important that you allow your child the tears or great love should it happen.

You yourself can also carry out these Steps. They will touch your soul in a very special way.