The Awakening


24 June 2010


The 36 High Councillors call the awakening recognizing oneself. To know and sense who one really is. Actually quite easy, and yet complicated for many human beings.
The 36 High Councillors call the awakening something very personal, something almost intimate, and every human being will experience his/her awakening a little differently. Nevertheless the process of awakening is the same with each human being.

88% light expansion in the light body and a fusion with the High Self are necessary. Accompanied by a deep process of self-realization, with the insight that your core is divine and that you bear everything you need to awaken within. The 36 High Councillors accompany us for this process, and at the same time they give instructions as to how you can recognize an entire picture of yourself.
With each Step the energies in the light body are raised until 88% are reached and a deep fusion takes place. 

The 36 High Councillors describe the highest level of spirituality thus: To live on earth as divine human being, full of joy, in human love, security, peace, health and abundance. To create your life yourself, and to fulfil your task on earth full of strength and love.

For some human beings it's difficult to feel the awakening at all in the beginning. At the same time the expectations of many are great. Why is this so?
On one hand it has something to do with the aspects. 9 aspects have to be connected with each other so that the awakening can be felt in its entirety. We have received all we need with the 48 Steps, and the energy of awakening circulates in the light body. It is our task to bring this energy into our soul. This means to store it in the aspects and to connect the aspects with each other permanently.

Many ask me why don't the 36 High Councillors do this?
The answer is that the 36 High Councillors may not intrude on the soul. Kryon described it like this once:
With the 48 Steps you have knitted a jumper to our instructions, and now it is up to you whether you put it in the wardrobe or decide to put it on.
For me personally as human being Sabine it is completely clear, I have received everything and it is up to me to integrate it into my everyday life and live it. I am living it - with every fibre of my soul. Not even because it's so spiritual, but because it comprises so much fun and joy. The feeling of being completely free and taking my life into my own hands is the greatest gift for me. Through this I also assume responsibility for my life and I know, as divine human being, that no situation or even human being is to blame if ever something doesn't work out quite as I imagine. Naturally it would be easier to put the blame on the 36 High Councillors or the human beings, but for me this is all wrong nowadays.

The realization that I am responsible for everything myself has changed my life completely. Since then I can organize my everyday life in such a way that I can feel and live joy, health, security, peace, human love and abundance. Naturally there are situations even in my daily life where this is not so noticeable, but it never triggers doubt with me, instead I immediately try to regard the situation from a different point of view, just as I have learned in the 48 Steps.

I send you very much ELEXIER,
Your Sabine Sangitar



Channeling from Melek Metatron


With the words OMAR TA SATT I greet you my dear lightworker.

If you could only feel the smallest part of what it means for you and your life to be awakened, you would have no doubt whatsoever anymore. So many human beings join the collective energies and thought patterns, and through this limits are created. Many human beings judge other human beings in their being, the consequence being that the dual patterns can become stronger. It is a great challenge for many to realize that there is no judgment in the sense of right or wrong.

Each human being bears his divine core within. One of the highest spiritual levels is freedom. Freedom provides you with a great opportunity to live just as is best for you. Zu realize how wonderful you yourself are, and to love yourself as you are, generates deep peace within yourself. This peace you can then carry to the outside and let the human beings share it.




25 June 2010


My love for you is so great, and also my sympathy!

I know how much you are working on dissolving the ego, not judging, etc. There it is again, the strictness in you and the pressure that builds up at the same time. When it isn't necessary at all and totally superfluous as well. You are the bravest of all souls and on such a high consciousness level. You have taken the 48 Steps and have gone through some processes and are awakened.

Though I am the medium of the New Age, I have taken the 48 Steps with you and consequently have gone into the awakening. Even though I am awakened and create my life consciously since then, I sometimes, in certain situations, don't feel awakened at all.

The difference to many others is that I don't judge myself so strictly. I am more like a child, if something happens that I don't like so much, then I forget it again quickly, or I change the judgment very quickly. J

If you could feel the awakening a bit more impartially and without pressure, then very many nice things could manifest themselves very much faster.
Look at the good and beautiful in yourselves and at what you have achieved already. Throughout all the incarnations you have been prepared for the Golden Age. The angels, they love and honor you so much for that, and just as you are, you are exactly right.

I send you very much ELEXIER, your Sabine - Sangitar



27 June 2010


OMAR TA SATT my dearest family,

it is almost 1 a.m. now and I am sitting outside in the garden, working on the new profession, Hiam'Anastra. It fills be with the deepest peace to do this work for the 36 High Councillors and for you!!!

Sounds are very important for our soul, they can release memories and patterns. The sounds that are part of you can dissolve embedded patterns. Step 27 is not understandable with the mind, and it is intended like this by the 36 High Councillors. Sounds also touch the soul very deeply, and peace can follow this. At the same time the sounds also transmit new coded patterns that store themselves into the light body. I remember that this Step was very demanding to channel, and it took me a long time until the sounds were the way the 36 High Councillors wanted them.

Now I will go back into the garden and continue to work. There is such a beautiful starry sky and the moon is shining so brightly. Everything is so peaceful and one can feel that many collective thoughts are sleeping already. At night you can mostly feel a very clear energy.

You are very dear to me and I wish everybody who is still awake a quiet and good night, your Sabine - Sangitar



05 July 2010


OMAR TA SATT my dearest family,

How can I hold the awakening in everyday life?
You are, of course, always awakened, only perhaps you feel it a little less in everyday life. What is sure to be good for you is to take an Ascension Step occasionally and to ask for stabilization for the actual energy expansion in the light body.

Who is Lord Sananda?
Lord Sananda is the cosmic name of Jesus! Depending on how Jesus announces himself, a different energy vibrates. If he announces himself as Jesus, he ties a personal love bond and thus expresses, we have met on earth. If he announces himself as Jesus Christ, the energy of the absolute divine might vibrates, very strengthening and fortifying. If he announces himself as Lord Sananda, the energy of the Christ level vibrates, very, very soft and comforting.

What is the difference between pity and sympathy?
The difference between pity and sympathy is that Melek Metatron says, when you have pity the suffering is strengthened energetically. When you have sympathy, then you express your understanding and your love.

Your Sabine - Sangitar



05 July 2010


Here I am again.

The 36 High Councillors say, awakening means leading a life in health, joy, human love, abundance and peace. The awakening is actually something very personal and everybody experiences it differently.

To step out of the collective doesn't mean not to adhere to any rules of society. But the freedom to have one's own thoughts about certain collective patterns. For example, stepping out of collective fears.

The Holy Spirit is the connecting energy of all frequencies! One could also call the Holy Spirit the breath of God.

Often it is the case that when you feel physical pain (particularly at night) you are being worked on!

Now, my dearest ones, I will write about a new subject soon.
AN'ANASHA for your love! I send you very much ELEXIER, your Sabine - Sangitar



8 July 2010


OMAR TA SATT my dear family,

Today I will channel the entire Kryon Festival and that costs a lot of time. What I know already is that the theme of the Festival is going to be the Lemurian Fire of Love! As soon as I know more I will let you know, of course. I send you very much PRADNA and ELEXIER,

Your Sabine - Sangitar