Professions of the New Age


14 June 2010


OMAR TA SATT my dear family,

We are living in a time of change, perceptible and also visible for almost all human beings. Even human beings who have not yet discovered their spirituality can't escape the change. That is why change is also taking place in the collective. Only a few years ago it was customary to go to a doctor with physical symptoms, and rarely to a non-medical practitioner. Today it is mostly the other way around, and the human beings trust natural remedies more and more. In this respect much has already changed in the thinking of the collective.

A long time ago the 36 High Councillors already conveyed the message that the professions will change and there will be completely new professions on earth. To me this makes absolute sense and I am delighted again and again about each new profession that the 36 High Councillors transmit to me. When the entire collective raises itself energetically and old structures collapse, then something new is required that adapts itself to the higher vibration. Soon already it is going to be a matter of course for many human beings to go to a Healer of the New Age or absorb lightnourishment.

When I speak with the human beings at my workshops I feel how much they wish to step into the outside as lightworkers, in order to help the human beings. Many of these lightworkers don't feel happy in their jobs anymore. Many are afraid to give up their job and begin something new. I can understand this very well, and I myself have also gone through this process.

With the Professions of the New Age each lightworker has the possibility to found something new. The spiritual world has passed on various professions in the meantime. Each profession is something very special. I am often asked: How do I know which profession is suitable for me? Your soul will give you the answer.

I send you very much ELEXIER and PRADNA.
Your Sabine Sangitar.



Channeling by Melek Metatron


With the words OMAR TA SATT I greet you with the immeasurable love. I am the Eye of God, and my love pours to you from the Divine Light. Old structures will dissolve and the new arrives on earth. The human beings are yearning for the Divine Reality and for peace. You have been called to support the human beings in the process. You bear so many abilities in yourself. The Professions of the New Age are adapted to these abilities, and vibrate highly energetic. Carry your light into the world and spread it, for through this the change of ages will be carried out. It is the time to act. Your soul is giving you impulses to do this. There have always been lightworkers on this planet who were ahead of time and made the tracks that the human beings followed later. It is the love that speaks and gives rise to action. Do not ask yourself when the time is right, but realize: If you are asking yourself the question, the right time has already arrived.

Do not let the outer circumstances prevent you, for the truth finds its way. Do not let collective thinking influence you, this collective is governed by fear and shortage. Dip into your Divine Light and you will feel what your soul would like to tell you.

We accompany you and pour the high energies of the light over you.




15 June 2010


OMAR TA SATT my dear family,

The Professions of the New Age are gradually being transmitted and brought to the human beings. After the ascension there is sure to be a whole lot of new professions and schools. The Kryonschool will continue to be valid after the ascension and be a very important part of the new age.

Many of you are preparing themselves already and feel the call of their soul to practice the new professions. Each lightworker can acquire a profession, he doesn't have to be a Kryonstudent. Up until now there is only one exception, Trainer of the Kryonschool. In principle the professions have nothing to do with age, but with the development of the consciousness. Very often it is very young people who feel in their soul that they want to work as lightworkers. It's the collective then that would like to tell them, learn or study a "real" profession first. But this is going to change ☺

Many human beings are a little afraid that their abilities aren't enough, or they feel too little, etc. Also the fear of being a lightworker and working with human beings, and yet still feeling one's ego at times can sometimes be very big.

You are far too strict with yourselves!!! You have understanding and patience for all other human beings, only when it is about yourselves you demand very high standards that are almost impossble to fulfil in the duality. As with any other job, lightness comes with practice. It is important that you never pretend to be able to do something that you simply aren't capable of, and that you pass on the things you are able to do without self-doubt and with love. Trust that you are perfect in your divine core. Even if you feel your ego sometimes in your everyday life, don't be so strict with yourself, the 36 High Councillors at any rate are not.

I love you very much, your Sabine - Sangitar



16 June 2010


OMAR TA SATT my dear family,

I can understand so well what moves you and also feel how the Divine Reality and the truth find their way. To oppose such a big collective and listen to one's soul requires courage!

That is why I would like to tell you a story from my life, perhaps it will help you a little.

Heiko El'Shara is from a family where education and career are very important. His father was an important employee with the council, his mother a teacher, and his three siblings all went to college. Heiko El'Shara has a good Abitur (the equivalent of A-levels/graduation from high school) and his parents had great expectations concerning his future college education. But Heiko had decided to go down a different path and received aura training. His parents, siblings and also friends had only little understanding for this and of course tried to influence Heiko. Today, 15 years later, Heiko El'Shara is the happiest and also the most successful member of his family ☺ In order to finance his training Heiko worked in a home for the handicapped, where he and I also met.

My two children, Verena and Vanessa, told me two years ago that they want to stop school just before their Abitur in order to go on a trip to India.

As a mother this was not easy to accept straight away, but from a spiritual point of view it was the best that they could do for themselves. They travelled 11000 kilometers in and around India, and returned as different human beings. They have found their own spiritual path and I'm looking forward to seeing how things go on with them ☺

On the other hand, I myself come from a family where career or achievements didn't count. I was supported by my parents to do what my heart told me. My parents had just one expectation of me, to shape my life in such a way that I like it, independent of any norm or collective patterns.

Even so it took courage to be what I am and to live the way I live today. I have also gone through many processes and that is why I can understand you so well. But I know from the depth of my soul, it is worth it!!!!!!! Your Sabine - Sangitar.



17 June 2010


OMAR TA SATT my dearest family, how much I love you!!!!!! 

I was and am deeply connected with the clairaudient medium Eileen Caddy (who left the planet about a year ago, her task here on earth was finished). As clairaudient medium Eileen Caddy received the task to found Findhorn in Scotland. With immeasurable commitment she did her task. She moved into a mobile home with her family, not far from a military base, next to a garbage mound. With the help of the spiritual world the biggest and most beautiful gardens of the world were created there. Many human beings who came to visit stayed there for ever. Findhorn belongs to the biggest spiritual places even today.

Eileen never smoked or ate meat. One day she became very ill and was not able to channel anymore. A doctor came and examined her. He told her she should drink three glasses of spirits and fry herself a steak, and this she did. She had completely lost her grounding. Today we have very different ways to ground ourselves, but for me as medium this information was important.

Unlike very many people, I don't ask myself whether something is good or bad for me, I only trust my feeling. I allow myself quite a lot really, and could also let it all go again immediately. In one way it is easier for me as clairaudient medium than for many of you: So long as I hear the spiritual world speak everything is ok for me!!

I'm certain that only one thing is really bad, our thoughts. No matter whether it concerns health or age, work or human love. We are often simply so strict with our thoughts. But the important thing about it is, we are so strict with ourselves, the spiritual world is not. Freedom instead of bans and limitations, that is perhaps the greatest challenge for many.

I still remember, when I met my teacher I was often speechless. He smoked, occasionally drank alcohol and also got angry very loudly now and then. Today I know, he showed me exactly what made me doubt and through that brought me into the deepest trust.

But one thing to finish, I, too, sometimes judge situations, especially those that I can't understand. When I notice it I have to laugh at myself. One thing is quite sure, I am the medium of the New Age on one hand, but on the other a human being with all sorts of weaknesses!

Your Sabine - Sangitar   


Another quick word before I continue to work.
What I notice is that all of you have a very high consciousness. Your light bodies really are beautiful and expanded!
I believe that it is a little easier for me as clairaudient medium, because the 36 High Councillors would tell if my channel wasn't quite free or something similar.

I send you lots of PRADNA and ELEXIER,
Your Sabine - Sangitar



17 June 2010


Will there be a profession about the colors of the aura?

A profession about the colors of the aura, oh, that would be really nice ☺

Colors mean so much, sometimes more than words. The problem is, colors change all the time, and when I look at an aura or a light body, then the colors often change even while I'm looking. Each thought and each feeling expresses itself in a color. The colors are the most beautiful after people have listened to a channeling. When all the chakras unify and the person is in the deepest intention. Especially beautiful are also the colors of joy and human love. I look at so so many light bodies, and am touched again every time by how beautiful the auras of love and joy are.

Your Sabine - Sangitar



18 June 2010


I know that the question which profession is suitable for you is preying on the minds of many of you. I cannot give an answer to this because I don't want to influence anybody. Your soul already knows the answer!

During the channeling seminar I always look at the light bodies, and when I see something that is very important I mention it. The Trainer Seminar I hold together with Bernhard - Arius (in German). We talk a lot about the experiences of the last years. If you have acquired a profession and haven't worked with it for a longer time it would be good to repeat the initiation. Even though a channel doesn't close again, crystalline structures can develop. The more often you use a channel, the smoother the energies flow through it. You can't lose energy at the same time.

Very important is, though, to ground yourself on all levels.


As the energies keep changing, is it possible after a while to show clients a Crystal that was originally channelled with the instruction that it must be kept secret, such as the one that is part of the Intuition Trainer?

The 36 High Councillors would never keep a Crystal secret just because!!! You have to imagine that Crystals bear the highest energies, and sometimes these energies are still too high for other human beings. Were they to be in contact with these high vibrations massive light body symptoms could arise. Many of you don't feel this power of the Crystals so much, but this is because you yourselves are vibrating so highly!!!

This often happens during the 48 Steps. Sometimes it appears as though the energies were decreasing, and people don't feel so much anymore. That is because you are adapting yourselves to the high energies with each Step.

So, once more, the reason why some Crystals are secret is to protect the human beings from the so high energies. Each high energy has to embed and stabilize itself in the light body, otherwise the human being can lose his earth adhesiveness.


Now I will channel original names. I love you very much and send you lots of ELEXIER, your Sabine - Sangitar



20 June 2010


OMAR TA SATT my dearest family,

To bear the ability within to work with the merkabah also always means to possess the ability to work with the aspects, all 18 aspects form the merkabah. But every other ability comprises the capability to work with the aspects.


Is it necessary to completely remove the Lightcosmetics Crystals before the next client arrives who has booked a different treatment?

The Lightcosmetics Crystals don't have to be removed, as the client isn't in the intention. With the Crystals not being visible they only work with low energy. With the Lightcosmetics in particular the intention of the client is very important. The Lightcosmetics with its Crystals is something I use myself, and each time I'm glad about it again ☺


Today I will spend the day speaking with the 36 High Councillors about the next Kryon Festival. It's possible that the decision as to which walk-in there is going to be will be made today.

My dear ones, I wish you a wonderful Sunday, and send you lots of ELEXIER, your Sabine - Sangitar



21 June 2010


OMAR TA SATT my dearest family,

Particularly with the Magician of the New Age the initiation releases memories of old magic knowledge. The 36 High Councillors have told me that every magician of the New Age also was a magician in the epoch of Avalon and has received training there. Therefore every magician has great access to rituals. Trust your soul!!!!

A magician's wand can bundle energies and pass them on with great power. With magic (as also with telekinesis) one should be able to focus energies and bundle them as a ray. It is, as with all work, an aid. If you are able to work without a wand, super! ☺


The energies at a Kryon Festival are very special, and everybody has the opportunity to experience his/her personal miracle.

I still channelled a lot yesterday, and discussed the walk-in with the High Councillors. There is going to be a Toth walk-in. For me personally a great challenge, but from July 9 I am already being prepared for it. 

I send you very much ELEXIER, your Sabine - Sangitar



22 June 2010


OMAR TA SATT my dear family,

Today is Tuesday, and for me Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the days on which I do certain jobs in the Kryonschool. Now I'm allowing myself a short break and will say something about the Magician.


To work as Magician of the New Age means various things, and it requires a lot of courage and strength to do this work!!!!

For all magicians were trained in Avalon, and they feel this too. It is important to know that you have experienced training in Avalon that was adapted to this epoch. The magicians in Avalon were highly respected, and a priesthood always preceded this. In those days the magicians were allowed to work very differently with the powerful energies of magic and might than today. Because of that many magicians are a little afraid of this work even today, and analyse themselves endlessly, whether their work is really correct. They simply worry that they could abuse their might.

To all Magicians of the New Age: as soon as you have analysed yourself ONCE you show that you would never abuse your might. Human beings who abuse their might never analyse themselves, or they make a conscious decision for it!!

Respect these energies and make yourself aware what they can effect, but trust in your divine light and your so great love!!!!!!!


I am often asked what kind of human being is destined for this task?

The answer is very simple and differs a little from the other answers. Are you a Magician of the New Age, then you feel a really deep urge for this profession, or a great rejection! Human beings who have nothing to do with magic have no interest at all in this energy.

Magicians of the New Age, carry your magic energies to the outside and work for the human beings and the New Age, AN'ANASHA!!


Now I will continue with my work and send you very much PRADNA, your Sabine - Sangitar



22 June 2010


OMAR TA SATT my dear family,

If a channel is open, why do we have to set the intention to open it before using it?

In principle an activated channel is always open, if, however, you use this channel very rarely it can contract. To open a particular channel consciously has a different meaning. With this opening the human being goes into deep intention and this shows itself in the light body. The deeper the intention, the smoother flowing the energy. They are rituals and preparations that I myself think are very good and also important. You attune yourself and unify your chakras, etc.

For me rituals are something very important, but it is also possible to do it differently. I think, everybody has to go down their own path in this. The 36 High Councillors do encourage us to do this, and still they give us instructions. For me personally it would be unimaginable to do my work without a ritual. It gives me a feeling of joy to prepare myself J

Once more about the worry that one might lose energy when doing healing work: You really can't lose energy, but the highest energies run through you yourself, and sometimes you become a little tired through that. You must never forget what high energies run through you, and grounding really is the most important thing.

Now I will continue to channel original names.
Your Sabine - Sangitar