Harbingers of the Ascension


18 May 2010


OMAR TA SATT my dear family of the golden-blue light,

The harbingers of the ascension are perceptible and visible for all human beings. Even human beings who have reservations about spirituality feel the changes. Many human beings are scared and worried. I can understand this, earth quakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, money that loses value, and more and more human beings without work. What can you hold on to when all the outer structures collapse? Kryon already said in his messages years ago, that old structures will collapse and the new will arrive. In the duality it is not so easy to understand sometimes that the old must leave so that the new can manifest itself. Naturally it would be easier if we could wake up one morning to find that the ascension had taken place. Unfortunately this is not how it will be, and I personally think this is good. Everything that happens is energetic growth, and we may experience it.

Once in Lemuria we vowed to help so that the dimensional change can take place. For me personally the perfect trust that each change brings us a little closer to home helps. Only after the ascension will we be able to grasp what bliss really means. I am proud to be able to be part of such a time, and will do everything to fulfil my part of the task. I'm aware that changes can be painful, but I also know that Lady Gaia is raising herself in her energies step by step, just as we humans too. The 36 High Councillors very often say: This is the time of the inner attentiveness. When they spead this message they mean: When you are in the centered inner condition you can feel your divine power very much more.

There is so much power in you - you can hold on to this power. This power gives you security and peace. We're not alone, the great lights do everything in order to stand by us. Unfortunately this is sometimes misunderstood and the spiritual world is held responsible for something for which it isn't responsible. The spiritual world stands by our side with their unconditional love, and showers us with the lightful energies. They do everything so that we perceive ourselves as divine human beings and realize who we really are.

I send you very much PRADNA and ELEXIER,

Your Sabine - Sangitar.



Channeling from Kryon


I am Kryon, and greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT, my dear lightworkers. These harbingers of the ascension are only the beginning of the great changes. Only when old patterns dissolve can the New Energy arrive. We cannot name a time when the ascension will take place. We call you to live in the now-time of the present.

With the opening of the gates of Lentos the entire power of the Prosonodo Light is pouring in, and this leads to great changes, on the outside as well as on the inside. Your soul is becoming easier to perceive, and feelings that have not risen to the surface yet, cannot be held back anymore. Your mind may still try to understand and direct this, but your soul is stronger.

Sometimes repressed feelings can be painful, but when they rise to the surface they are healed through the Prosonodo Light. This leads you into the deeper love for yourself and gives you peace. The Prosonodo Light is spreading over the whole planet. Even if there may be painful processes, the Prosonodo Light brings the significant redemption. Through the raising of the earth energies the energy of omnipotence is brought into the duality more. This means that you can feel your divine core deeper than ever before. Through this powers are released in you that permit you to create your life just as is right for you.

You are a wonderful lightworker and are entitled to live a life in health, human love, joy, peace and abundance. Get out of the collective thought pattern of fear and trust that everything is contained in the divine plan.

We accompany you. We love you immeasurably. You bear everything in yourself that you need in order to carry your light to the outside.





19 May 2010


OMAR TA SATT my dearest family,

Is it useful to send energies into crisis areas?

First, this really is a very easy question. The answer to it, however, is not quite so easy. We regard much from out of the duality and judge it accordingly. Naturally it is so, that as a human being one would like to help (full of compassion). We know that structures are collapsing, and that some parts of the earth are particularly affected by this. This has its reason even though many cannot understand this. I personally do it like this: I send Lady Gaia Crystals and trust that these high energies find their way. Since childhood I pray every evening, and at the end I send love and light to all human beings.

Human beings (no matter which frequency they belong to) who abuse power know this! When you look out into the world one could despair sometimes. That is why it is so important to stay with oneself! When I am in a state of inner centeredness and can feel who I am, then I radiate that to the outside.

I am asked very often how one can give people an understanding of spirituality. It is my opinion to do this less with words, but more with how I myself behave. I try to meet each human being and each soul respectfully. Would never force my opinion on a person, and always try to use loving words. But I also immediately dissociate myself when I feel energies that do not serve me. Naturally I am aware that there are people who abuse their power. It is much more important for me that I know that there are very, very many more people who use their power in order to spread love and light. I always hold my focus on the love and the light.

Even if you cannot feel the divine might sometimes, it is still there and is waiting for you to take advantage of it. I love you very much and send you very much ELEXIER,

Your Sabine - Sangitar.



19 May 2010


It is very important for me to tell you that I esteem and respect every human being who gives a channeling.

It is also important for me to write this column for you and be there for you in this way. During this time I am in touch with the 36 High Councillors. Each human being has the right to his/her own opinion, and I respect this very much. Whether he or she belongs to the Kryonschool or not.

Much love for you,

Sabine - Sangitar.



19 May 2010


My dear lightworkers, have just channelled original names, and would just like to write a few more things before I say goodbye to you for today.

I know how much you worry, but let me tell you, the ascension will take place! All of you bear so much love in yourselves, and the earth energies vibrate so highly already.

Can one ask the spiritual world to charge the cells with the highest energies? Yes, of course. But as long as we are in the duality, patterns of dual energies will form themselves again and again. The further one is expanded energetically, the more unpleasant this feels. That is why cleansing the aura is so important.

Until soon, your Sabine - Sangitar.



21 May 2010


OMAR TA SATT my dear lightworkers,

Why do so many human beings lose their spirituality again? This is a very important question!

Before I answer it, it is important for me to say that this is just my personal opinion and that this answer does not come from the 36 High Councillors!!!

My experience of many years has shown me that people sometimes become spiritual because they would like to get their personal wishes fulfilled. When this doesn't work quite as they imagined, their belief evaporates again very quickly. This is not supposed to mean that one may not have wishes. I believe that lightwork and spirituality must come from the heart, in order to serve and help other human beings and our planet. When this is the intention and one lives it, no matter what the circumstances, then one is steadfast and no outer circumstances will allow the belief to be lost.

I know, many are going to say that it's easy for me to talk and that I live in great abundance. But I, too, have gone through deep valleys, though one thing I was always aware of: No matter how the circumstances may be, I will fulfil my task.

Dissociation is very important.

I know that it is not so easy sometimes to dissociate oneself, particularly when there have been words that need our compassion. There is no easy answer for dissociation, and I do it following my feeling. Many human beings confuse lightwork with a helper syndrome and do not dare say NO once in a while. But to say no does not mean not to be a good person. We must all of us learn that it is about something big and focus our energies on it. Sometimes it is also important to leave a human being in his processes so that he can continue strengthened on his path afterwards. That is also a lightwork borne very much by love.


Is the divine plan fixed at an incarnation?

This is not so easy to answer, and not with few words.

All life receives a divine plan, consequently there is no beginning and no end. Our intellect is not enough in order to even nearly understand this.

When you incarnated in the duality, you were given everything you need in order to awaken. Kryon once said, you carry everything in yourself, but you cannot see it. Imagine a jigsaw puzzle that is lying in front of you in many pieces. Because of the many pieces we cannot recognize the picture. Sometimes people focus on only one of thousands of small piece. The 48 Steps help the human beings to look at all the pieces in order to then be able to look at the picture as a whole. That is a big gift and a real help. To see the entire picture is the awakening. Additionally the joined together pieces in you are stabilized and connected. Piece by piece it joins together to make a wonderful picture that is unique, namely your picture!!! That is so lovely!!

Now I have to stop for today as we will drive to Baden-Baden to the Rainbow Spirit Festival in a few minutes. I love you.

Your Sabine - Sangitar.



2 June 2010


OMAR TA SATT my dear family,

It's so nice to be back with you!!!!!

To begin with, it's important for me to tell you that I am connected with the 36 High Councillors when I write here. When I express a personal opinion I will say so, so that you know it's not information from the 36 High Councillors.


Many people have the same fears when it's about the ascension. Especially, what will happen to my family, children and animals?

I absolutely understand this. Even so it is important to trust and to stay in the now-time. You can be sure that very many human beings will awaken or raise themselves energetically before and during the ascension. Often it is enough when a family member is of such high vibration that this light radiates and raises energies. Perhaps some aren't open for this yet, but this is going to change! There is also an adaptation phase, and during this time the human beings still have time to decide. It's an epoch of trust, and the more you trust, the more your light radiates in clear intention.

Most of the children are already born on a higher level of light. Many of these children have a problem with the energy of the duality at first. Often these are the children who are nervous and very active. They need very, very much attention and love.

Perhaps it would have been better not to tell you that I will be informed 6 weeks prior to the ascension. Now many people ask themselves how I will get in touch with them or whether they should have their mobile phone with them at all times. You don't have to sit by the phone nor bring your mobile phone! I promise, you will be informed, no matter how far away you are. We will reach you either by email and also by post. I can really relieve you of this fear!


Can it happen that a lightworker doesn't feel anything anymore?

Sometimes the human beings don't feel anything anymore and feel as though cut off from the energies. That can have different reasons, but none that would need to burden you. Often this is a sign that the human being is standing before changes and patterns are released. Patterns that you have absorbed during your Steps. They are stored and released when the time for it has arrived. Sometimes it's also the case that the 36 High Councillors are doing something in the light body because they see that you are almost ready to go onto an energetically higher level. They then work in the spiritual wheel and help you. You are always connected, and the 36 High Councillors are always with you!

Finally I would like to say that I have been in touch with the 36 High Councillors again about why people lose their spirituality so quickly. The answer is:

Show your clear intention by being there for the human beings.

I hope all of this helps you. Unfortunately the written word sometimes isn't enough and uncertainty can arise. It is very important for me to be there for you, but it is also difficult to express myself clearly. If I were able to speak with you it would be easier for me.

I love you very much, your Sabine - Sangitar.



4 June 2010


OMAR TA SATT my dear family,

Is it possible to awaken before the 48th Step?

The 36 High Councillors give a very clear message about that: YES!!!!!

It would be totally presumptuous to say that only those who carry out the Steps can awaken. It is a path that makes it possible to recognize oneself entirely. This path will only be taken by those human beings who are from the golden-blue frequency. These human beings feel that this path is theirs. Sometimes it happens of course, that human beings awaken before Step 48. Nevertheless it is good to finish taking the Steps. On one hand, in order to strengthen all the structures, and on the other hand, in order to absorb the patterns that are embedded with each Step. Sometimes human beings are awakened but do not feel so good. This can happen occasionally when the awakening takes place too fast. These human beings then often lose their grounding and cannot cope with everyday life. Light body symptoms also often arise. That is why I personally think that it takes time to enjoy the awakening fully and to be able to cope with it well then. That is also what the 36 High Councillors wish. We are to be happy on earth, in health, human love, abundance, security and peace!


Why are the human beings being informed 6 weeks before the ascension?

Because groups will want to join together and meet. The Pioneers, for example, or the earth healers and priestesses. Perhaps many would also like to come to Rosenheim, and that is why I think it is important to let you know. After all, it's a great event for all of us ☺


Does doubt ever cease?

It looks as though a tiny little bit of doubt is always going to be there as long as the duality exists. It would be important to just not give the doubt so much space and to direct one's focus to trust. You are so wonderful, and doubt doesn't let you feel this so well in depth. But what is really very important for me is that to be free of doubt has nothing to do with truthfulness. You can never test truthfulness via doubt!!

Being truthful means to analyse oneself again and again, and also has something to do with looking oneself in the eyes. But this is completely different to doubting.


Each AN'ANASHA that I receive from you I repay you a thousandfold!!!!!!!!! For without you and your trust the Steps and the messages couldn't have spread all over the planet. And it comes from the depth of my soul when I say, you are the love of my life!!!!! Your Sabine - Sangitar.



9 June 2010


OMAR TA SATT my dear family,

A question that has been sent to us is: Why do we not join together in order to organize a gentler ascension?

All frequencies on the planet carry the planet into a different vibration through their love and divine might. Through this great love it was already possible to mesh the planetary grid of love, and the ascension will take place as it will take place. That has nothing to do with the belief patterns of the Kryonstudents, but they are completely clear statements from the 36 High Councillors that the Kryonstudents and Pioneers trust.

Of course there is also a countermovement to the light during the ascension phase, and naturally this also has effects, but the power of love is stronger. Through this countermovement and the opening of the dimensional gate of Lemuria there will not only be earth quakes but also volcanic eruptions. Through this it will become a bit darker on earth, Kryon also describes it as dense fog.

This evening the Pioneer Meeting is on and I look forward to it very much. The current Step is very special for me.

As soon as I have the time I will write about a new subject with the 36 High Councillors, and until then I send you very much ELEXIER!!! You are deep in my soul, it's so nice that you exist. Your Sabine - Sangitar.