The Aspects


OMAR TA SATT my dear lightworkers,

In order to give you some up-to-date information more directly and personally I have decided to write about different current topics on a regular basis. You will probably find answers to some of your questions here as well, and I am very happy to be able to write to you via this column.

The first subject I would like to write about is the Arcturian Ma'Ha'Lias, who calls himself an aspects doctor and has transmitted his messages for the first time at the last Kryon Festival.

First of all it is important to know that Ma'Ha'Lias is much more than an aspects doctor. He calls himself an aspects doctor because the knowledge about our aspects is very important at this time. The High Councillors have decided to pass this knowledge on to us now. As you presumably know already, you are born with 18 aspects, and 3 aspects remain in the universe. At this time it is important to connect your aspects with each other in order to live all your abilities and also your task in everyday life with joy.

Most aspects are already awake and active when you are born, that is to say they move. Only few aspects are coded and have to be awakened by you yourself. Mostly this happens through awareness work and energetic expansion. The further a human being develops spiritually the more active the aspects become. The difficult part with this is that the aspects must be connected permanently for you to be able to work in the way many of you wish.

You bear the divine core in yourselves. The entire strength and abundance, all that you need, is stored in you. Many of you feel that when, for example, you work with the ability aspect. I speak with the 36 High Councillors very much and report to them from this side of the veil about the difficulties that the human beings have. Through the many conversations it became clear for me that it is very important for the human beings to know about the aspects in order to gain more insights. When I look into the light bodies I mostly notice that, for example, the ability aspect bears very much energy and moves in all directions. First this is, of course, very positive, but if this aspect doesn't find a connection with the soul aspect and the physical aspect, then light body symptoms can arise on the one hand, and on the other also doubts about your so wonderful abilities, because your soul can't feel enough. Your mind then wields the sceptre and tells you that it would be better to have doubts.

Unfortunately especially the soul aspect and the physical aspect are paid too little attention. There is no easy answer as to how one can connect aspects fast and permantly. I think, this wouldn't be so good anyway. Each kind of spirituality comprises awareness work, that's how it is. But this awareness work should comprise a lot of fun and joy. The more you invite this energy of joy, the more easily will your aspects connect themselves.

For the moment I will finish the subject aspects with a channeling by Ma'Ha'Lias.

I send you a lot of PRADNA and ELEXIER,
Your Sabine Sangitar.

The 18 aspects:
1. Life preserving (physical) aspect
2. Female aspect
3. Male aspect
4. Soul aspect
5. Original aspect
6. Christ aspect
7. Awareness aspect
8. Angel aspect
9. Sewaja aspect
10. Wisdom aspect
11. Enlightenment aspect
12. High Self aspect
13. Ability aspect
14. Awakening aspect
15. Omnipotence aspect
16. Renewal aspect
17. Work aspect
18. Connection aspect

Channeling from Ma'Ha'Lias

OMAR TA SATT my dear brothers and sisters of the light.

All of you have come onto earth with the perfect light. You are being loved immeasurably. Many human beings do not feel their perfection and believe that something is wrong with them or they are not good lightworkers. To you I say: Each human being bears the same divine Core within himself. Everything you need in order to recognize yourself as that what you are you bear within yourself.

We give you the possibilities and the loving company in order to speed up this process. When all your aspects are connected permanently we call that the perfect sound. Your aspects then vibrate in the same rhythm as God's breath. At the festival of love I told you that from my point of view it is very easy to connect aspects permanently. For this you need an expansion of at least 88 percent energy in the light body, awakened and active aspects, no doubts about yourself, and the ability to unify your chakras.

The medium Sangitar has let me know that the greatest difficulty is doubt. She has asked me to say something about it.

Doubts about your Self take away from you the freedom to be as is best for you.
Doubts let your aspects become tired.
Doubts take away from you the abundance you are entitled to.
Doubts paralyse your abilitites.
Doubts let you feel the duality even stronger.
Doubts let you feel the access to your origin only with difficulty.

In trust you experience the greatest freedom.
In trust your aspects connect.
In trust you will experience abundance in all areas.
In trust your abilities become stronger and more powerful with each breath.
In trust you experience wisdom.
In trust you feel who you are and feel your perfection.

If you permit I will transmit more messages to you at this time for you are the most wonderful thing that this planet carries - each single one of you.

With this message I say goodbye,



What I would also like to mention today:

You really are so wonderful, you can trust Ma'Ha'Lias completely!

Ma'Ha'Lias spoke about the aspects again at the public channeling in May, and it becomes more and more clear how important this subject is for the human beings. It is important for you to know that 16 of your aspects bear the energy of the Divine Reality and that in these 16 aspects there is no energy of the duality. With two of your aspects that is a little different. In the physical aspect the energy of the Divine Reality is stored on the one hand, but also patterns from the dual energy. It is the same in the soul aspect!!! That is why you sometimes feel doubt or fear in your soul. Ma'Ha'Lias has said that there is 99% energy of the Divine Reality and only 1% energy from the duality in the soul aspect. The problem is that many human beings direct their focus to this 1% and therefore only sometimes feel all the wonderful and nice energies in their soul. These patterns of the dual energies are always on the surface of the aspect and are so strongly perceptible because of that. If too much attention is directed there then your soul diverts this energy into your physical aspect. There the energy is transformed and light body symptoms appear.

If only I could show you what I see when I look into your light bodies. How beautiful you are and how you glow in such beautiful colors!! You would not direct any attention to this 1% anymore, and the patterns would dissolve immediately. It has nothing to do with analizing oneself now and then, especially when it comes to the powerful task one has as lightworker. In the coming time it is going to be our task to connect the aspects permanently little by little.

A lightworker told me that she can sometimes feel her ability very clearly, and suddenly everything is gone again. This is exactly what can happen when the ability aspect isn't connected with the soul aspect permanently. But most of you are so aware of themselves, and I know you will connect your aspects! One idea that I like is to work systemically with the aspects. You know that I have received training in systemic work, and I am sure it would be good to do this with the aspects. Though I do not believe that they will all of them be connected that way, but one can look at them and relate to them on a deeper level.

The divine source itself bears 27 aspects and has borne 21 aspects (energy lines) to the outside to form a merkabah. Through this merkabah it was possible for life to come into being and expand. Through God's breath this life is sustained, and each light that is created bears 21 aspects within itself. Each great light being is completely connected with the aspects. With our decision to go into the duality we left three aspects in the universe, but we are connected deeply with these aspects. In each of your incarnations you bore the same aspects in yourself. The difference was only that in each epoch a certain aspect was of fundamental importance. In this one all the aspects are of equal importance as a great change is before us and we expect the ascension.

When all your aspects are connected the perfect sound will be generated in you, and all knowledge and each energetic pattern that you have received (gifts from the spiritual world) will be released. Your merkabah will vibrate in the rhythm of God's merkabah!!!! The same goes for Lady Gaia, she will also connect her aspects and send out the perfect sound.

It is possible to work with the aspects, the more, the better. The High Councillors have asked me to create a Profession of the New Age together with them, and many of you will be an aspects doctor themselves then. Though this will take some time, you know how limited my time is, but I will give you a lot of information until then!

Why do we need our physical aspect? When you incarnated in Lemuria for the first time, your light aspect became denser because of the energy. Over thousands of years the light aspect turned into a physical aspect more and more. The energy of the duality was so dense that little by little a body shell formed. This didn't happen suddenly, and the physicalness changed in the course of time. Your light aspect adapted itself to the energy on earth. When you left the planet in order to return home, the physical aspect was transformed and your light aspect united and connected with all the other aspects. The physical aspect will accompany and stay with us even after the ascension. Through the ascension your merkabah will change, though, and vibrate in God's rhythm. This means that you have the possibility to stay in your body without aging for a very long time. Illnesses as we know them now will no longer exist!!! The great light beings have a light aspect instead of a physical aspect, and with this they absorb the energies that they need. Such as, for example, the Thalmos energy and, of course, God's breath.

The spiritual world tells us again and again that we will experience the ascension with our body. Of course we will then be in the Divine Reality, but the earth - and also man - will require years of adaptation. You can imagine it like this: the planet is raised and brought back into the divine lines. Because of this it will vibrate very powerfully. Only when this vibration has adapted to God's breath will the adaptation phase be over. It will take time for your physical aspect to degenerate. This is only possible at all because we are in the Divine Reality then!!! But it is also important to know that we are still quite far removed from many other planets. Development will take place that permits us to vibrate as high again as is right for us in this time phase. Once you have travelled to Venus you will know what it means to regard various life forms, with and without a body. ☺ We regard much from the duality, and some may not be able to imagine how nice it is going to be, even with a body! For everything is going to change, and what you know as reality now will no longer exist later.

I would like to go into the Crystals briefly. The Crystals bear the highest energies within themselves and are filled with God's breath. There is no higher energy than that of the Crystals. They are truly a gift from God.

Your Sabine - Sangitar.