Sabine Sangitar`s Biography


Trained in humanistic psychotherapy, systemic family therapy, reiki and as bioenergy therapist.


My spiritual development:


As a child I was already clairvoyant and was able to see people's aura. I played with spirits of nature and had many animals. I was fortunate to have been born into a carefree family as the youngest child and was raised free of pressure and bans. In the beginning I did not know what to do with my spirituality, but had wondrous encounters again and again. One day I was called by a teacher, who trained me over a period of 20 years and prepared me for my task. I was told again and again that I am a medium of the New Age, which I didn't understand in the beginning. After many years of training and practice, such as "A Course in Miracles", reiki, avatar and others, I began to hear voices, however without understanding them. This worried me a little at first. After some time, however, the voice of one being emerged which introduced itself as Eschka. I learned that she was Hildegard of Bingen in one incarnation. Almost a year later Kuthumi and Maha Cohan followed. They gave me important training on my continued path. One day a voice spoke to me. It was the Christ Energy. This energy was so high, that a glass bottle which stood on the table shattered.
A few years passed. I completed more training and opened my own practice for awareness development. As trained family therapist I ran a recognized training center. I worked a lot and my work gave me great pleasure. One day I sat at my desk in my practice, when the entity Kryon announced itself. As I hadn't read any books about Kryon the name didn't mean much to me in the beginning.
I was told that I had a task as medium of the New Age and 36 High Councillors of the Light from various frequencies wanted to pass messages on to humankind. However, I was free to decide whether to accept this task. I knew that these messages couldn't be channeled on the side. So I gave up my whole work and cancelled all current training in my practice.
This was the beginning of the Kryonschool. After initial difficulties the Kryonschool spread like wildfire, in the meantime even throughout the whole world. The Kryonschool has been translated (from German) into English, Spanish and Russian. Kryon once said: "The truth always find its way." I can only confirm this with my whole heart. After a time of change a new chapter of my path began with SHIMAA.
I send you ELEXIER and AN'ANASHA,
Your Sabine Sangitar