Original Name


The Original Name is the expression of your vibration, your elemental essence in the universe, expressed in a human word. This makes it easier for you to connect with your own origin and to integrate this energy, that is so specially important for the present time and your awakening. Your cosmic parents have put everything that is you into the name - your abilities, your task and all your power.

Channeling the Original Name costs 40 Euro. The 40 Euro can be paid via PayPal after the form has been filled out. In addition to the Original Name the information about the cosmic parents as well as your origin are channelled.

We will send you the channelled information by email approx. 1-2 weeks after you have ordered it.

Please ensure that emails from Kryonschool and Shimaa are accepted by your email account. In addition we ask you regularly to check your spam folders for emails which have mistakenly been filtered out, as this is happening more and more often.

Note: If you are a student of the Kryonschool (48 Steps), you can order your Original Name for free on your MyArea page when you are logged in.

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