Master Lao Tse - The Awakening


I am called Master Lao Tse. I am the bearer of Wisdom and of Power. I am the bearer of calmness and I am one of the High Councillors of the Light. Master Lao Tse is full of Wisdom and can understand the interests of humanity very well. Master Lao Tse has been asked today to speak to you. In the vibration of joy I speak through the medium and address myself directly to you.


When you pulled the veil of oblivion around you this veil was of a great denseness. For the first time this veil can be pushed aside completely. That does not comprise a new message for you but Master Lao Tse would like to tell you that you often pull the veil of oblivion around you again from Step to Step. Do not forget the message which the High Councillors of the Light send to you Step by Step. Again and again you have been told: You will not find anything on the outside which will be of use to you for Divine Awakening. Do not listen to human beings but find your Divinity. Again and again you have been given the message: We need your intention and your power. Again and again the message has beeen given: Do not think like a human, go beyond your limits.


Master Lao Tse would like to ask you in all clarity: How often did you forget this? How often do you name yourself as an excuse for your processes, as you are human? Begin to understand: You are more than a human being. As soon as you say you are human you limit yourself. You are Divine! You are great Spirit in a human shell. May it be ever so difficult for you: Begin to understand that these thought patterns do not serve you. Why do you think that we keep sending you the message: Do not listen to the human beings. Begin to understand that everything you need is in you. You are Divine within. The thing is that you realize more and more, while you are awakening, that you are Divine, a Divine human being on Earth. A great Spirit who has gathered human experiences.


If you want to let your Divine core awaken take the Steps with all your strength and all your Love. The time to awaken has come. Master Lao Tse would like to enlighten you today as to how this Divine awakening can happen in you, for there are still a few among you who think that something has to happen on the outside so that you can awaken to the Divine Human Being.


What happens when you throw something fragile on the ground? It breaks into many parts. And you may imagine that something similar happened to your consciousness in the duality. Nevertheless all the collected parts are in you and they will be joined together piece by piece. You will get instructions for this. All parts, no matter how shattered they are, are in you. And not on the outside. Not in your neighbor, not in your partner, not in your mother and not in your father. They are in you and no teacher, be he ever so highly evolved, can help you to join the parts together. Once again Lao Tse would like to tell you: We will give you the instructions on how you can join the parts completely, quickly and full of Love.


As you know - and this, too, is not a new message - your DNA-strands were coded. This was important, and it was also valuable, so that you could experience yourself as human. For the first time in the  frame of linear time it is possible that these decodings can happen. I would like to give you a metaphor for this. When you developed yourself spiritually you were only able to do this up to a certain point. It was like standing in front of a closed door. No matter what effort you made or what you did, this door remained locked. No key which was given to you ever fit this lock. With the 48 Steps you have received the right key to this lock. The door will open and you will be invited to step through the door.


Now, the Spirit World is often asked what the Divine Awakening will be like and what will change. Master Lao Tse would like to go into this today.

You must know that a planetary ascension is planned for Mother Earth. You have formed the intention to experience Divine Awakening in the 48 Steps. And so it will happen that some of you Pioneers will reach Divine Awakening.


Because Mother Earth will need a little longer in the time frame for the planetary Ascension to take place, you will be in an awakened state among still sleeping human beings. Your linear time also needs to be taken into account. When you are awakened, fully and completely accept that you are Divine, when all coding has been undone, you have been given the key and the door is open and you are ready to take this step into Divinity, then everything in you will change.


But it will not happen in the way you may suspect, from one minute to the next. It will take place a little more every day, in your power of Divinity. When you are divinely awakened and people who are still sleeping will meet you, with your Divine power you will react with Love to everything you meet. For you will no longer be able to do other than react with Love as you will have understood that only Love exists.


Situations in which you find yourself will change. You will understand that only you yourself create each situation at every moment of your life. As you will be in your Divine Might you will create situations for yourself which are full of abundance, human love and joy of life. You will no longer feel situations of doubt and fear. You will go into resonance with All-That-Is in the absolute Divine Power and Divine Might. You will no longer limit yourself. You will understand that these limits no longer have meaning. Therefore you will stop judging. You will recognize that every human being, no matter how deeply asleep, is Divine inside. Great compassion and Love will come over you. In you there will no longer be feelings of rage or aggression. These will no longer touch you. You will be an awakened person, a Pioneer of the Family who has been called.


The gifts of the initiations you have received have made it possible for the codings to dissolve. Several times we have sent you the message that it is like the principle of alternation: we give you our part and we need your part. For the first time it is possible that all patterns of death, of illness and of aging will be erased in you. We have also told you what you should do for this. Your thoughts play an important part, therefore from now on count your birthdays backwards. Order your cells to change. Take in magnetism for magnetism is the energy of the New Age.


Master Lao Tse has addressed these words to you with determination to confirm you in your intention and to tell you how important this is. Believe me: Master Lao Tse is full of Love for you.