Greetings, my Lightworkers,


I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. I am speaking through the medium and while she is writing down my words I am raising each single letter with my energy in order to meet you in your soul. You will feel this energy. At no time has an angel ever written something personally, he has always used a medium and I have chosen a medium who will pass my messages to you precisely.


You have waited for the ascension of Mother Earth for a long time. Much has been written and spoken about it and now it is time to receive everything which is important for the next period of time with open heart. That is why we - I, Kryon, as well as a few other angel entities of the universe - decided to found this school in order to teach, to lead and to guide you on the Path to Awakening.


I, Kryon, will teach you 48 Steps through the medium so that you can move aside the veil of oblivion and are able to live your full Divine power in great joy and in the Light of the Age of the New Time.


You will receive everything you need to awaken: much knowledge, many techniques, rituals and initiations. At all times I will be present with my energy and will work with you. You will learn the Light Language of the Elohim and make the ancient symbols of Atlantis usable to pass them on to mankind.


You want miracles? I shall give you miracles because I know of your true being. You are my lighthouses and we need you. I am looking forward to our time together and I will show you that learning is fun.


I tell you: I do not only give part of me, I love you immeasurably, with all of my soul.