Frequently Asked Questions for Interested Persons and Kryon Students



General Questions


What is the Kryonschool about?

The Kryonschool is the School of the New Consciousness, guiding you into awakening. You will learn how to use your Divine Power. You will find yourself and understand who you are. This is will happen through 48 Steps and 6 Ascension Steps.

The Kryonschool is training, so to speak, the first team, the very first Light Pioneers, so that they may, like lighthouses, show other people the way and help them during the time of the ascension.

Kryon got in touch with the medium Sabine Sangitar at the beginning of 2003 and called her to found the Kryonschool through which she fulfilled her Soul Contract which she agreed to on a cosmic level.



What do the Steps comprise?

In order to awaken all levels of your consciousness need to develop. And so in the Kryonschool there will be journeys with your consciousness, fusions of your Soul Aspects, initiations, undoings of the coding of your DNA and thought patterns which are keeping you in duality will be overcome. In addition you will learn how to open your channels for the Divine energies but also how to connect to your High Self- your aspect in the universe - to at last become what you are: a Divine Human Being on Earth, Great Light in a human body.



How did the Kryonschool come into being?

Kryon, Metatron, Lord Sananda as well as the 36 High Councillors of the Light decided to found the School of Consciousness so that those human beings who have a mission for today's ascension of Mother Earth can awaken before the collective and can serve mankind. The Kryonschool is training, so to speak, the first team, the first Light Pioneers, so that they may, like lighthouses, show other people the way and help them during the time of the ascension.

Kryon got in touch with the medium Sabine Sangitar at the beginning of 2003 and called her to found the Kryonschool, through which Sabine Sangitar fulfilled her Soul Mission which she had agreed to on a cosmic level. For a long time before that she had been worked on and with to prepare her for her mission and to help her to fulfill her Soul Contract.



What will change during the 48 Steps, what can I achieve?

During the 48 Steps your consciousness will be developed to guide you to your highest potential so that you can fulfill your soul contract. Kryon and the 36 High Councillors work on and with you right from the start. You will receive more and more information about the Divine Reality and will learn to recognize the illusion and to leave it. Cosmic and magnetic energy will be absorbed with every Step, your Light Body will be expanded, the accumulated Light increased by initiations and anchored by Ascension Steps.The goal of the Kryonschool is to guide you to Awakening, in which the Spiritual World is giving you a set of instructions through the Kryonschool but you have to walk down the path yourself.

Throughout the Steps you will be given techniques which help you to dissolve old patterns and blockades in your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies, thus guiding you to Awakening.



Who is Kryon?

Kryon is a Nuni (the aspect of a magnetic light) from the universe Quadril V. His cosmic "parents" are Adamis and Adamea. To be able to work in our universe Kryon had to fuse with a group of angels first (Kryon and the Entourage). Kryon works on the magnetic grid of the Earth and constantly aligns it.



Who are the 36 High Councillors?

The 36 High Councillors come from 36 different energy levels of the universe. Each one covers one aspect of the respective energy frequency, through which complete care by the Spiritual World results. A few High Councillors are known by name, others, however, could not be made known as different representatives of the respective energy levels can be in charge.

Metaphorically speaking, it is like building a house: you need a bricklayer, a carpenter, a roofer, a plumber, etc. The name of the workman of the respective building firm plays a secondary part in the building of a house.



I have heard that, according to a book by Lee Carroll, there are only 9 Kryon-mediums. How is it possible then that a German medium conveys the Kryonschool?

There have been many changes in the New Age - this is one of them. The first human being Kryon contacted was the American Frank Alper, an aspect of Adamis on Earth. At that time Frank gave Lee Carroll an initiation for his spiritual work with Kryon.

Then, at the beginning of 2003 Kryon called the medium Sabine Sangitar to found a school in cooperation with the 36 High Councillors, which would guide people to Awakening in 48 Steps. Sabine Sangitar also received this initiation by Frank Alper to be able to fulfill her work as medium - her Soul Contract. She was chosen not least because she is a clairaudient medium and can thus precisely pass on not only the messages of the Spiritual World but also the Third Language as well as the Crystals from Divine Reality.



Lee Carroll still says that there is no German Kryon-medium.

This is not correct. Lee's statement concerning the nine channels on Earth for Kryon refers to the year 1987, in which he wrote the first Kryon book. At that time the statement was correct. But in the meantime the energy as well as the number of mediums have changed.

Even Lee himself says again and again that everybody can channel Kryon and that there is no "monopoly" on the Spiritual World. Yet there are a few groups, especially in the German speaking sphere around Lee, who hold on to this old message. It does not change the fact that it is no longer valid.



How much time do I need for the Steps every day?

You need between half an hour and a maximum of one hour for the meditation. It suffices, however, if you do each meditation 3 to 4 times in total but you may also do them every day. You may repeat initiations and Ascension Steps every day as well. Just do it as your intuition tells you.

Over and above this there are exercises which you build into your everyday life, thereby changing your life step by step. For Ascension Steps and initiations Melek Metatron does not give daily exercises. In those times you may repeat exercises or simply be in the awareness of joy.



Terms of Payment and other Questions relating to the Kryonschool


What are the payment arrangements?

The Kryonschool is paid monthly, the amount depending on the number of Steps being taken. Payment must be made by creditcard. Each Step costs 20,00 Euro. After we have received your payment, we will authorize your access to the paid Steps and inform you by email that this has been done. They will be at you disposal for download at the member area on our homepage.


What happens if there is a time I cannot pay?

Financial balancing is very important for this work for by settling the balance you express, among other things, your intention to awaken. Should you run into serious difficulties we can decide individually and come to an arrangement. Those who have the intention in their heart to do the Kryonschool should be able to do it.


The Kryonschool is very expensive for my circumstances. Is there the possibility to make the course more reasonable?

You should examine your intention and your esteem for yourself and the Spiritual World. In hardship cases there is the possibilty of a subsidized rate.


What possibilities for doing the Kryonschool are there?

Normally you will automatically be sent 1 Step every 9 days for the correspondence course. Three Steps per month are ideal for the Light Body, but other arrangements are also possible.


What happens if I discover that the Kryonschool is not my path?

We are the Family of the golden-blue Light. Everybody who belongs to this frequency will feel this impulse in his soul. There are also other paths which will guide you to Awakening. The Kryonschool is one path which can guide you to awaken your Divine power. It is one path and it is our path.

You may cancel the Kryonschool two weeks before the end of the month and end the Steps early.


How fast can I take the Steps?

This you need to decide for yourself. The energy of the Steps takes between 6 and 9 days to expand in your Light Body and to consolidate. Consequently 5 Steps per month is the maximum. Take into account that the Spiritual World will do a lot of work on you while you are taking the Steps and that many subjects of your subconscious will return to you to be transformed before you awaken and the High Self enters into you.


What shall I do if I cannot keep up with the Steps?

The most important thing is that you do not put yourself under pressure while taking the Steps. The energy of the Kryonschool and the energy of the Spiritual World are gentle and light. Receive them like that. It is decisive that you absorb the energy raise from the Step into your Light Body. If there is a time when you do not carry out Melek Metatron's daily exercises to the letter do not think about it.

Those in individual care or doing the correspondence course can also pause for a month in order to make up the Steps.

Be aware, however, that if you pause for a longer period your Light Body will no longer be sustained with Light Energy and the expansion of your Light Body will halt which may cause blockades or symptoms. Also, during a pause with the Steps the energetic care by the Spiritual World will come to a standstill.


Should you realize that you do not have enough time in general the number of Steps can be reduced to 2 or just 1 per month.




Crystals from Divine Reality


What are Crystals and how do they work?

The Crystals come from the Divine Reality and are free of earthly energies. They were already used in Lemuria and Atlantis and were anchored in the pyramid of Giza for today's Ascension. This special knowledge is now being released to help us human beings to Awaken, so that we can realize who we are.

Each Crystal carries the energy of a Divinity in it and is highly energetic.


How do I use the Crystals?

You may use the Crystals for yourself and your environment. You may envelop yourself with them, let them circulate in your Light Body and expand yourself with them. You may send them to other people or situations through time and space. You may charge your food with them, glue them under your bed and energize or purify rooms with them. If you stick Crystals to your water pipes the energy affects human beings, animals but also flowers and laundry.

Handle them playfully, with imagination and gratitude. Be aware that you are connecting yourself with a deity through the respective Crystal. The Crystals cannot be used the wrong way and find their own way into your reality.


I have a problem. Which Crystal can help me?

Look at the Crystals and consider which one you need for your current situation. Imagine that you are calling a great spiritual entity with the Crystal, open yourself up to its energy and have faith that you will receive help. DON'ADAS, the Angel of Grace, for example, can help you without delay and quite directly because he can overcome time and space. You may use this Crystal for all technical problems.

Allow your intuition to guide you. You may also pose a question and draw the relevant Crystal.


I cannot remember the Crystals.

Do not put yourself under pressure. If you cannot think of what the Crystal looks like during a meditation simply ask the angels for help and to insert the right Crystal for you.


Do I have to learn the Crystals by heart?

It is advisable to learn the Crystals by heart for they are an important part of the Kryonschool. The more often you occupy yourself with the Crystals the stronger their energy can work on you. The Crystals also contribute to the decoding of your DNA.

After Awakening they are also important for you and mankind in varied ways. Learn with the joy and the curiosity of a child for then you will not find it difficult to remember them.


I see some Crystals as mirror images.

The Crystals have their own consciousness and cannot be used wrongly. If you see them as mirror images this is also accurate. Trust in their highly energetic effect and let them work.


I try to create RUNA (Abundance) for myself but it is not working.

This can be due to old beliefs or can come from the collective consciousness. Remove yourself from this thought field. Also examine how much you think you are worth. How much RUNA do you "deserve"? How much RUNA do you think you are worth?

Be careful when you use RUNA, not to put it on shortage. Thus, for example, you should not put RUNA on a credit card if the account is overdrawn. RUNA does not tell the difference between directions and does not judge. RUNA increases the energy, regardless of it being positive or negative in our judgment.



Questions relating to the Steps


About the colors of the chakras in Step 2: why have they changed and which colors do the chakras have now?

As the energy of the Earth has changed because of the Ascension, all the vibrations on Earth are also changing. Each vibration expresses itself through sound and color. Therefore new colors were announced also for the chakras. If you have gotten used to the old colors you may still use them, it is not important. Just be aware of the fact that many things are changing in you because of the constant energy raising of the Earth and be open to these changes.


Root Chakra  blue, 2nd Chakra  yellow, 3rd Chakra  red, 4th Chakra  pink, 5th Chakra  violet, 6th Chakra  turquoise, 7th Chakra  white.



Is it possible that electronic and electric appliances go crazy in my presence?

Yes, that is possible. It is because you are absorbing and radiating more and more magnetism which is incompatible with the "old" electric energy. Protect the appliances from your magnetism with the specially channeled Crystal MARAS. Conversely you may protect yourself from the electro smog emitted by, e.g., your cell phone with MARAS.


I see nothing, I hear nothing, I feel nothing when taking Step 6, "Journey Through the Stargate"

Do not put yourself under pressure. In the beginning simply 'pretend' it is working - it does not influence your development. Experience has shown that particularly those who at the beginning think they do not perceive anything on their journeys, make the best progress. You need to know that you "function" differently in the Divine Reality to the way you are used to here on Earth. Free yourself of all expectations and pictures with which you imagine what it is supposed to look like on the other side of the Stargate. Above all it is important that you do not try to interpret or classify into what is familiar the things which you perceive only in fragments at the beginning. Let it go and do not judge anything.


I keep falling asleep during the meditations. Is that bad?

No. It does not matter at all. As your surface consiousness is inactive when you are asleep and you therefore absorb the energy of the Step more directly, it can sometimes be quite beneficial to fall asleep as your mind does not do so much interpreting then. You can repeat that Step more often and consequently it does not matter.

The Steps may even be played while doing housework. The room will be energized and your Soul will be happy.


I do not perceive anything special on my journeys.

Kryon says that that is even good, for you will not be side-tracked by any phenomena and can concentrate on the essential part, the absorption of energy and your Awakening. The most important thing is your intention to awaken as well as your loving dedication. Then you may entrust yourself completely to the Spiritual World. From the beginning it will work for your highest good.


Other people have such wonderful experiences on their journeys but nothing is happening for me.

Do not compare yourself to others - everyone has his own speed, everyone experiences something different. Try not to judge for there is no better or worse. What happens is just that which is appropriate for everyone at the respective point in time. Perhaps energetic work was being carried out on you during that Step and this can even be more important than to see something that is "special" according to your judgment.


I have such resistance to this Step X

Try  to go through your resistances. It is the only way to dissolve them. Do not grant them increased attention but thank them for their support in earlier times and make it clear that you no longer need them now and that they may go. Send them the Crystal AN'ANASHA, for everything, even the supposedly negative, has brought you to where you are today.


Instead of everything getting better I am feeling increasingly worse!

On the path to Awakening all your shadows are being dissolved so that the High Self can enter into you. Metaphorically you can see this as the clearing out of your cellar. This is certainly not always pleasant for you but it is important that you do not fall into self-doubt oder frustration at this point but that you look your shadows in the eyes, acknowledge them and then stop spending energy on them. The more you dedicate yourself to them the bigger and more threatening they become.


Why do I still create such bad situations for me in my life if I am the creator of my reality?

There are several reasons for that. On the one hand you are not the only creator who creates but all the other people around you create in the times of duality, too. On the other hand you yourself are also attached to the duality again and again through which your thoughts create things from the collective consciousness that you do not want. Remove yourself consciously from the collective consciousness again and again, travel through the Stargate and generate your wishes in the Divine Reality, then send them into your reality.

There may also be old patterns and habits which we do not like to let go of, e.g. when I am ill I have peace and quiet for myself and am awarded consideration.


I keep experiencing the same patterns

It is good that you recognize your patterns as patterns and understand their purpose. Then it is easier to transform them. Ask yourself what would be if this pattern had not happened. Where would I be then? What would I do? Often the intention behind it is very different, e.g. the illness which gives you attention and quiet. Follow this feeling to the end and do not break off beforehand. Then ask the Spiritual World to remove this pattern and that it may not turn up anymore.


Why did this great misfortune happen to me?

Everything that happens to you you have created yourself in some way. In the energy of the New Age everything happens very quickly. Therefore be careful with your thinking. Also consider if there may not be a new beginning through this misfortune. Kryon once said: there is always a solution to every problem. For every problem we create, we create the solution at the same time. We just have to learn to focus on the solution.

In linear time the solution may take a little time but be unconcerned. Everything happens to your greatest good. You are in Divine hands. Have courage and faith.


I am afraid to make mistakes when taking the Steps.

The most important thing is the loving intention in your heart. Ask for help to do the exercises correctly and switch off your mind for your Soul knows what is correct. You are getting the best possible help from the Spiritual World. Do not put yourself under pressure.


Is it permitted to take the Steps together with other people?

Each CD and each script is charged with the energy of your personal Light Body and therefore intended only for you. Up to the 4th Step one can share the Steps with others, then comes the first initiation and only you should read your script and only you should do the meditation with your own CD.


Does the energy harm children?

Children remember their Divine origin much faster. They feel very happy and at home while doing the Steps. The knowledge of the Crystals also is not strange to them and they like to play with them.

If your child would also like to do the Kryonschool there are special children and family rates.


May one listen to the initiations several times?

High energies are stored on the CDs of the initiations and it is good for the Soul to hear these CDs several times. After 9 days, however, your Light Body cannot absorb more energy. Your Soul will still enjoy the energy, though.


What is the Unified Chakra and how do I generate it?

In the new energy of the Ascension all the chakras of your four-body-system vibrate free. When you unify them you will be in Love and your Divinity. The Unified Chakra will be brought about in Step 2. However, you can give your chakras the order to unify at any time so that you can find your center, your Divinity. With a little practice you will feel a special warmth and love when you are in your Unified Chakra.

The Kryon Stones give additional support in unifying the chakras.


Suddenly I no longer feel energy when taking a particular Step.

That is completely normal. With every Step you absorb the energy of the Step and expand. As your Light Body takes between 6 and 9 days to absorb the energy it is possible that after this period of time you do not feel the energy as strongly as you did in the beginning, as you have already raised yourself to this level of energy.


What is the difference between the Soul Name and the Original Name?

The Original Name is the name which you were given when you were created and contains the whole matrix of your Being.

The Soul Name was given to your aspects which are spread throughout the universe. You can also have several Soul Names.


Why is it so important to use the Original Name?

Your whole matrix is contained in your Original Name. When you use your Original Name you  fall back upon this primordial information and this makes your way home, your Awakening, easier.


How do I find out my Original Name?

If you are already taking the Steps of the Kryonschool you have the possibility to let Sabine Sangitar channel your original name. Simply let us know that you would like this, and we will send you your name as soon as it has been channelled.

Should you not be doing the Kryonschool Sabine Sangitar channels your original name in exchange for the balance of 40 Euro.


Why should I correct my age?

This signals to your Soul your intention to awaken to the Divine human being. This way you also withdraw from the collective consciousnes of the human beings, from the awareness of aging. Inform and program your cells that illness, aging and death are no longer valid! When the Earth has ascended completely human beings will "age" up to the age of 35 years and no further. Human beings who are older already now will rejuvenate.


Sometimes I think that I am only fooling myself and that Divine Reality does not exist in this form, but that duality is real.

Kryon once said that there are always two sides to everything in duality. There are always trust and doubt together. One of them cannot exist on its own in polarity. Therefore it is completely normal to doubt from time to time. Look at yourself full of love and make the decision for trust.

Concentrate on your heart and ask it what is "true" - your heart will show you the truth in your own individual way.


I had such a wonderful experience… Did I awaken already?

The Awakening does not happen completely with Step 48, but a long time before that there are part-Awakenings in certain intervals. These can be wonderful and you should enjoy them consciously! The process of Awakening already begins at Step 1.


What is the Awakening going to be like?

The Awakening is an individual event, and it is completely up to you what you can permit. It is not possible to give a general description but it is the homecoming of your Soul to your I-Am-Presence. The Awakening returns the consciousness of your Divinity to your memory, pulls down all your self-made limits and dissolves your judgments. It will be the beginning of all your forgotten abilities, such as teleportation, telekinesis, clairvoyance, etc.


Does the Awakening occur with the 48th Step?

This is different for every student. There are some who experience their inner vision directly with the 48th Step, others for whom the Oneness happens hours or days later. Again others awaken continually while taking the Steps and sometimes do not notice that their High Self has already fused.

One should be careful: the higher the expectations for the 48th Step are the easier it is to block oneself.


What about travelling with the Merkabah? Do we also learn to do that in the Kryonschool?

In the Kryonschool you will learn to rediscover your creative powers. After the 48 Steps you will hold your Divine Might in your hands again and will realize that you are a great light in a human body.

It is like having had a fear of water for all of your life. Now you have overcome the fear of water and have learned to do the first swimming exercises. And until you are able to swim across a lake you will need to practise for a while longer.

Travelling with the Merkabah is like that. But if it is the wish of your Soul you will learn this through the Kryonschool.



Question about  the Ascension of Lady Gaia and the predictions


According to many records the ascension of Lady Gaia is planned for the year 2012. However, for the spiritual world time as we know it does not exist. That is why all mentionings of time should be regarded as guidelines only. For example, in some countries spring begins on February 1 according to the calendar, but it can take weeks or months before spring actually arrives. It will be similar with the ascension. It will take a few years of adaptation until the energy of 999 has anchored itself completely into our collective consciousness.



Various Questions



The Merkabah is the contra-rotating Light Field of your two star tetrahedrons. Through the activation of your Merkabah the energy flow in your body is stimulated and this generates a great feeling of happiness. With the activated Merkabah it is also possible to travel to other dimensions with your physical body. MER = rotating Light Field,  KA = Spirit,  BA = Divine Reality



The Antakarana is composed of three Seed Crystals which are on your brow and form a triangle there, with one point being on your upper brow and one point over each eyebrow. The Antakarana runs from the brow to the back of your head and represents a Light Bridge. The Merkabah is the contra-rotating Light Field of your two star tetrahedrons. Through the activation of your Merkabah the energy flow in your body is stimulated and this generates a great feeling of happiness. With the activated Merkabah it is also possible to travel to other dimensions with your physical body. MER = rotating Light Field,  KA = Spirit,  BA = Divine Reality


High Self

Each light fuses with a High Self at ist creation. This can be Jesus, Melek Metatron or Shakti. After the awakening the attributes of the High Self pour in more powerfully.


Higher Self

The Higher Self is the divine spark in yourself. There you are always connected with the divine field.


Soul Parts

They are parts of your being, which has separated into many Light Points: your various Selves. Of those several may (like you) incarnate on Earth, though also at different times. Others may be on various stars anywhere in the universe. All Soul Aspects are connected with Light Bands, to each other, as well to as the High Self.


Divine Thought Field

The Divine Thought Field is the Divine Source out of which everything is projected.


Magnetic Field Roads

The lines in the universe on which the planets are in the Divine Order.


Gematria Body

Like a skin/shell which is drawn around your Light Body.



The united Divinity of Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebayoth.



Expressions from the Divine Reality:


Adonai `Tsebayoth -  Highest Lord of Hosts

Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai `Tsebayoth - Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh -  I AM who I AM

So’Ham  -  I Am God

El`Shaddai  -  the energy field of Melek Metatron (Male)

Shekina -  the female Energy Field

Melek -  king

Metatron -  the first projection of the Divine Source

Shakti - Divine Mother

Lord Sananda -  Jesus the Christ

Elohim -  they are the angels of creation

Hakenim -  this is Melek Metatron, the first projection

Lay-u-esh Shekina  -   female energy of the Divine Mother come to me!

Mono’dobe  - stride forward

Odo sam Tachajeh - In the depth of your Self you step into the Gate of Chod 

                                 (Chamber of Wisdom)

E’desha-a -  peace be with you