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The Story of King Arthur

Information through the medium Sabine Sangitar from November 2005 when the dimensional gates of Avalon were opened.



Why is Avalon such an important dimension? Avalon was a dimension of battle and of love. This dimension was marked by wars, battles and oppression. But on the other hand there were also many lightworkers. Great rituals were carried out by high priests and high priestesses.


It was a divided land and many people were exposed to great suffering. At this time of Avalon King Arthur, his knights of the Round Table, the high priests and high priestesses as well as Merlin played an important role.


At that time, when the human beings in Avalon were left to themselves in battle, insecure and mostly without faith, Arthur was born. Merlin, a wise light figure, knew that an angel would come to Earth to end the battle and to spread the love energy.


But as the sent angel would forget who he was in the duality, steps were taken beforehand. Merlin was instructed to anchor a sword of a special kind in a rock. Only the sent angel would be able to pull this sword out of the rock. The sword received the name Excalibur.


Arthur grew up in a poor family and was not aware of his task. As a youth Arthur was very often drawn into nature. One day as he was walking he passed the rock in which the sword was anchored. Arthur had already heard of this sword for many human beings had already doggedly tried to pull the sword out of the rock. High authorities had decided that who ever was able to pull the sword out of the rock was to become the next king.


When Arthur pulled the sword out of the rock in his youth it triggered a lot of disturbance and agitation in the land. But Arthur was able to assert himself and was crowned king. Merlin, who knew who Arthur was, observed the events. Arthur became a wonderful king. He felt with his heart and set himself the goal to bring their freedom back to the human beings. He looked for the best knights and founded the Round Table. They were 12 knights who vouched for the same values and visions and were ready to even give their lives for them. They sent out so much light and love, and the human beings followed them. Even the hardest opponents had to realize through the love and grace with which King Arthur led his people that this was a true king.


Many trials were imposed on King Arthur, but only one single time did a trial almost break him. King Arthur was of pure heart and he loved his wife Ambra above all else. She gave him the strength to fulfil his task. But Ambra fell in love with his most faithful and best knight Lancelot. Even though Ambra loved her husband she admitted her relationship with Lancelot. It nearly broke King Arthur's heart. For some time he lost all faith and was not capable of leading his people because of pain any more. In his great despair he threw his sword Excalibur, and consequently his entire power, into the great lake of the endless fog. King Arthur abandoned himself to his pain and his suffering and set out, into a region in which the high priests and high priestesses fulfilled their tasks. Many of you know this region under the name of Stonehenge.


There he asked a priest for a blessing and forgiveness. The high priest Irian only granted him forgiveness, but Arthur was denied a blessing. This was a terrible thing at that time for the high priests were the avatars on Earth and their word meant as much as God's word. They were full of love and stood for the light and the love. Thus the priests looked after Arthur, carried out some rituals and gathered in order to pray for him. But they also prayed for Ambra and Lancelot. After some time in Stonehenge King Arthur opened his heart again and felt the divine awakening in himself. He set out in order to forgive his wife and his friend. For he had forgiven himself.


Arrived at home he found a desperate Ambra for she had long since realized who she really loved. Thus a big celebration of reconciliation took place and the energy of human love could be anchored in Avalon.


The end is quickly told. Through this forgiveness that King Arthur gave his wife and Lancelot - which was an extraordinary thing at that time - the human beings rose and opened their heart for love.


When King Arthur returned into the universe he became what he had always been: the great loving Angel Michael.