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The 48 Steps of the Kryon School

A review by Tom Evans


Like many of the best things in life, I can't remember how I found the web site of the Kryon School. A serendipitous mouse click and I found myself downloading the first free step of 48 Ascension Steps. At first, I didn't know what I'd chanced across. Was it real? Was it any good? Did it work? Could you really just take 48 steps at 20 euros each and be lead to some form of Ascension? If so surely this was the best investment that could be ever made.


I was so taken and captivated by the audio narration of the first step and the simplicity of the message that I thought it worth taking some baby steps. So I trusted the Universe and as ad hoc unexpected payments arrived in my PayPal account, I would buy another step and then another.


Over the months that followed, I found the visualisations and meditations both calming and enlightening. Bit by bit, strange coincidences would occur. I started noticing number sequences, hearing the actual sounds of the cosmos and had flashes of strong clairaudience in the Elohim Light Language.


It was clear that the Steps were working and raising my vibration. As veils of the illusion that comprise our reality were lifting, I saw the world in a new light and started communicating with a new level of claircogniscence with other levels of consciousness.


I took the 48th Step about three months ago; I have to say with some anticipation that was instantly followed with a sense of anticlimax. Then within 24 hours "stuff" happened and I found myself at a whole new level of being which is still taking time to settle.


In summary, I would recommend everyone at the very least took Step 1 - it's free after all - to see how you get on with it. In these credit-crunchy days, as we approach 2012, my feeling is that they are one investment you can bank on.



Tom Evans

Surrey Hills, England, December 2008