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Public Channeling of September 6, 2006



Jesus Christ:

Feelings of the Duality and Feelings of the Divine Reality




I Am who I Am. I Am who I have always been. I Am who I shall always be. In the Trinity of the cosmic great love I, Jesus, the Christ, greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT.


The cosmic spirit takes pleasure in each one of you. You are sitting here in a group of people who are giving the intention to take one step out of the duality. In these moments you grant yourself to feel the love which goes far beyond the humane. This intention and this love reach the high cosmic grid of love with their vibration and therefore we in the spiritual world can work with you.


And so Jesus, the Christ, would like to convey messages to you, and at the same time the High Councillors of the Light will tranfer the energy to you which will make it possible to accept the presents and the love which we like to bring you.


The frequencies are increasing. Everything is in change. And thus you, too, are in change, also in your everyday life of the duality in which you have to stay. Still you feel a yearning deep inside you. You feel it so deep within that sometimes you cannot name it for human words do not suffice for this. A yearning which is stronger than anything which happens in everyday life. A yearning which drives you, sends you impulses and whispers to you: You are more than a human being. You are a great light in a human body.

You are partly in the Divine Reality. With these parts you are moving in the duality and sometimes feel confused and lonely. Your thoughts come thick and fast and your mind splits. The yearning creates a feeling of joy and sometimes also of impatience in you because you can free yourself from this duality at last. Therefore some of you can hardly wait until the change has taken place. Many words are being spoken about what will happen during the Ascension, what has to happen in order to experience the change. And some among you, among the human beings, carry a high consciousness within and still think that each feeling which they experience - be it the love, the joy, the yearning, the hope, the losing of one's grip, the inner conflict, the doubt, the anger and the grief, sometimes also the fear - has nothing to do with the Divine Reality. For beyond the duality, many think, all these frequencies and vibrations which are being judged with words in the duality are neutral. It is an important matter to Jesus to inform you that there are various frequencies in the universe. The Divine Source itself, the Father, united with the Mother are in the Love and also cannot feel anything outside of this Love. But the universe is composed of so many frequencies and layers that you can hardly imagine this.


If it were the case that Ascended Masters or angels did not carry feelings within you could not get in touch with them. We know the frequencies of joy, of bliss and of love. These are, to describe it with human words, feelings which do indeed exist in the universe.

Outside of this great joy, this bliss, the allembracing love and the yearning, united with the Divine Thought Field, that which you in the duality feel as fear, anger or grief does not exist in our spheres. And still everything that you feel connected with is an important process for you because behind all of this a great and whole feeling stands, namely the Love.

Were, for example, the yearning not a feeling from the Divine Reality your soul would not signal you to develop yourselves further. The deep feeling and the deep yearning to discover oneself as divine is really the Divine Reality. Do not let anyone talk you into thinking that these feelings are not present.


All your power, all your joy and all your love are within you, you great lights. Sometimes it is not easy for you in the duality to tell apart feelings from the Divine Reality and the duality. And the more you are in the Divine Reality with your spirit, with your soul, the harder it becomes for you in the duality. We see in you the great love, the perfection, that what you are: The Pioneers of the Light. But we can also see that you sometimes feel conflict in yourselves and we can also see that you have created something like a conscience in the duality. This conscience would like to tell you that it may not be right to feel this conflict. But I, the cosmic spirit, tell you: Everything that you feel and perceive is important for you. Each time again, full of courage, you make the decision to step out of your mind and to rely on what you feel. Believe me: We know how hard it is for you. Not for nothing are you being called the bravest in the universe, who once made the decision to do what you are doing now. Precisely for that reason the angels kneel down before you and hold you. They honor and love you for your courage. Often in your humanity you think yourselves to be without courage and ask yourselves if you are worthy to work and be active as Lightworkers, if you are worthy to stand by the human beings while the change is being carried out. Sometimes your fear is very annoying for you - and still you are the most courageous, the most brave.


How much courage do you think it takes to make the decision in the universe to choose a human body and go into the duality? This courage is still in you. Sometimes you can feel it. In quiet and silent moments, when you can step out of the events of everyday life, such as now, you can feel how much courage, how much strength and how much joy is in you. And also how much yearning to unify. How much yearning for the change to be carried out. Naturally - you would not be great lights if you did not carry this yearning within. And still it is very important for Lady Gaia that you pass on your courage to Lady Gaia and tell her from the bottom of your heart when you get in touch with Lady Gaia: 'Everything is all right. Take your time, as much as you need.'

For it takes a lot of courage also for Lady Gaia to free herself of all the things which no longer serve her in order to be able to ascend into the next dimension.


Go deep into yourself and feel. Feel the words of the Christ:

Why in the duality are you sometimes afraid to fail? Why are you afraid you could not be worthy enough, afraid to do the wrong things even though you were so brave to go here?

The High Councillors of the Light will do everything, and already do, to bring you all, really all, the gifts which you can accept for yourself. Breathe in the depths of your soul, let the cosmic spirit work in you and at the same time give the intention that that which should open may open.


If you can accept it the High Councillors of the Light will send you the power and the energy of courage from your High Self. Lay your hands on your legs with the palms facing up.

From your High Self the highest energies are now flowing to you if you allow it.


Your Spiritual Wheel will receive these energies. How brave you once were in the universe and how brave you were for so many incarnations. Again and again you have come here. Therefore do not permit that just now, at this time in which the change is taking place, the duality vanquishes you. Receive the frequencies and feel how the courage, the strength and the cosmic spirit expand in you into all directions.


While you are feeling this be certain that right now, at this time, right now in this room, you are transported from the duality. Energies of the Divine Reality have expanded and spread. Perhaps there is something personal, something which you have been putting off for a long time and of which you did not know how to decide, considered from all angles if you were doing the right thing. What hindered you? Could it have been fear, the fear of failure, the fear of not being good enough, the fear because you did not know where your decision would lead you? Realize this subject of life now and feel it.


If you would like to and are ready without putting yourself under pressure, then take this current time in which you are being supplied with these energies and make a decision. Make a decision in the certainty that the energy and the spirit of Christ are here and support you. Be certain that when you have made a decision, I, Jesus, the Christ, will pronounce a blessing.



With the immeasurable love I bless you.


Now let the feeling of the Divine Reality, namely the bliss and the joy about the decision which you have made expand in you. Do not permit your mind to begin to doubt your decision. We are connected with each other so very much. I am in you and outside of you. I am taking part in the event, I give you my hand and accompany you. Never do you need to have fear for we are beside you. We are like the 'footsteps in the Sand'.

And so the High Councillors of the Light and Jesus Christ say:


A ni o'heved o'drach.

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So'ham.