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Public Channeling of September 5, 2007





The Year 2007

Lady Gaia's Purifications

Stabilization of Your Grid



I Am Kryon of Magnetic Service and I greet each single one with the immeasurable love and the sound OMAR TA SATT. Immeasurable love pours to you through the veil into the now-present in these moments. You are what you are and yet more than you suspect. Everything in you enables you to be master of your life.


Many human beings come to Kryon with the question what meaning the year 2007 has. Kryon would like to answer all those human beings. As it is very difficult for the human beings to understand the timelessness of the other dimensions Kryon will go into the linear time to answer you. The year 2007 with the cross total 9 is a mirror of the all-presence of the collective. Each single human being on Earth is being invited to recognize the mirror of the divinity in the now-present, to become aware of it and to manifest themselves in the divinity. The year 2006 was, spoken as metaphor, the year of the past. Many memories and patterns have risen for Mother Earth, Lady Gaia, and the human beings and have mirrored themselves in life. 2007 is the year of the present. This means that everything you want to manifest in your thoughts very quickly spreads as fast in your everyday life as it is present in your thought spiral. The present is always an invitation to the collective and to you to awaken and be master of your life.


Lady Gaia is cleansing herself. Rising is the whole strength and energy which she has held back for so long. Each purification connects you a little more with Lady Gaia. Your DNA interlinks with Lady Gaia's innermost and with the spiritual world. Your DNA interlinks with your thought spiral, with your grid and with your merkabah. Many purifications still impend. We invite you and all human beings to manifest this time in life. For the new dimension we now invite you to breathe in the sense of the vibration of 999. the Divine Reality and the ANA are flowing to you at this moment. Before Kryon conveys further messages the High Councillors of the Light ask you: Realize that all cleansing is necessary in order to create the new Earth and to carry out the crossing into the New Age. Heavy earthquakes and fires have happened. Many tree spirits have left the planet in order to return to the Divine Reality as kings. They gather as new messengers of love in order to stand by Lady Gaia for the great process of change. Unbelievably big swarms of fire seethe in sleeping vulcans.


Be in the intention of love and follow the invitation to accept that you represent God on Earth, that your physical shell expresses something in the duality which is only an outwardness. The light in you, the divine flame of every human being, is so powerful and so strong. We can only invite you from our side to realize that you human beings are the masters of the perfection of 999.


Linear time also comprises again and again the impatience of all those human beings who wish for the ascension so much. Again and again we ask you: Have patience. In the timelessness of the Divine Reality it is immaterial. In linear time the energies are tied to all thoughts and all emotions which are present in the collective. Again and again we give the message: We need all those human beings who know and understand that this path is a planetary path. Mortality on Earth as you know it is but a thought. You were born to live. You were born to accomplish mastery in yourselves. You were born to awaken to thus provide a path for more human beings. Trust your abilities, your courage, and trust what Kryon and the High Councillors of the Light make known to you beyond the veil from the Divine Reality. Never take it for granted that this immeasurable love touches your soul. For with each touch which takes place something which your mind cannot grasp is balanced at many levels. As we have made ourselves available to guide you through linear time into the New Age so should you make yourselves available and walk in the tracks so that paths develop from the tracks.


Lady Gaia announces that powerful energy holes, big cavities and strong eddies are in the various layers of Mother Earth. Again and again Lady Gaia regrets that there are human beings who have to suffer through these purifications. Many who do not understand. But Lady Gaia cannot hold anything back anymore, the pressure is so great. A great ice melting has started. Farreaching consequences will arise as a result. These many purifications, even though they happen in other countries, are important for every human being. Also for you. Your personal grid is shaken thoroughly with each breath and each purification of Lady Gaia. In these times it is very important to produce stability in the personal grid in order to avoid tears. Thus the gift of Kryon to the family of the golden-blue light is a balancing and stabilization of your grid. Breathe the 999 deep into yourself. Breathe the ANA, the immeasurable love, the magnetic energy of Kryon, and unify your chakras. Expand yourself in all directions and feel the point of your divinity.


Your grid is extremely sensitive. It reacts to any energy even if it is far away from you. Thus great light-beings will stabilize your grid and produce links so that you feel the purifications to be much better and easier. At the same time we will touch the DNA of those of you who permit it with the great lightful energy. Open all your channels in the intention of love and ground yourself in any form possible to you.


Absorb the stabilization and the energy which we send you. Kryon will balance your grid. The consequence is that this energy is passed through your omega chakra on to Mother Earth. Lay your hands with the palms facing up and lay your right hand in your left with the palms facing up. If it is possible for you hold both thumbs up and let the tips meet. The great lights will begin to send this energy through your channels now. For this sit up with your spine straight. During the moments in which the energy touches you use your original name. If you like, give the permission at the same time that some of the great lights as well as the Mahatma energy may touch your DNA. And so the energy is pouring in to you.


For all those who have given the permission the angels and the Mahatma energy will touch you DNA very gently in order to create even deeper connections with your grid. With the sacred words Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So'ham it has happened.


Kryon calls you: Do not be afraid of the purifications which Lady Gaia produces. The immeasurable love is anchored within you. Hear the message of Kryon: Do not create fear in the other human beings, speak the words of love, in your veracity and in the presence of being.


The linear time is moving forward faster and faster and yet we cannot give you any dates. Know and understand with your heart this message:

All thoughts and all emotions manifest in your life in a spiral very much faster than in past times. Connect yourself with Lady Gaia and with the vibration of 999 again and again. As often as is possible for you absorb magnetic love energy.


Kryon, the High Councillors of the Light and the Mahatma energy see your intention and your Light Bodies. Full of respect we say AN'ANASHA.