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Public Channeling of September 2, 2009




Lady Nada:

  • The Garden of Love
  • A Journey



  • The Festival of Love


I am Lady Nada. In the unconditional love, with my being, I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT. This is how I greet each one of you. I also greet you in the collective. And when Lady Nada greets each single one this means that for you and your Light Body special energies are got ready, which, if you are of open heart, your Light Body will absorb. If you permit these energies can flow into your soul.


When Lady Nada says, she greets the collective, then a powerful energy wave of several frequencies of the light is poured out over you. In this time in which you are living, in this time, in which the new energies demand so much of you, challenge you and partly also confuse you, in this time the great lights of the spiritual world would like to give you an oasis of peace, security and unconditional love.


These new energies, the magnetic love energies, touch in particular the human beings who have developed themselves a lot spiritually and have reached the awareness of who they are - they open themselves the most. It is difficult for these human beings in particular to cope with the duality in this time. Many human beings sense that the mind uses its last reserves to try to have a determining influence on your soul. But the language of the soul, the sounds, they sing a song, significantly in tune with you, as if created for you personally. Your soul is your divine core. Your soul speaks the language of truth and love. The outer circumstances in this duality seem to get more and more difficult. Lady Gaia is expanding herself more and more, the consequence of which is that there are more and more earthquakes and shiftings on your planet. Whenever that happens a particularly large amount of magnetic energy pours in.


It is very important that you personally and all of you in the collective ground yourselves on all levels in this time. It is like the calm before the storm, like the wind before the thunder storm. Your soul shows you that this storm is approaching. You feel it, can feel it, nevertheless not understand it. A time will come in which the energetic thunder storm will go down onto the Earth. Then your soul will know what needs to be done. Just as when a thunder storm comes down to Earth and you search for shelter from the rain.


We invite you to enter the garden of love, the oasis of security and peace.


I will call on the great lights of the universe for you today so that they bedew you and pour their energy over you which your Light Body absorbs and, if you permit, passes on into your soul. For Lady Gaia also needs these energies. Therefore Lady Nada will also call on the Mahatma Energy. Therefore I ask you to go into the deepest part of your soul, to put your mind aside, to recognize your divine light, to unify your chakras and to expand yourself. While you are doing this we will ground you on all levels.


What does it mean when Lady Nada says, you are invited to enter the garden of love? It also means that you are asked to follow pictures which are given to you with your inner eye. But very much more than the pictures, it is the energy which touches your soul and lets you realize and feel who you are.


And so I call with the power of love, with the words Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai 'Tsebayoth the radiation power of love, the Eye of God, Melek Metatron. The energies are singing a song in the highest notes. When I, Lady Nada, speak to Melek Metatron my whole being becomes AN'ANASHA. And so I ask you, Lord of Hosts, to bring your energy, the powerful and mighty energy to the human beings. Turn towards them and let this mighty and powerful energy flow into this collective and to each single one in the here and now. Thus with the unconditional love I call the angels of grace. You feel with each breath how the Eye of God pours this mighty divine energy over you, powerfully.


While you are breathing, a white sandy beach by the ocean appears before your inner eye, and you lay down on this beach. You feel how the sun warms you. You can absorb the waves of Metatron into yourself. Your body becomes very light and your soul very wide. Thus I call angel Raphael.


I ask you, angel Raphael, to send healing streams to the human beings, in the collective and to each one individually. May your streams reach the soul of the human beings. You can feel how the energy pours to you and, if you permit, heals wounds in your soul so that you can accept the changes.

There are moments which are full of magic. You experience this moment for you hear how the dolphins are calling for you and invite you to play with them.


Thus I call Bluestar and ask the great light to bring the energy of lightness and joy to the human beings, in the collective and to each individual personally. With this lightness and the joy of a child you go into the water and greet the dolphins. You let yourself drift. Hear the sounds for they are energetic patterns which are transmitted to you.


Perhaps it was possible for you to create a deep connection. But now it is time to say goodbye to the energy of the dolphins. You return to the beach. You see a beautiful garden. You are drawn to go in. The colorful flowers, they are fragrant, and while you are looking around you feel that the trees and the leafy roof grant you protection. Perhaps you can sense how the 36 High Councillors are present, invite you to be with them. It is the security of the family. It is the peace of your soul to realize and to know who you are and what it means to expand yourself spiritually, to become aware in this time.


Exactly in this time of energy movement your mind tries to cling, but here, in this garden, you can sense the language of your soul, the language of the angels and the sounds that they sing.


And so I ask you, return. You are on the beach and hear the message from Lady Nada: Become one with the Earth, become one with Lady Gaia. Feel this deep connection. There will be no energetic standstill until the dimensional change any more. The energies are moving very much faster, and with the unconditional love of my being, full of AN'ANASHA I ask Melek Metatron, the Eye of God, give the request that the Throne angels move and God's Breath is poured out over you.


It was a great joy for Lady Nada to convey this message of love. Very many energies have been brought, and with the breath of God this energy is strengthened and at the same time also anchored. Thus I say AN'ANASHA to each single one. And so receive the drops of blessing from the Divine Thought Field. Lay the hands on your heart and enjoy these moments.


So it is.


(A powerful song is played)



I am Kryon of magnetic service. I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT.


Kryon would like to transmit magnetic energy. Most of you who are sitting here are going to take part in the festival of love. This great festival will be a very powerful and mighty festival. Thus Kryon calls you to prepare yourselves for it by connecting yourselves with the old gods and Shiva.


Shiva will go into the body of the medium. Shiva will convey messages in the form of speech. The magnetic love energy of Kryon, it expands your soul and it floods you.  The consciousness of the Divine Reality and the truth is so deep in your soul. With each breath this Divine Reality and truth would like to spread and immediately the magnetic love energy has begun to flow.


The High Council has decided to divulge very much information at this festival and to send very mighty and powerful energies. But the energy of peace and love will connect itself to the energies of might and power. Thus a celebration will be held with the energies which raise you up in your consciousness, in your divine light.


At present a great change is carrying itself out on Earth, energy shifts are taking place. That is why it is important that you become even more familiar and fuse even more deeply with the magnetic love energy. Realize that the great lights do this in order to accompany you, to be with you, and love you so much. You have absorbed very many different and very powerful energies. The consequence will be that you feel well grounded. You will sense the security, the peace, the lightness with which everything is connected and the joy for what you do.


Thus Kryon says: A NI O'HEVED O'DRACH.