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Public Channeling of September 3, 2008





-          Drops of Blessing

-          Your Power

-          Activation of a Power Center

-          You Are the Best on Earth



I am Kryon of Magnetic Service, and I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT. These words contain the immeasurable love. They cause your energy to be raised immediately. For the dimensions, the veils, are so thin that it can penetrate the energy in this collective of loving human beings with ease. Greetings lightworkers.


Before Kryon will convey messages to you the first gift today will be that Melek Metatron pours light fountains over you. God's breath will touch you in your soul so that you are even more open to absorb the lightful energy, the magnetic energy. For all these miracles are happening in yourself. The realization who you are is so important. You should feel - you need not understand it. This realization of who you are you should feel deep in you, for then the true miracles begin. With each breath you go into the New Age. Lady Gaia has experienced another energetic thrust, and thus she, too, will absorb God's breath. Thus Kryon asks you: prepare yourself for the drops of blessing which are of such high energy. Through these drops of blessing you yourself become aware of how high and big your light is burning in you.  Your light which is fettered sometimes, but if you set it free, if it can develop you will know that the Divine Reality is arriving. Everything that burdens you you can put aside. In this Divine Reality you are ready to create your life in the way you wish with your divine might. The original state is restored.


Thus Kryon asks you: prepare yourself. Rise and deeply breathe the fountains of light into yourself with each breath. At the same time feel how powerful this gift is. How it fiils you, how you are being supplied with energy, how you yourself are the source of power. Long since the angels have arrived. They are present here, right in your midst. They also receive God's breath. It is a distinction of this New Age that the drops of blessing are brought to you as lightfountain so often. It is a distinction for how far you have developed and how open your heart already is. It is the path of peace, the path into the Divine Reality, the path into joy, into the real life where all burdens and worries leave you and joy arrives. You know in a certain way that everything is fine as it is. Thus let us pour the drops of blessing over you. These light fountains move such a powerful and lightful energy even in the universe.


(Note: A powerful long is played)


God's breath is in you now. Alive and full of energy it flows through your Light Body and your soul. Use the moment to speak with the Lord of Hosts. Very close the Eye of God has bent towards you and hears what you have to say to him now. Tell him all your fears and worries, your wishes and hopes. While the breath of God circulates in you you will experience in one way that it is possible to speak with the Lord of Hosts. Absorb the power. Sometimes the duality takes so much power away from you. Where do you find your power, what do you believe, where do you find the true power? You find it in yourself! By putting aside your doubts and developing yourself spiritually. At the same time powerful energetic thrusts are passed on to you, while you are still speaking with the Lord of Hosts. Kryon asks you to lay your hands on your legs with the palms facing up.


For so many years you believed you felt safe in the duality. But suddenly you sense that the duality withdraws power from you. You are going into the Divine Reality further and further and thus you manifest your path into the Divine Reality. All that you wish for will be fulfilled if you trust that you have enough power and energy in you to fulfil all your hopes. Use the time now. Sometimes you are sparing with your wishes. Please trust that you may wish for anything. Do this now with powerful energy. The angels who are present will also accompany you when you begin to manifest what your life shall look like from the deepest depth of your soul. Free yourself, free yourself of the pressure of the duality which holds you so captive. You think you have to be the way human beings want to. Be you yourself for just as you are you are wonderful. You sense that the duality will not last long anymore. You are prepared for that which is coming. Feel the powerful energy, how it circulates and touches your soul so deeply.


As Lady Gaia has experienced an energetic thrust again you will receive a special gift today. A power center in you will be activated. If it is possible for you imagine a barrell which is filling with powerful energy which you experience as an initiation accompanied with the highest sounds of the Divine Reality. Visualize this barrell and streams of energy will flow and fill this barrell. If you are ready it will begin now accompanied by the sounds of the Divine Reality.


(Note: A powerful song is played)


What is happening now is Divine Reality, it is the Divine Reality and the truth. Follow the energy of Kryon. Take a breath and you are on a meadow. You are holding a barrell in your hand and you see a riverbed. This energy was blessed by Jesus Christ and it is the most powerful energy which is prevalent in this moment. You take your barrell now and empty it into this riverbed. The strength of a blessing is so deep, much deeper than you will ever be able to grasp. Now with one breath it is possible for you to dip into the spring of the blessed power source and to charge yourself with the energy of life and Divine Reality at any time. It is so wonderful for there you will no longer have any worries or any fears. There you are the master of Divine Reality. The divine omnipotence shows itself to you in the light of this source when you bathe in it and recharge yourself, at any time, whenever you have the need. Changing times. With each breath. Do not let yourself be held captive by the duality. Do not let yourself be exploited by laws which were invented by human beings, which prevent you from taking your path. Do not hang at the end of a thread of power of the duality, but release yourself and raise yourself into the Divine Reality. Be that which you are - walking light in a human body on Earth.


Be certain, for you a life which is so beautiful is intended. Use this powerful source which is blessed by Jesus Christ in order to bathe in it. Manifest your life from there and only expect the very best for yourself. Do not have reservations. Expect the very best for you are the ambassador on Earth, you are the Pioneer, you are the lighthouse and the lightworker, you are, you are - listen to these words - you are the best on Earth!