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Public Channeling of October 4, 2006




Do not Look on the Outside

Be What you Are

Transmission of Magnetic Love Energy



I Am Kryon and I greet you with the immeasurable love, OMAR TA SATT. More than any word which can reach you Kryon, the bringer of the magnetic love energy, touches you. If you open your heart and try to switch off your mind for a few moments it will happen that more than my words this energy will touch you deep in your soul, for with each word the energy of love vibrates and transmits itself to you and your Light Body.


How often are you still being criticised, attacked or being made fun of because you have decided to take a path, a path of the heart? Many can not understand with their mind that there is something which still works far stronger: that, which you call your heart and we all-embracingly call your soul.

But even those who attack you because you are developing spiritually and because you believe in something that the physical eyes cannot perceive, these people in particular carry a great yearning within, for each human being, no matter how much his mind may whisper to him that none of this would spring from the truth, if this person goes very deep inside he can feel that even he carries a yearning inside. It is a yearning which a human being in the duality cannot satisfy. It is the yearning for the all-embracing Love of God which gives you security and peace.


We do not call you to look on the outside. We want to enable you and to help you to expand and to use your potential which each human being carries within. How often do you subordinate yourself to the collective of the duality, to the mass thoughts of the human beings who want to stipulate to you what you are to do, what you are to think, who look at you judgingly and want to tell you what is right and what is wrong? How often are you still exposed to that? How often in your life does it happen to you that you feel the fears in the duality so strongly, the competition at work, the fear of losing your job, the power which is often connected to the human love, the fear of being deserted or the fear to accept love which another is giving you? How often are you still stuck in this collective thinking?


Yet we, the great Lights, the spiritual beings, we do not judge, we do not manipulate and do not intervene in your free will. We neither tell you what is right or wrong, nor do we say whether something is good or bad. We tell you that you are the perfect expression on Earth, a great light in the human body with a power of God which you can fall back on at any time if you permit yourself. How many people want to keep you from expanding this potential in yourself? For they are afraid to lose power over you and then they attack you. They maintain that you belong to a sect. But you know that Kryon's messages of love convey the perfect liberty. You always have the choice to decide yourself and you should do it, too. But make yourself aware that you are more than just a human being. You are a great light in a human body and all you need you find in yourself. If you were to use this power which each person carries inside, no matter which religion or race he belongs to, no matter which attitude he represents, then the duality would cancel out and a mass awakening could take place. But it is only individual people, even though there are thousands already, who take this path.


You are the ones who have realized that there is more than the mind can tell you. You have understood that the power of God in you enables you to create your life yourself and to become independent with it, self-determining, in liberty, happiness and human love. But you should not take this path with dogged determination but like a small child, curious and open, with cheerfulness and inner joy. That is so immeasurably important for cheerful people are also peaceful people and peaceful people are loving people. They carry a high tolerance for all those who doubt. You need not defend yourselves, simply be what you are: the torch bearers of the New Age, the Pioneers of the Light. You need not convince other people that you are doing the right thing for, as Kryon conveys to you again and again: there are so many paths and each human being will find his own path. But you have chosen to take this path of the frequency of the golden-blue Light.


You feel the change, the change of the dimensions and the magnetic love energy which pours in and expands you. The change of the dimensions into a new age will take place. Even though many people smile at it and cannot imagine it we tell you: you have not been born in order to be ill, in order to have worries and carry fears within. You are to live the human love in perfect health, happiness and abundance, to enjoy the life on Earth, do all the things you enjoy, dance and sing.


My dear lights, you are being loved so immeasurably and we are very close to you, right now, during these moments. We also know how difficult the collective thoughts with which other people meet you can sometimes be for you in the duality but trust in the fact that this will change. What is still being smiled at today will become a matter of course tomorrow. This can be felt deep in the soul of each human being for each human being, no matter how he expresses himself, has the same yearning in himself that you also have. Each human being wants to live the peace and the security, the joy and the human love. Jesus once used the words: 'There is nothing human beings are more afraid of than love.' and this is still detectable.


Kryon will carry out a magnetic love tranmission with the great Lights in order to expand you even further. Believe me, they are the presents that we bring. Go deep into your soul to where you feel your divinity.

Expand yourself and call all your chakras together. Let a sun appear in you. While you are breathing the Light of Love into yourself this sun is expanding into all directions and as if by themselves your channels open.

Put your hands, palms up, on your legs. Thus we will begin with the magnetic transmssion of the love energy.

While this transmission is taking place focus all your thoughts on what is important to you, on liberty, on love, on peace, security, human love or abundance.

You will feel a burning sensation in the palms of your hands. Simply let it happen. Thus we will begin with the transmission now.


Kryon repeats the words once more: how perfect you are, how immeasurably you are being loved and what a potential you carry within.

How many people have told you that you are perhaps too old or still too young for this or the other? That you were not good enough? But we tell you: do not listen to these words for the truth lies in you and the truth comprises that you can achieve anything if you carry the willingness and the intention within, if you permit yourself to be what you are:

A divine expression on Earth.

So much is changing on the outside, be ready for these changes. New things come into being and anchor themselves on Earth.


Often human beings rack their brains about the phenomenon of a miracle but we tell you: the miracles happen in your Self.

Still the magnetic love energy is flowing and expands you. It opens the doors of the hearts. The magnetic love energy, the energy of the New Age.

Many human beings demand evidence of the fact that we exist but the greatest evidence is the fact that you yourself can feel, just for yourself, how these energies touch your soul.


As a conclusion Kryon would like to speak to those who still doubt so very much. I tell you: the human beings who doubt also show that they believe it could also mean the truth for if they did not believe that they would not doubt. Only those who are indifferent have never seen or felt their divinity. They carry the veil of oblivion around them.


The expression of the highest spirituality means to live the life on Earth with great joy. With these words Kryon says good-bye and says AN'ANASHA.