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Public Channeling of October 3, 2007





The Meaning of the Different Frequencies

The Meaning and Origin of the Drops of Blessing

Melek Metatron:

Resolution of Vows und Promises from the Period of Avalon



I Am Chamuel. I am bearer of the light. I am the cosmic grid, the great star tetrahedron of love. Chamuel greets each single one with the words OMAR TA SATT.


It is a pleasure for Chamuel to convey the messages through the medium today. From the spiritual world it has been brought to you that there are many different frequencies in the universe. To name them all would not be possible here. But we have noticed that many human beings do not know the meaning of these different frequencies. Thus Chamuel has the task today to report about these frequencies, for each single frequency contains an energetic pattern which is transferred to you when you call a certain frequency. You will be brought the energy, and at the same time the energetic pattern of this frequency is laid in your Light Body. Chamuel does not speak of the individual masters or angels, but of certain frequency sections. Many human beings still know very little about it.


Thus I would like to begin with the frequency of El'Shaddai. When you connect yourself with the frequency of El'Shaddai the energetic pattern of wisdom, power and also protection is laid in your Light Body. At the same time you are drawing these energies into your Light Body. When, for example, you are feeling weak, are not in your center, when you think you need protection, it is very helpful to connect yourself with the frequency of El'Shaddai.


If, however, you are very tired, for example, then it is better to connect yourself to the frequency of Shekina. Shekina lays the energetic pattern of femininity, of sensitivity and also of clairsentience in your Light Body. But Shekina is also very powerful.


When you ask for healing and would like to pass on creative healing through a channel for instance, it would be highly advisable to connect yourself with the frequency of the Elohim for that is where the highest healing angels are. When you suffer from Light Body symptoms, when you are afflicted with headaches or other Light Body symptoms, connect yourself with the frequency of the Elohim.


If you would like to absorb magnetic love energy, go into the universe of the frequency Quadril 5. The energetic pattern of the new energy will be laid in your Light Body. Many human beings are of the opinion that they have already absorbed enough magnetic energy. But Chamuel brings you the message: The more magnetic energy you have in your Light Body the more your cells can transform and can your Light Body expand.


When you feel things such as annoyance in your everyday life or when you are angry, when somebody has just hurt you, when you are sad, then go into the Christ energy. The Christ energy lays the energetic pattern of peace, of forgiveness and of redemption in your Light Body.


When you connect yourself with the frequency of the angels you connect yourself with many other frequencies at the same time, such as, for example, the one of compassion or also of healing. When you would like to invoke certain healing angels who are very close to you, such as Raphael, then go into the frequency of the angels. They lay the energetic pattern of compassion, of the new energy and of awakening in the Light Body. Especially in the frequency of the angels you find the alignment of manifestation.


When you are too strict with yourself, when you have too little zest for life in your everyday life, when your intellect bothers you, then go into the frequency of the Starseed, for the Starseed lay the energetic pattern of cheerfulness, of joy and of love of life in your Light Body. The Starseed are connected with many, many frequencies. It is a big inked net which covers many areas of the universe and it works. When you simply open yourself for all that is then you automatically connect yourself with the Starseed. And as this pattern is highly noticeable with the human beings the High Council decided to convey these messages.


The different frequencies comprise much more again than what we can convey. When you absorb different frequencies because you invoke different masters or angels from the different levels or frequencies, then sometimes your energy, your masculine and feminine energy, is not balanced. Then go into the frequency of Ashtar. As Ashtar has the priority in the universe to travel everywhere, he carries all the energies united within him and looks after balance. Ashtar lays the energetic pattern of balance in your Light Body.


Now Chamuel will get to something which is very important to the High Council. I would like to make known once more, here and now, that it is a great honor for Chamuel to bring these words to you through the medium. For Chamuel may explain to you today what the drops of blessing of Metatron effect. For this I would like to bring you the message that the drops of blessing originate from the Source itself. When there was the great fall for the Earth, the Earth removed itself from the magnetic God lines and, as you know, a separate form of energy developed, God stopped breathing. What this comprises I would like to explain to you now.


The drops of blessing of Metatron, the divine Source itself, are called God's Breath in the universe. In a cycle of 48 hours in your time the divine Source dedicates itself and spits out a huge fountain of light. This fountain of light explodes in the universe. That is the exhalation of God. They are the drops of blessing of the Source itself which keep the entire universe alive, the entire expansion.


But at a time when the Earth had removed itself so far from the magnetic lines, these drops of blessing, or God's Breath, did not get through the denseness of the energy. That is why the human beings felt so very abandoned and alone. For the great energy days, when the first Light Body level was activated in each human being, this fountain of light, God's Breath, was also poured over the Earth for the first time. Smaller fountains have found their way since Jesus, the Christ, was on Earth. Drops of blessing are God's Breath which keeps all that is alive. When these drops of blessing are brought to Earth it means that the human beings are being awakened to the real life, for with each of God's drops they are being guided into recollection more and more, noticeable who they are.


After the grid of love was tied, God's Breath gets through the veil of density to your planet more and more often. But when you human beings come together in a collective of love and the drops of blessing are poured out it means that for this gathering, just for these people, the divine Source pours out a fountain of light and brings it directly to you. This fountain of light, these drops of God are brought to you by Nuni boosts with magnetic waves. It may be the biggest gift of God that these boosts of light from the divine Source, these fountains of light, are poured out over you so often. Thus we will do this also for you today.


But before we do this I would like to talk about the Angels of Grace, for the Angels of Grace have the task to drag the fountain of light which pours out of God's Source and explodes like a big net through the universe. Through God's Breath grace and the Angels of Grace come into being. You will all of you receive God's Breath now. For this I ask you to rise.


(A powerful song is played)


Chamuel would also like to tell you: When the Earth removed itself from the magnetic lines there was separate light through Lemuria and through the Venusians. Thus life continued. But there was also a time in which the divine Source wanted to inhale. When Jesus, the Christ, went to Earth the fields were opened and God's Breath was spread on Earth through Jesus.


Very often the human beings ask about the ascension into the other dimension. One question among them is, how all the human beings will awaken in themselves. Chamuel tells you: The closer the Earth gets to the magnetic lines, the lighter the veils get, the faster God's Breath works.


It is very difficult to convey this to you in words as this kind of time does not exist in the universe. But, in order to clarify it for you: Through the grid of love which was erected fountains of light come to Earth in magnetic waves every 48 hours. At the change of dimensions the divine Source will bring light fountains to Earth every 3 hours. Perhaps you can now understand even better what it means when, specifically for a collective of love, for human beings who are in the intention to expand, a fountain of light is brought to you out of time.


Chamuel, who loves each single one of you so immeasurably, says AN'ANASHA.

And hear the words of Metatron which follow now.




I Am Melek Metatron. From the spheres of El'Shaddai I greet you OMAR TA SATT. Call everyone together to accompany you in order to resolve promises, vows, utterances of any kind which are no longer of service to you at this time, which you once made in Avalon, with the power of the divine Thought Field and the angels. Call the Lord of Hosts in order to bring the energies of El'Shaddai as comprehensively as is of service to you into this room with the words:

Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai 'Tsebayoth.


Thus Melek Metatron asks you: Breathe the light of love into yourself. While you are breathing, unifying and orientating yourself towards your divinity, Metatron will ground you at all levels. Thus perceive the word of Metatron and the energetic pattern which surrounds this word for, more than any word it is the energy of Metatron of El'Shaddai, who touches your soul, who loves you so immeasurably.

A ni o'heved o’drach.


At a time in which you lived, in an epoch which is called Avalon, you were highly energetic and yet human being. Specially you who have got together, especially the human beings of the golden-blue light served the light in the epoch of Avalon. But make yourself aware that all promises and all vows of this epoch which you made carry themselves like cosmic threads as far as this incarnation. Sangitar has asked us to resolve these vows, these structures once more so that in your everyday life you are free and without bonds which no longer serve you.


Thus Metatron asks you, lay your hands on your legs with the palms facing up. With the energy of Michael, after you have opened your channels in the intention of love, the rivers of Michael will guide you into recollection. Take a little time and, if it is possible for you, go back into the incarnation of Avalon. You have experienced several incarnations in Avalon, not just one. It was a very long epoch. See what pours into your heart and what pictures develop. If you do not see pictures simply give yourself to the energy. The deeper you connect yourself with Avalon at this moment, the easier it is to dissolve the crystalline structures. Use your original name for the recollection.


When Metatron himself, the Eye of God, calls you now to repeat the words of Metatron Michael will at the same time sever any connections with his sword which no longer serve you at this point in time.

Thus Metatron asks you to speak these words with the whole intention of your love:


Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh.

I am my ideal light structure.

I permit myself to free myself here and now of all vows and promises which I have given in any incarnation of Avalon and which no longer serve me at this time.

I permit Angel Michael to sever these crystalline structures with his sword and call the Source of Metatron:

Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai 'Tsebayoth.

I am my ideal light structure.


So it has happened. You may feel a little tired in the next days. Then go into the frequencies of Shekina and also go into the frequencies of El'Shaddai.


Melek Metatron is with you with the immeasurable love. In this love you may feel secure and in good hands.


So it is.







Explanatory note:

Even though some have often carried out the severance of old vows of Avalon it is possible that these still work. Sabine Sangitar noticed this when she saw these connections in many Light Bodies after the Kryonfestival.

No other promises and vows have such an intense effect as those of Avalon. They can concern many areas of life, such as abundance, task or relationships. Therefore it is useful to free oneself of them with one's entire intention.