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Public Channeling of October 7, 2009





  • Stabilization of the First Aspect
  • Energy Transmission of Crystals



I am Kryon of magnetic service. I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT. Kryon, your friend and companion. Kryon, who pours the immeasurable love over you. Kryon, whose messages penetrate the deepest part of your soul when you open yourself, give yourself to the energies of the New Age, to the energies of immeasurable love.


Thus you have come together today and whenever this happens a celebration is held. For in your now-present this gathering is the hour of Divine Reality. The energies which expand you arrive, for when a being speaks to you the veils open and this immeasurable love connects with a power and a shine that is so immeasurable and yet also very personal. For a long time a bond of love is knotted between you and Kryon and Kryon is anchored deeply in you.


Thus the spiritual world will use the hour of Divine Reality to send you the crystalline energies. You have held a celebration of love and peace. Much has changed through that, not just with yourself, in your soul, but with many human beings and also with Lady Gaia. We will use the hour of Divine Reality to build up these energies once more, to expand them a little further and to stabilize them so that you can pass on the deep inner peace and the joy that you bear inside. For whenever you succeed with this a celebration of joy is held, for you are the messenger of God, the knight templar, the healer, the magician. You are what you are. You are more than just a human being and in some moments you succeed in recognizing yourself fully, your divine might, now also your task, your abilities and your work on Earth. Everything flows together, everything joins together.


With each breath that you take the energy gets stronger and stronger through that and so hear the words of Kryon, sink deep into your soul and feel your divine Self by breathing in such a way as is right for you, unifying all your chakras, and increasing the brightness in yourself by going into the deep intention and speaking your original name. As by itself your Alpha Chakra opens and this highly bearing energy turns towards the Divine Reality. Your soul is deeply touched and all your aspects which are awakened already move. They shine and they send you impulses.


The great lights have arrived and so we turn towards your first, life-preserving aspect and with our ray of light we send you the Crystal, the energy of DON'ADAS [note: grace]. As your first, life-preserving aspect is an aspect which is very important for you and your Light Body symptoms, we send you with all the immeasurable love, with the power of our being the energy of ARIS [note: grounding]. We let the energy of PRADNA [note: strength] pour in as well as the energy HAR'ATORA [note: harmony].


Hear the words of Kryon: When this aspect is stabilized and balanced the consequence is that you feel happy and that you can sense your divine power, your abilities more and more.


Thus Kryon asks you: Sense the depth of your sounds. Sense your original name and sense the deep connection with your cosmic parents once more. Again and again we guide you into the depth of your Self so that you recognize your divinity. For when you recognize your divinity in its entirety much will change and become easier in your life. For life will realize that you are awakened and this has a significant effect on all situations of your everyday life. For now in this time, with your high consciousness, it is important that you realize: Everything is possible. Even if the duality would like to tell you something else you still feel deep in your soul that you are stronger for you are bearer of high energy. Permit yourself RUNA [note: abundance] in all facets of life, and thus we will let this energy pour in.


When you yourself have realized who you are, when life has realized that you are awakened the duality will not cause you fear any more. For no matter what the duality may show you in many facets, you will know and sense: You are stronger for you are the bearer of the light. And thus it is also possible, with your divine light and the power of God in you to be stronger than the duality. And thus you can also change all your situations. More than ever, when you decide to do it, this will happen faster. Kryon asks you now, each single one of you - this, too, has a deep, deep meaning - wish for a Crystal from the Divine Reality. This Crystal with this energy will pour into you.


We speak about freedom a lot, for freedom is something that is very important. Recognize the strength of your divine power and you will recognize freedom. Your soul feels the tightness of the duality for a long time. Thus become free in your thoughts and do not limit yourself. Become free in your feelings, do not limit yourself there either, and trust that everything that happens has a deep meaning for you.


Breathe ANA [note: light] into yourself and have faith in the words of Kryon: The words and messages of the spiritual world are still often smiled at. But the change is so great, consciousness is rising and the energies are rising. Thus the day and time will come I which the duality will be smiled at.


Sense your awakened aspects in yourself and feel the vibration as well as the connection. You have absorbed the high energies into yourself, the words of Kryon and the messages of immeasurable love. Thus let us speak these words together:


Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So'Ham.