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Public Channeling of November 1, 2006



Melek Metatron:

The Game of Illusion

You Are a Master of the New Age

Excercise: Bathing in the Spring of Your Divinity

The Wave of Intention and Love



I Am Melek Metatron. From the Spheres of El'Shaddai I greet each one of you with the words OMAR TA SATT.


The frequencies of the divinity, the frequencies of the divine Source flood the universe - all that is. Frequencies of the Divine Reality flood this room. Melek Metatron sends you a wave which calls itself intention and love. The truth penetrates all that is. Your duality is divided by judgments and opinions, the game of illusion. But in these moments the duality turns itself off and the true, the Divine Reality, arrives. In things human there may be many truths for each opinion comprises an account of the personal truth which a human being or a group of human beings feels. This is not being either judged or assessed. The universe is borne by intention and love and even the duality which is beginning to dwindle will end this game of illusion. We know how real this game is for many of you and the human beings in general. But it is a game, an illusion.


Through the many incarnations through which you have passed, in which you have moved, in which you have gathered experiences, you have matured to a Master in this New Age, to an Avatar. You have discovered God in yourself and were permitted to feel the pure divinity with all its perfection in yourself. When you are ready to exit from this game, to move in the truth and in the Divine Reality you will realize that even you are the master who creates his life on Earth and that everything that happens, in a wonderful way, no matter how it shows itself, has something to do with love and intention.

Melek Metatron, the Lord of Hosts, also called the Eye of God, speaks the words to you today which touch your soul and yet they are only words. That which stands behind these words is the real essence. It is the wonderful love which Melek Metatron evinces for you. You, who are sitting here, are a family. You are united by the ties of the Divine Reality, of insight, of magnificence, the ties of trust and of love. But above all one thing unites you and distinguishes you from many others: it is the courage, the courage of profession. The comprehension, which we call awareness, that you carry the divine flame within which allows you to create, to be, and to go into the Divine Reality. When Melek Metatron mentions pictures to you it may appear to some people as though they are just pictures. But if you get involved these pictures become the frequencies, the energies which Melek Metatron and many other great beings would like to send you at these moments, which enrich you and reward you for what you are taking upon yourself.


Melek Metatron will take you on a journey with many aspects of your Self. You will experience with Melek Metatron what it means to bathe in intention and love, in the spring of healing, in the spring of joy, in the spring of the Divine Reality, in the spring of the New Age. For the Earth is moving faster and faster. And so I ask you: Breathe in a rhythm which seems right to you.

Ground yourself by becoming aware of your energetic shoes, using the Crystal ARIS and feeling your body. But you also feel that there is more than your body.

Call all your chakras together, unify them and give your aspects permission to go on the journey.


If it is possible for you visualize a small lake with your inner eye. With a deep breath you are standing in front of this lake. You are standing in front of the lake and are knowing. You are an incarnated human being, a great light in a human body. You may feel and also try to understand all your worries and doubts, anything which weighs upon you.


Melek Metatron now calls you to look into the water which is so pure and clear that you can see your reflection in it.

Now I ask you: Go into the water. You will feel how warm and pleasant it is. You can float in this water, are spreading your arms. You lay yourself on your back in the certainty that the water will carry you, and let yourself drift.

Calm, full of trust you are floating in the water. I tell you: You are now in your own divine source in yourself.

Now Melek Metatron will send as much energy of intention and love to you as you permit.

You continue to float in the water of divinity.

If you permit the wave of Metatron, intention and love, will be brought to you now, at this moment.


Even though you are hearing the words of Metatron now I call you: speak in an inner dialogue, right now, with me.


Now come out of the water and feel.

If you look at the water now you will see that the Wave of Metatron has colored the water. Golden-blue energy. The new age.

It is your divinity which has permitted that such high energy could be sent. Intention and love generate the strength. This means ascension. All that is. You are. Whenever the duality tortures you, when the game appears to be very fierce for you, go to this lake with your aspects. Bathe in intention and love. And each time Melek Metatron will send the waves of the energy to you.

Let all of us together say the words:


Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So'ham.


You are the perfect expression of your Self on Earth. You are the truth which consists of intention and love. You are the substance of the divinity. You have permitted yourself to become a master of this divinity in yourself.

You are the perfect expression of your Self on Earth.


So it is.