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Public Channeling of November 7, 2007




Foreword by Sabine Sangitar: The Love Beads of the Angels

Jesus, the Christ:

The Energy of the Angels of Peace



Foreword by Sabine Sangitar


What it is about this evening is that the angels spread their wings for us. Perhaps it should be mentioned first that there have always been clairvoyant people who have seen angels and perceived their wings. It is not a human invention, but the angels really have a structure of wings, which consist of millions of beads of light. It is a structure which has been concatenated and results in a universal picture. These beads are alive. They are the love beads of the divine Source which each angel carries in his energetic structure. These pearls give off certain energy at special times. This energy of the pearls descends over the planet like a grid of love when it is brought into the duality. Up until now it was not possible for human beings to absorb these beads of love yet. What is going to happen today comprises an opening of your structure through which you can catch this energy of the love beads.


Through this you will be raised in your structure once more and expand yourselves. It is a special form of energy. It is an energy of peace which is being given off today. You should absorb this energy of peace in your heart and invite all human beings and situations with which you are not at peace. The words of Jesus "Peace be with you" are very important. For whenever you carry the energy of strife, of wrath or something similar in you then this is given off to the outside through your patterns and creates further situations which have something to do with strife.


Jesus says: Do not allow that even a single human being has the power to bring you into a situation in which you feel strife in the outside. You do not need to feel this when you are at peace with yourself and all human beings. This does not mean that you have to love the human being who seems to have done something to you, but it is rather about you making peace. That is something very important.


The energy of peace of the love beads of the angels' wings which will be brought directly into your Light Bodies today supports you with this. I can also imagine why it is being done now, at this time, because I am told again and again, also by the 36 High Councillors of the Light personally, how important it is to really feel peace inside.


If any of you do not know a situation or a person, then absorb the energy just the same. I would like to stress once more, it is very important for me personally that you understand that it is also about forgiving. It is always being said: "When you forgive yourself you become free." I would like to explain to you once more: When you feel something in your heart which causes strife, this energy goes to the outside, you then manifest strife for yourself in the outside in turn. That is not pleasant for you. When you manage to create the peace inyourself by feeling peace you will no longer experience such situations in the outside.






I Am Jesus, the Christ. The spoken word of Christ comprises merciful, lightful love energy when he greets each single one with the words OMAR TA SATT. Thus something wonderful is happening in these moments. The angels of peace have spread their wings, expanded the light structures and built an arch for you. You will stand under this arch and will absorb the love energy of peace which is being brought to you into your structure by the angels of peace. Preparations to do this are still necessary. It is important that you go into the unified chakra and avow your divinity by breathing deeply, dip into the soul of your Self and expand yourself like a sun into all directions. Even the angels of grace have gathered now in order to bring the energy of peace through time and space directly to you. Before this happens Jesus, the Christ, will open a light structure in you which makes it possible for you to absorb this wonderful energy. Avow your divinity by inwardly saying the words:


Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So'ham.


It has already been conveyed to you that you may invite any energy with which you are not at peace, be it a human being or a situation. When you do this the energy of peace will expand in all structures and you will feel deep peace and thus calmness. Preparations are still being made, but you can feel the high energies already. Ground yourself.


When you absorb into yourself and feel the true peace you will recognize the true love and expand yourself into all directions. Shining like a star you will know what love means, all-embracing, expanding, intended for you. While we are purifying your centers I will give you time in order to invite energies, just as you feel is right for you.


If it is possible for you, visualize a pink colored rose in your heart center, blooming, rotating to all sides. To be able to open your structures I need your permission. Give it to me nonverbally.


You are the light and the life. You are the flower of life, your ideal light structure. Go into the intention so that your channels open.


Jesus, the Christ, will open a light structure now. You need do nothing other than see the divinity in yourself.


The golden light of Christ is pouring into you. It bedews you with the energy of love.


The angels have built the arch. Jesus, the Christ, now asks you to absorb this energy of peace. Rise.



(A powerful song is played)



The angels of peace are dancing the perfect dance of sounds. So much energy has been absorbed into your structure.


Feel now how this energy is spreading. It is spreading into all directions. It is spreading in your whole structure. Still the angels of peace are dancing the perfect dance of sounds. You have invited energies. Perhaps you can see or feel now how this energy of peace is spreading and expanding. If tears of relief are pouring out of you let it happen. If you can feel the true peace you will know what love feels like. Make yourself aware that this has happened for the first time, which is also a sign of your high energy. The power and the intention which have bound here in these rooms allow the effect more. You have been created to lead a happy life on Earth.


Now Jesus, the Christ, asks you to open your omega chakra consciously in order to give Lady Gaia of this energy of peace. Connect yourself with the depth of Lady Gaia. Feel the love and the perfection. You are a part of her. Let the pulsating energy of peace flow through your omega chakra to Lady Gaia. Breathe in a frequency just as is right for you. Perhaps you would like to send Lady Gaia a message.


Realize: All is one. Nothing happens separately. Become aware once more: Love without peace is not possible. Where love is there is peace, where peace is there is love.


The energy of peace which you have absorbed from the beads of love of the angels of peace will expand for 7 days in your time. In situations in which you used to feel not at peace you will have a smile on your face. When you meet human beings you will feel love, for peace has come. You are free now. Now you can direct your focus to what is important: to the new energy, the golden age, and to joy and life. Send the angels of peace the Crystal AN'ANASHA now.


All channels are closing as by themselves. Ground yourself once more and become aware of your great freedom. Perceive your wonderful light structure. In many situations you will now feel serenity.


Thus this was a special moment, a special energy, a special gift for each one of you who is in such deep intention for the New Age.


Jesus, the Christ, says AN'ANASHA.