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Public Channeling of November 5, 2008





  • The Miracle in You
  • Current Changes on Earth
  • The Children

I am Kryon and I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT. My dear lightworker, my dear Lightpioneer, a field has been opened for this evening, for the now-time of the present. This is something that we cannot plan from our side. While Kryon conveys the messages the powerful energy of Merlin as well as the healing energy of Nathaniel arrive. The gifts are presented to you. Again the word which comprises a certain sound is used: the miracle. The miracle which takes place in you yourself first before it manifests in the outside. If you fail to notice the small miracles which happen in you you will not be able to recognize the big miracle.


Kryon asks you, go into the depth of your divinity in the intention to accept these gifts which are brought to you today. Merlin will use this evening to once more present the status and the title to him who is in the deep intention to receive this energy and this gift. At the same time a big field of healing has been opened. Nathaniel and the angels of healing will work on these levels, wherever it is necessary. When you are in the depth of your soul, expand yourself in your divinity like a sun, feel your divine power, you will not have any questions for then you are ready to accept for yourself the messages of Kryon as well as the powerful energies which have been able to develop here in the now-present, to store them and to take them with you. So it will be.


The great changes which are taking place are perceptible for all human beings. Kryon emphasizes this again and again, even though the human beings cannot assess these changes yet they cannot, however, close their eyes to all the things that are happening on Earth anymore. Much of what is happening is not even made known. Those systems to which human beings held on are collapsing like walls. Just as Kryon has prophesied, this system will collapse completely in the duality. This is necessary so that the ascension can take place. It is also a miracle that you bear the consciousness to understand this, without fear, to stand by the human beings' side and serve them at this time in the perfect peace of your self. No matter how long it is still going to take in your time, the changes are perceptible so much that the human beings are changing and are opening themselves for the new energy of the New Age - for you, for the lightworkers and the Lightpioneers who have smoothed the way for a long time. Feel the divine flame in you and realize who you are: all-embracing as bearing light, as the messenger of God on Earth. Particularly in such a powerful country, the United States, great changes in the consciousness of the human beings are currently taking place. Would, in your time not so long ago, anybody have imagined or thought possible that a dark-skinned human being can become president of the United States? Why is this possible? Because the connections of the love energies bear the high consciousness and encourage certain human beings to take a path, to find the courage to change something that would have been unthinkable in earlier times. It is great progress, a step into love, a step into the collective change of awareness. This change will be fundamental for the New Age.


Recognize the flowing energies. Recognize it when a field of powerful energies opens itself for you, now that this is possible. Feel how the energies are already flowing now. Feel what it causes in you. For all those among you who would like to be touched by the healing energy, inwardly give the permission. For all those who are open for the powerful energy of Merlin, inwardly give the permission. The time has come to realize that nothing in the duality is the way it once was anymore.  Do not let yourself be taken prisoner by the feeling of fear or panic when systems break apart. Instead, use it as a chance, use it as what it is: Entry into the new Earth, entry into another dimension. The stronger the systems collapse, the more the duality collapses, the more will you as lightworker and Lightpioneer complete your work, use your abilities and begin your job. Nobody lets himself be squeezed into a pattern anymore. Human beings are becoming more and more aware that decisions of feeling are the right ones. More and more human beings understand that the collective of the duality does not comprise any good for them as it sets limits, constrains amd takes away your freedom. For each one of you and every human being is limitless, full of freedom and full of divinity. This is the highest knowledge which you can carry within. But the knowledge alone is not enough, your soul has to absorb this knowledge, make it perceptible for you so that you feel how strong you are, what abilities lie in you, that you can take your path without fear, as lightworker.


How many among you are unhappy with their jobs? How many of you are unhappy in certain family relationships? Unhappy with themselves? But this you can change by trusting exactly that which is present - the field of the high energies. Trust that which comprises the miracle. Bearing is the power of the courage to carry out these changes. Thus particularly the children of this time - and Kryon does not speak of the Indigo children or the Crystal children, but of the children who were born in the Golden Age, who have brought the first Light Body level with them in their consciousness already. They do not let themselves be restricted, they do not let themselves be squeezed into a path. They are independent and feel - even though they do not understand this with their surface consciousness, they feel these changes of the New Age. How were you yourself brought up? What did your parents give you for your path through life? How important was it for your parents that you train for an occupation which offers security? But what does security mean at this time? Young persons in particular cannot adapt to such occupations anymore. Many of them have great problems to adapt to something which still counts as secure in the duality for they sense that this is not the truth. They want to have the freedom to decide for themselves. They want to take a path which is away from and perhaps different to the path society dictates. Many parents still have existential fears for their children and they wish that the young persons finish school with good grades and have a good job. But I tell you, with many children this is no longer possible. They are prepared for what is coming. They need support, they need spirituality, they need freedom. Many young persons want to follow their own path. What do you say when your child comes to you and asks you and says: I think I would like to become a magician. What is there against it? What is it that leads parents to impose on their children how they shall behave, to use the mind in order to follow security, a safe path which is anything but safe.


But we know that it is very difficult for many parents, for they love their children and only want the best. But the best in this time is to let the children choose for themselves and to support them in it if they have chosen an occupation and  after a while discover that this occupation is not the right one for them. This security human beings would still like to cling to has long since ceased to exist. The only security which springs from the Divine Reality, which is true and full of truth is: Times will change and the laws of the duality will not be able to last much longer. Often particularly the young persons flee into a deeper consciousness. They want to escape the duality and they do not know how they can do this. Because of that many young persons turn to drugs. It is one way to escape from the duality. How much better would it be to create the field of spirituality for these young persons who feel such a deep consciousness and the wish for change, and to confirm them in their dreams and in their visions. Human beings suffer from existential fears, but clinging to apparent securities causes the exact opposite. To detach oneself, to have the courage to follow a path which is meant for you will open a field of undreamt-of possibilities which are ready for you, just as these miracles and the gifts are got ready for you for this evening. You yourself decide whether you would like to take them. It is so important to the High Councillors to tell you again and again how wonderful you are, what you can cause, which abilities you possess. Dare to take them. Understand that there are no limits. When you have understood that, you are free and in this freedom all the small miracles which have taken place in you can manifest in the outside. For you this means - hear the message of Kryon: live human love, feel the bliss, live health, joy, peace, balance. Do all the things you would like to do in order to do justice to your task, to work with your abilities and to stand at other people's side helping them. Use this field of your personal freedom by realizing: Anything is possible. The powerful energies of Merlin have built up and expanded here as well as the healing energies. If you are ready now that which you permit will be brought to you with the sounds from the Divine Reality. Become aware that Merlin will award the title of Merlin once more. Those among you who possess the ability of clairsentience feel a vibrating of the high energies and thus Kryon asks you: rise in order to accept these gifts.


( Note: Here a powerful song is played.)


Enjoy the energies which were brought to you. Sense the impulses which your soul, your merkabah is giving you. You, the forerunners, you, the lighthouses, lightworkers and Lightpioneers, you have such a high consciousness and have absorbed so many high energies and expanded in the course of time. Hear the message of Kryon. When torrential rains flood the desert, when human beings move in the water apparently helpless and there is no land within sight for them, it is you who symbolizes the big ship which saves these human beings from drowning. Thus you are equipped with a ship of bliss. When the waves are ever so high it will not touch you and you will look out for all those who need you. So it is with these messages of the New Age, the messages of love and the high energetic patterns


The energies of Merlin, the healing angels and the energy of Kryon say goodbye with the words:


A ni o'heved o'drach.


So be it.