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Public Channeling of November 4, 2009





  • Anlignment With the Vibrations and Energy of the New Age



I am Kryon. I greet you, friend of the light, lightworker, Pioneer of the New Age. I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT, which comprise the immeasurable love.


We speak of God's breath. God's breath, the Source of divinity that keeps everything alive, that unites and bears everything within itself. The divine central point radiates with the breath of God. When we mention God's breath then we name God's breath as that what it is - the living merkabah of the Divine Thought Field which vibrates in a certain rhythm, contracts and expands itself.


When the earth energy raises itself and the New Age energy meets the dual energy the frequency of the vibration of God's merkabah increases. Feel, when you go deep into your soul, the light of God and therefore the breath of God that you are absorbing and consequently finding your divine core. Feel, feel, who you are at the moment. When God himself breathes fast, in a rhythm of the aligned new energy, it changes the so-called time system, the time rhythm. The energies vibrate faster and 24 hours turn into 18 hours. Feel, during the quietness, who you are. For this is very important for this evening's message for there in your soul, in the origin of your divine core you are connected with the intention of the immeasurable love which is inherent in and expands the divine core, calls the light and connects itself with your merkabah. For your merkabah also breathes and vibrates in a certain rhythm. Feel this rhythm of your soul by calling all your chakras together. When the dual time rhythm moves faster, the hours and minutes pass quicker and you are lacking energetic time, your merkabah begins to vibrate faster. And in your body there is a biosystem, a rhythm, which should adapt itself to this New Age and this speed, otherwise you might feel symptoms on the physical level.


And so Kryon asks you to dip into the depth of your soul, into the present with the words Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So'Ham and to connect yourself with the cells of your body at the same time. We will, if you permit, bring your biorhythm into line with the New Age. This happens without words, with sounds from the Divine Reality. Not until after the alignment will Kryon convey messages to you about which symptoms it could cause in your physical system. For your physical vibration must also adapt itself to the vibrations of the New Age. You feel that time moves faster. You feel it on all levels, physical, emotional and mental. It is very important what happens at these moments. So get ready. Connect yourself with your cells, with your body.


[Powerful music is played.]


This is a big gift. Your merkabah is vibrating in the same rhythm as the merkabah of the Divine Thought Field now. While Kryon conveys messages anchoring takes place.


At present many human beings are suffering from physical symptoms such as nausea, disturbance of the sense of balance and insomnia. It is because the breath of God is moving so fast in the New Age and the earth energy is rising continually. The emotions are also vibrating faster. Many of you go from euphoria into sadness, from doubt into courage. Everything is vibrating faster, even your thoughts are making leaps and sometimes you feel confused.


Now your merkabah is in a vibration and in the same rhythm as God's breath. This gives you relief and you will feel that much will change in your system through that. Take time to feel your soul. Recognize the rhythm and the harmony which is giving you peace and lightness. The faster the earth energy rises the faster the merkabah of the Divine Thought Field vibrates. This means that the dual time is moving faster and faster. Only when the ascension takes place will the Divine Thought Field breathe in the real rhythm again - very much slower than is happening now in this phase of the ascension.


Feel the depth of your soul, for your merkabah is keepig you alive. The vibration of your merkabah in a certain rhythm is very important for all levels of your Self. At the same time feel the magnetic love energy of Kryon, how it expands you and raises you. Feel the connection with the divine Source. In the duality time is moving faster and faster. This is a difficult situation for many human beings. As this mostly happens at night dreams cannot be assimilated fully any more. As Kryon has mentioned already the emotions are also confused, become volatile, lose firmness. Thoughts are jumping this way and that. All of this leads to unease in the human beings. Nevertheless be told that it is a grace and a gift for this is the phase of the ascension and the more Lady Gaia signals that the earth energy is rising the faster the merkabah of the Divine Thought Field vibrates which in turn causes the New Age energy to adapt to the dual energy, drive out the old and give rise to the new.


We see that it is a difficult situation for many human beings for many do not know. You have gathered in order to absorb the message of Kryon in yourselves full of trust. Thus you have received a big gift. The anchoring has taken place. You will feel the harmonious beat of the energies in your everyday life. The biggest gift that the spiritual world can bring you is God's breath itself, when it pours over you. And so we want to bring you this gift, the breath of God, which embeds itself in your merkabah and in your soul and lets you realize what a wonderful creature you are. For you are the precursor, the light on Earth. Thus receive the God's breath.


It is a deep connectedness. The peace and the lightness as well as security are in you. Repeatedly Kryon conveys the message to you: Recognize the signs of the times. Each change that happens is a gift for the planet and for the human beings. Thus it has happened and is done. For you, my dear lightworker, much has changed through this evening and the energies. Physical symptoms will step aside, emotions and feelings will not confuse you any more. And even though in the outside the human beings are confused you feel a deep peace in yourself. And so Kryon says to each single one