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Public Channeling of May 6, 2009




Ashtar Sheran:

  • Consequences of the Activation of the Third Light Body Level
  • Transmission of Peace Energy

I am Ashtar Sheran, the messenger of peace. I am the light, the love. I am full of grace, and I greet you, each single one of you, with the words OMAR TA SATT.


We are watching the happenings of the planet. We are watching the human beings and we are watching you. We see and we recognize you. Now, in exactly this moment, the currents of energy are beginning to flow and when you open yourself and are ready the energies of peace which are so balancing for your system will pour into you.


There have been great chnages on your planet. The third Light Body level was activated in the planet's fundamental vibration, and much has and will change because of this. Now already you can feel it inside you, in your soul, there where your intellect is not at home. Therefore unify yourself with a deep breath. Put everything aside and give yourself to the energies which are working in such a mighty way in this moment and are so extremely important for you personally. For we see it, we can look into your soul. Unify all your chakras, expand yourself and feel the magnificence, the divinity in you. Become aware of yourself, of who you are and how magnificent you are in your being.


The activation of the third Light Body level has various meanings for all human beings on the planet, but above all, of course, for the awareness of Lady Gaia. The third Light Body level, whose energy has been activated, does not automatically mean that each human being is on this Light Body level immediately. But through this each human being on Earth has the possibility to activate this third Light Body level within, and this can happen very fast. It can happen through the intention, with one breath. It can happen while the human being loves deeply within. It can happen in the joy, in the yearning, and it happens very fast. This means changes in oneself for each single one who reaches this Light Body level, but also for those who have reached this Light Body level some time ago, and you can feel this. Particularly you, as you are so clairsentient and sensitive, will have already noticed that your feelings are changing and in each direction that your spirit gives these feelings express themselves violently.


In earlier times it was possible to repress impulses which the soul passed on to the mind. This will not be possible anymore with the third Light Body level. The soul demands its truth, the realization of that what you are. The soul wants to be fully recognized. The soul will not be able to store anything the way it did in earlier times. The soul will pass it on and you will sense it as feeling, as emotion. Thus it will lead to physical symptoms for many human beings who fight this. But it will rather come to mental symptoms with the human beings in the New Age because many human beings still do not understand that the soul is the expression of their divinity. You yourself are your soul and you do not just have the right to fulfil the wishes of your soul, but you also bear the duty for this.


Remember past times. How often do you try to please other human beings, make yourself small? It is not the point here that one should not help other human beings or approach them, but it is rather about that exactly you, that very many here, give so much. This giving, to think that you bear the responsibility for so much that does not belong to you, you have done for many years. But your soul will show you a path to change this for a balance has to be created. It does not suffice to be the giver only, but you shall also become a taker. This balance is extremely important for your soul, and this realization is also extremely important. You are a divine person and you are entitled to accept all those gifts that we bring to you. The time has also arrived where your soul will show you that the truth will always seek its path. Thus you can make the decision, for you have the choice how you will handle this New Age and this new light energy of the third Light Body level. Make the decision to use it to unify your masculine and feminine energies so that you feel the balance and the peace, that you take a step back and are not so strict with yourself anymore and that you let all the wisdom that you have for others also count for yourself, that you do all this that you do for others also for yourself, and as you forgive others also forgive yourself.


For many of you it is very difficult in the beginning for naturally it means when the currents of the Divine Reality are brought into the duality that it will come to Light Body symptoms again. But I would like to repeat what we have already said again: It means life. Each Light Body symptom carries you further into the Divine Reality.


Feel how the energy of peace is pouring into you now. The outer changes can be seen everywhere in the meantime and the human beings perceive them. They cannot close their eyes anymore, but the inner changes also have to be seen. Accept all those changes which your soul shows you. Thus you will feel that it is a great relief to vibrate with these energies and not to fight against them. You are moving into the energy of the New Age and this phase of the ascension, as we call it, is carried out in three waves. You are in the middle of the third wave and this is moving and powerful. But at the end of the day it is exactly this wave which will guide you into the new energy.


Go into the deep intention, and as by themselves all your channels open. We will bring these balancing energies to you now. Inhale them together with the light of love.


When the magnetic energies of the New Age pour onto the planet it has to come to changes. A long time ago we have already told you again and again that old structures cannot continue anymore. Many structures are breaking apart and the new beginning can be felt. You belong to those who do not close their eyes before what is happening, and I tell you, that which is happening is so wonderful that it reaches far beyond your mind. These changes in the outside as well as the inside are necessary. Thus, for example, souls who are living in a body for a long time already and are marked by misery as well as illness will be able to detach themselves more easily. At the moment many human beings, when they close their eyes, will sense a feeling of sadness and they do not know why. We know that it is a deep yearning of the soul to recognize itself and to perceive itself as the being that one really is, to discover the divine part in you, to awaken and to realize that your path can be an easy one. But nevertheless many human beings close their eyes. They do not want to see and realize, but the soul does not give them a choice. In some form the soul speaks clearly and thus you will see that many human beings will get mental problems some time soon. Yet it would be so easy. Believe me, to close the eyes costs more strength and energy than to open them and to realize.


Exactly in this moment, now, a transmission is taking place. The energy which is transmitted balances your masculine and feminine sides, calms your emotional level and at the same time has a stabilizing effect on your whole system.


When the Arcturians activated the third Light Body level an earth quake followed in your degrees of latitude shortly after. Thus you can see how Lady Gaia reacts and frees herself from the denseness of the energy. We cannot repeat it often enough how important it is to have a clear mind in this time, to get out of the collective of fear and to find freedom. Freedom from all constraints which are being imposed on you, from constraints which may have accompanied you your whole life already, from constraints which you thought that you have to take upon yourself and carry on your shoulders. Love means freedom, freedom in yourself. Still these wonderful energies are pouring into you and the more you let yourself fall, the deeper these can work in you.


Concerning the activation of the third Light Body level it will also come to great changes in your school system. You will see that your children will not submit to this old school system anymore, for these children will activate the third Light Body level in themselves with one breath and they recognize themselves. They want to free themselves from the constraints and not even take them upon themselves in the first place. Exactly these children are so important for the new energy and for the New Age. These children are highly intelligent on the emotional level and they follow the call of their soul, not their intellect. They do not allow themselves to be forced into a pattern and perhaps this may be demanding for some parents and still I tell you: they are the children of this New Age.


Even in technology there will be disruptions due to the pourings in of the light energy. Often your computer system will break down just like that. These, too, are changes. But the new energy pours unstoppably and the old energy will retreat. The higher energy bears the love, the truth and the Divine Reality. It shatters all fetters and you become that which you are. This planet comprises so much beauty and this beauty you will also recognize.


Should your Light Body symptoms cause you trouble you can call Ashtar Sheran or also Angel Gabriel always and at any time. These energies ensure relief, but recognize these Light Body symptoms for what they are: a gift for you and the planet. We watch the happening and are ready at any time, for this, too, is changing. Every human being who is ready to sense us more deeply will do this. Thought thoughts manifest very fast in this energy. The power of creation begins to work deeper and deeper and also faster. Many of you who are of high consciousness, those whom we call the Pioneers, you will have many different encounters. For more than ever before will each being of the light make itself felt when you ask for it.


Feel the abundance, the energy which is pouring to you. Whereas you made many decisions from the mind preciously you will notice now that your soul gives you very deep impulses and you will decide with your intuition, with your divinity more and more. Whereas your intellect sometimes had so much power over you that fear and worry were greater than that what your divinity sent you as signals, you will, when you make a decision for this, feel that the fear of your intellect will not last long anymore because it cannot hold itself long in the high energies anymore.


Also, many human relationships which have been entered into will change, for there, too, your soul will give you impulses. If you were the one who had too little confidence in yourself this will change. Your soul will show you that you, too, have the right to be as you are. The many masks that the human beings wear will be pulled down by the light energies, but that which appears is so full of beauty. For the truth and the divine being are always beautiful.


It is very important to Ashtar Sheran that you have absorbed the messages in your soul. Hear the words once more: The children activate the third Light Body level in themselves with one breath.


We will finish the transmission very gently and thus Ashtar Sheran asks you to connect yourselves very deeply with Mother Earth in the collective. You are the bearers of the light and through you we now let the balancing energy flow to Lady Gaia, too. Thus we use you as channel. This happens now.


(Transmission of the balancing energies for Lady Gaia)


For this Ashtar Sheran says AN'ANASHA, and before Ashtar Sheran withdraws I would like to point out to you how important it is to connect oneself with one's origin for from your origin you receive the grounding on the spiritual level which is very important in this particular time.