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Public Channeling of May 3, 2006


The White Goddess Ayo A'Isissis:

         The Love Net of Shambala

         Connection to the Frequencies of the Nine Deities of the Absolute Love



I Am the White Goddess Ayo A'Isissis. I Am the Goddess of the Sacred Halls of Shambala. I Am the White Goddess of the love net which is lined up in the Sacred Halls of Shambala and is being carried by the hands of God.

This love net is full of, filled with and saturated by the high love energy of the Divine Expression. The angels of the Star Seed, the angels of the universe hasten to the Halls of Shambala to let themselves be charged and flooded by the love energy of the God Frequency. The energies flow through this love-net through the whole universe and cover All-That-Is.


Nine Deities have the task of aligning and holding this love-net. The White Goddess is one of these Deities, who is at this moment speaking to all those whose heart is open and who are receptive. I speak to all those who have dreams and wishes, who have yearning and hope within. I speak to you, who sometimes feel sadness and loneliness and yet have an open heart as well as the readiness to accept the love magic of Shambala, through which changes on your planet will be brought about.

There is a being, a Great Light, which is being called Divine Human Being. You, Great Light, embody the expression of Divinity on Earth. You carry the peace and the energy of awakening, the great song of love in you. And yet you are feeling the desire for more - the yearning for totality and the feeling of unity and of integration. What is most important for you is the expression of love, no matter in which form. Be it the love for yourself, the love for another person, the love for a woman or for a man, the love for your parents or for your children, the love for your friends, the love for human beings or the love for God.


And so love has many facets in your dimension. Love may feel different for every human being but the essence of the vibration is always the same. Since the beginning of time, since you were created as great light in the universe, you have been connected to the nine Deities of the love net and have been united with them. But the long journey which you have taken upon yourself as well as the many incarnations on Earth have sometimes made you forget what it feels like to be connected with the nine Deities of absolute love.

That is why the White Goddess of the High Love has the task and the honor to connect you to the nine frequencies of the Deities of the absolute love here and now and to light them in you so that the magic of love can reach you noticeably with all aspects of expression. For you have earned it to feel your true essence.


It is the time of change, the time of information and the time of the Ascension. And may you be ever so full of impatience because you can hardly wair to cross over to the new dimension - we have made all the preparations.

More and more, higher and higher, and further and further we will connect you. We will guide you to the point where you will realize that you are the expression of God on Earth, with all his might, with all his love and with all the miracles, which are going to happen. Behind every expression stands the love.

And so the White Goddess asks you: Inhale the great light of love nine times. Sink into the core of your soul and prepare yourself by laying your hands on your legs, palms up.


Call all your chakras together and unify them to a big sun. Use the Crystal ARIS for grounding.


While you are becoming absorbed and are sinking into your soul your channels are opening as by themselves.

From your heart give the permission and the intention so that the nine Deities of Shambala may activate the love ribbons.


As great light you were very brave to begin the long journey. You were very brave to live through the many incarnations and to experience yourself. But it was far more courageous of you to make the decision to pull the veil of oblivion around you. All-That-Is IS. And All-That -Is is in change.

If you have the intention of love in you you will realize what it means to connect to the nine Deities of Shambala.


Visualize, if you can, a golden ray which is moving from your heart into the direction of your Alpha Chakra.

A ray is moving from the palm of your left hand, from the middle of the center, a second golden ray is moving from your right hand, from the middle of the center, upwards.

Three golden rays are moving out of your neck upwards.

One ray is moving out of your third eye upwards

Two rays, one from your left and one from your right temple are moving upwards.

They are the love ribbons of which you may have thought sometimes that you could no longer feel them. They will now be bundled and the nine Deities are preparing themselves to send you the love magic. It is possible that you will feel hot at the same time, but simply let it happen. The transmission will begin now.


It is like the lighting of the lights which authorize you to open the gates of the hearts. This great love makes it possible for you to open the heart's door, to feel the love of God and to love yourself the way you are. Exactly the way that we, too, love you.


You will pass this love on to all human beings, already by just looking into their eyes. The gates of the hearts are open in order to live the intoxicating and bewitching freedom of love. You are the light. You are the messenger. You are the expression. The way the angels let themselves be flooded by the love of Shambala, so will you, too, feel this realization. All that was heavy, that weighed on you, that caused you to worry and made you sad, will become reversed. The Deities as well as the White Goddess are prepared at any time to send you this energy of the absolute love. It gives you a power which permits changes. Free yourself of your prison. The time has come in which you lay tracks with your Divinity. You will say to the other people: You can trust. You can follow the tracks for they are the tracks of God.


The love net of Shambala will lay itself over the planet Earth. It will fill the Star Tetrahedron and will raise it into the high energy of Divine Reality. I, the White Goddess, say to each one AN'ANASHA.


If you knew how much we love you. If you yourself knew how brave you once were to leave the Divine Reality, to pull the veil of oblivion around you und to give yourself to the illusion.

The nine Deities as well as Melek Metatron and the White Goddess of Shambala are with you.