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Public Channeling of May 2, 2007



Jesus, the Christ:

     •     The High Vibrations on Earth

     •     Purification and Charging of Energy Aspects in the Ferania Springs

     •     Open the Door of Your Heart and Live Joy on Earth



I Am Jesus, the Christ. I Am the light of the divine Source and bring the messages of love and care. I greet each single one of you with the words OMAR TA SATT.


High vibrations of the light are spreading everywhere on Earth. Lady Gaia is singing a song which is about the Divine Reality. Vibrating energies, high energies of love, are also here in this room. And you, the great lights, are also present. Many human beings are still of the opinion that the spiritual world sets you tasks which you cannot fulfill. The bringer of love, Jesus, the Christ, tells you: You can fulfill everything. You are pure spirit in the human body. The Eye of God watches and shines over every human being.

The greatest joy which you can give the Divine Thought Field is to live the joy on Earth yourself. Joy - willingness to be curious, willingness to open the doors of the heart, the intention to go into the new dimension.


More and more we from the spiritual world are allowed to act because the veils, the once thick veils, have become so thin that the energies spread everywhere they are needed. Near the Royals of the angels there are springs which are called the Ferania Springs. They are the springs in which the angels bathe in the light, in the structure of the energy. As it is permitted in this high energy, in the now-present, this your time, Jesus, the Christ, will carry energy aspects into these springs if you permit. Thus you, too, can bathe in the light of these sacred springs and then transfer this to all levels of your body. But, as you know, I need your permission and the intention of your love. This, Jesus, the Christ, asks you for at this sacred moment of your now-time: Breathe the light of love deep into yourself and go to the middle of your center.

I ask you, I implore you: Open the doors of your heart and accept what we give you as gift of bliss. For we want to support you so that you can experience the joy of your life in all facets.

We also know that certain situations often do not appear to permit you to actually not just feel but also live this happiness and this joy. Again and again the question comes from the depth of your surface consciousness - but often also unconsciously - whether you are worth it that your life be pure joy.  Thus I call you once more - and feel the love which vibrates with every word: Open the gates of your heart and call all your chakras together.


Now inwardly give me, Jesus Christ, the permission that I may serve you by guiding you to the sacred springs. Perhaps you are asking yourself why angels bathe in the light when they are light themselves? I tell you, the sacred springs are filled with God's energy and currents from all the frequencies of the highest levels. Angels hurry over to lay in this light. When your energy aspects reach these springs, take a bath there and you then spread these energy aspects in all your bodies, wonderful things will happen. The more you allow this, the more your energy aspects may fill themselves.

Activate your Heart Ray. As by themselves all your channels open, and a host of angels has agreed to sit at your feet, to hold you and to ground your body.


Now let your golden Heart Ray circulate in all your bodies. It will, if you permit, collect just those energy aspects which need a light bath. The Heart Ray knows the way and you need not do anything other than be in the intention of acceptance. It is possible that you can follow the pictures with your mind's eye.

If this is not possible for you simply let go. The Heart Ray is still circling. Jesus, the Christ, would like to tell you that the Royal angels have opened the springs for you. And so the Heart Ray finds its way. If you feel a little tug or you begin to feel very hot let it happen for this is the Divine Reality.


Perhaps your mind's eye can see that these sacred springs show themselves in beautiful colors, in oval shape.

The Royal angels are ready to grant you access. The High Councillors of the Light have gathered in order to check your energy aspects. They check which light the aspects will be immersed in. Great gates beyond your dimension are opening and full of love the Royal angels carry your aspects into the sacred springs. You can be certain that they are being brought to just the light which is right for you.

During these moments inwardly say the words:


Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai 'Tsebayoth.

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So'ham.


Repeat these words inwardly until your light aspects return with your Heart Ray.


You are the ideal light structure and it is no coincidence that you are present here at just this time. You are showing the readiness for change of your self. You are showing the change towards the love for yourself. Please trust the words of the Christ for he says: Your path does not have to be a difficult path. Your being is to be joyful and full of love. Get used to the Third Language more and more and hear the music when the angels and Lady Gaia are singing. Hear the sounds of the Divine Reality and memorize who you are. Full of grace the Royal angels turn towards you. They are bringing you the energy aspects which are filled with light and your Heart Ray receives them.


Now your Heart Ray will find the way into all your bodies as by itself and reinsert the energy aspects which are soaked with light where they were sent from now. For one human being it will be love, for the other freedom. Perhaps for the next one abundance, esteem. Let it happen for they are the rare moments during which the gifts are being brought to you directly, without delay. Feel the pleasant warmth which is spreading through all your bodies.


From the divine presence of the Thought Field Jesus, the Christ, speaks the words:

Realize that every change has something positive in store for you. Every change in your life comprises a chance to develop further. Recognize the signs of the times, the movements of the energy currents and try to follow them with your heart. They will carry you into the new consciousness of the New Age. Let go of what burdens you.


Still the Heart Ray is circling. These lightfilled energy aspects of your self will give you what you need at this point in time, be it love, joy, freedom, health, abundance, strength, power or courage. But know, only if you have the courage to open the doors of your heart, if you have the confidence in yourself, can the energy aspects work. But the springs, the sacred springs, will open themselves for you again and again. More than you suspect, that which you permit will work. Recognize the words of love and the messages of the New Age. Let your thoughts dwell in the sounds of the Divine Reality again and again, in the magnetic messages of love, in the frequencies of bliss, harmony and love. Know that you carry the power and the strength in you. These are energetically charged words. You can achieve anything. Anything - you will be denied nothing. Believe in and trust your strength, your power and your love. When you permit your thoughts to go into the Divine Reality thousands upon thousands of angels will turn to you and do everything in order to accelerate the fulfilment of your self.

Often you hear the words: What you sow you shall reap. That is the truth and thus it will be. But pay attention to what you sow. If you carry doubt within you will get into situations again and again which will bring you to doubt even more.

With discipline keep your thoughts in the purity of the truth which goes: You are love itself. You carry the divine spark. You have the might and the power to realize everything. You are wonderful and your soul is beautiful.


So once more let us say together the words:


Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So'ham.


Your energy aspects are expanding into all directions. Each word and every letter of the messages is charged with the highest energy which whispers to you: Realize! Realize who you are and recognize the signs of the times!


Thus Jesus, the Christ, repeats the words:

You are being loved immeasurably.

A ni o'heved o'drach.