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Public Channeling of May 7, 2008





The Ascension


Doubt and Decision


Life after the Ascension



I am Maris. I am the Arcturian who is so connected with you. I greet the family of the golden-blue light. I greet all lightworkers with the words OMAR TA SATT.


Again Maris will give messages through the medium. There will be a few messages which are intended for you personally. Maris is your friend and companion, the companion on the way into the new dimension. So many human beings keep asking themselves: how is it going to be when the planets change into the new dimension. As you already know it concerns not just your planet, but many planets will be fetched back into the orbits of the divine magnetic field together. How will it be? What awaits you? First of all Maris would like to say that currently there are very, very many Arcturians on Earth in order to be involved.


The Arcturians are great light beings and have already experienced an ascension on their planet. I use the word ascension because this seems familiar to you, but what we say is: A great dawning of consciousness has taken place on our planet. Thus it will also be with you. The Arcturians work with the planetary grid, with earth crusts and the balancings for the new dimension on Earth. How will it be? How do you imagine it? What do you believe is waiting for you? That you wake up one morning and the ascension has happened? Currently many human beings say the most different things. They say them because they don't know any better. Some say the ascension took place long ago, the others say that it will be just like that - you will wake up in the morning and the ascension has taken place. But Maris tells you: Neither is correct. The planetary ascension began to work with the golden age. Even in the times of Lemuria many light beings agreed that the planets were going to be brought back. However time is too short to relate all of it here. The golden age was decisive for the breathing frequency of the divine field. With Jesus' birth many things were able to take place. the golden age was in your hearts - even at the time when you were incarnated then.

But now Maris would to stay with this incarnation in which you currently are. There is mention of the last phase of the ascension and the ascension was carried out in several waves. This means that the energy of the planet and the energy as a whole, even with the human beings, has been raised. All the time, perpetually, when you breathe you also inhale the new magnetic energy which is being brought to you through the dimensional gates. Through inhalation this energy can be passed on to Lady Gaia. The energy is raised, but inhalation of magnetic energy can only happen if your heart is open and ready. Spiritual development is very, very important in this phase of the ascension. Maris has mentioned it already but I think it is so important that you hear about it. Therefore I would like to repeat it once again: When the great light beings speak to you and make known to you that it is the love in your heart which expands you, which shapes and raises you in energy - then this is the truth.


But spirituality is also of significant importance for all of your whole state in your soul and in your Light Body. Particularly now, in these moments, the energy in this room is increasing. Let go during these moments and absorb the energy of Maris. Do this quite consciously. Breathe the love energy of Maris into yourselves and see the expansion, feel the expansion. Why Maris speaks of spiritual development has its reason and you who are developing yourselves spiritually, you I call by name. You I call to work together for the last phase of the ascension. Maris does not want to speak about the time of the ascension too much, but Maris would like you to know that you and many other human beings who live on the planet and have developed themselves spiritually, for those it will really be thus: When the ascension has taken place it will be as if you had been freed of a nightmare. Surely you know these dreams from the duality which you sometimes have, which pursue you and you wake up bathed in sweat and discover with relief, oh, it was only a dream. Thus it will be for many who have developed themselves after the ascension. They will cope with the actuality of prana breathing. You will cope and you will feel the Divine Reality so clearly. You will suddenly feel the whole love which is stored in you and you may not have been able to always feel completely. It will flow over you and around you. You will feel total relief as after a dream and you will say: I see, all of it was just a dream. I am here and now I know that all the doubts which I ever had were for nothing.


These doubts, my friends, this is a subject of significant importance for you. Listen well when Maris says to you, if you have ever believed even for a moment that there is a great light being, if you have ever believed even for a moment that there is a guardian angel, then why do you doubt? If you were full of intention you would not need to doubt anymore. These doubts are holding you back. You should go forward and the doubts of yourself, the questions you ask yourself, who am I really, become of minor importance. The pioneers among you, they know who they are, they have recognized themselves. You are all of you part of the divine Thought Field. You are all of you great lights in a human body. But even the pioneers don't always find it easy to know who they are always and at any time. Doubts come over you and you ask yourselves: Am I enough light? Am I really a great light being? Am I really full of might? Why can't I feel my abilities. You ask so many questions and regard everything from a low viewpoint, from a narrowness which doesn't exist in the Divine Reality. You build a prison around you and do not permit yourselves to stride through this door and walk into liberty. For liberty means that you cast off this doubt, that you, even if you have days in the duality when you can't quite realize who you are, carry the certainty in you: You are more than a human being. You are great light in a human body. You live on a beautiful planet. You are experiencing a dawning of consciousness which has never happened like this before.  You are all of that and contribute so that this can happen. Each doubt prevents you from taking another step. One step in the direction of higher spirituality. Think for a moment: If you were to occupy yourself with high spirituality with the same intention as you often do with your doubt, what would change in your life. Naturally Maris understands your interests, your worries, your fears because you live in the duality. Naturally I know that. But it doesn't help if you sink into it. What possibilities do you have, what pros and cons are there in your decision? I can reveal to you: On our planet, where we live, where the Arcturians are at home, there is no deciding. Our lot is easier than yours.


In the Divine Reality there is no deciding. A decision which you have to make in the duality always has as consequence that you have to decide for or against something. That doesn't exist on our planet. However, what does exist with us is the intention. The deeper our intention in our light is the more clearly we reveal what we need, what we want and what we receive. The deeper we go into the intention the more our light shines. That is our way of making decisions. We never have to decide against something. We, if I may say it like this in human language, decide for the deep intention. Deep intentions let our light shine so that the Elohim see it.


With you in the duality it is a little different with decisions. You have the feeling that when you make a decision for something you also have to make a comparison. But I tell you: With you, too, intention works. You don't necessarily have to decide for or against something. When you go into the depth of your soul and state your intention this is a decision of sorts. Which possibilities are left for you when you decide for spirituality? Against what would you decide then? My advice is: Go into the intention and show the spiritual world and show your own soul, show your Light Body how deep and still deeper your intention is to move on and be involved at the dawning of consciousness which is happening on the whole planet.


For those who have developed themselves spiritually, who carry the love in their heart, have reached a certain expansion and whose cells have changed, for those it will be wonderful after the ascension. For many human beings who fight against it, who turn around and say: No, such a thing doesn't exist, my mind tells me something else, I don't believe in it - for those there will be an awakening of another kind. You are highly developed otherwise you wouldn't be here. We wish so much to accompany you on your path. It is so important for us for all the planets will carry out the consciousness jump at the same time. That will also cause some shifting in the universe.


Your question which is asked again and again, and which Maris answers with pleasure, whether it will really come to a uniting of Arcturians and the human race: Yes, it will be like this. If you want it and the Arcturians want it. Not just the Arcturians, but other beings will also unite with you. Maris has mentioned only recently at the wonderful festival that you in your judgment, when you enter into long-term relationships, are still attached to the outside very much. With the Arcturians it is different. We search for the most beautiful and for the strongest colors. We are attracted by certain sounds, fragrances and colors. You, on the other hand, still have many judgments in the duality as to how a long-term relationship should be. You are moulded by the pattern with which you were brought up and what you know. But believe me, that will change. What yould you say today if in your judgment a 90-year-old woman unites with a 20-year-old man or a 90-year-old man with a 20-year-old woman? You will look out for other things very much more when you enter into a union. These are the unions of the souls.


We Arcturians live on a planet which is filled with the truth and the Divine Reality. Our planet comprises unbelievable beauty in color and vibration. But your planet is so wonderful. You have so many things. You have water, the oceans, you have the forests, the plants. Naturally many, many beings will also want to stay on planet Earth after the ascension. You have unbelievably beautiful bodies, even though you yourselves see that slightly differently. You have so much which is so wonderful and which you are sometimes not so aware of. Maris would like to say once again: It is not about the question how you develop yourself spiritually, but whether you develop yourself spiritually. Here it is not about the question whether it will come to a planetary ascension, but it is going to be so. If you take the opportunity now and go with this energy, into the new dawning of consciousness, then you will experience so much that is wonderful. Let yourself be told: More than you can imagine you will feel bliss. Maris knows how many things burden you, what fears you have. And however you imagine your individual ascension, one thing I can promise you: The planetary ascension will happen.


My promise to you is, that the High Councillors of the Light, all the great light beings, of course all the Arcturians, but also Maris himself, will be with you if you wish. Do not go and enter the collective of the duality in which the people turn away and say: I don't believe this. Be assured that you are the architect of the new Earth. Be assured that you are the light, the bearer of the light, the torch bearer, the messenger, the pioneer. You are the great light in a human body. Just as Maris and the Arcturians carry out their task on Earth so will we not leave the Earth anymore. We will be with you. Just as Maris is very close for some at this very moment.


Breathe the energy of Maris into yourself once more. Sense the deep love which unites us. I would like to express with all clarity once more how important it is, even as pioneer, to always develop oneself, step by step. We recognize you by your intention. We look out for the greatest possible intention. There are pioneers, there are also lightworkers, who have reached a certain level of energy and spirituality and say: That is enough. Now I have done enough. Now I turn to other things. Do not be among them. Go on in your spirituality and do not be attached for each attachment is a hindrance for you yourself. With each step you go into liberation, out into liberty. The time will come in which it will be a matter of course for you that you are also at home and feel at home on our planet just as on many other planets. I would like to point out for everybody once more that it is not necessary to leave your body with it. The reprogramming of your cells with magnetic energy has begun already. There is no deviation and no compromise. The Earth will ascend when the energy has raised itself enough.


Now it is time for Maris to go again even though this is very hard for me. So much would I love to pass more messages on to you through the medium. But we will stay connected. I will speak through the medium again. You are being loved immeasurably.