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Public Channeling of March 7, 2007




Purification and Cleaning of Collective Energies

Your Abilities



I, Kryon, I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT. Again the entourage is here with you. Kryon speaks the words to you, whom we know so well, through the medium. In the immeasurable love, in the  contemplation of the unity of the divine, the way you are. If only you knew the kind of power such a gathering can have: When the love, the unity and the divinity can develop freely. When the frequencies increase and the angels sit at your feet.


Before Kryon would like to speak with you about your abilities today we feel we must purify you and free you of the collective energies which you, as sensitive, lightful human being, so like to absorb.

Therefore I ask you, breathe as is right for you. Ground yourself. Lay your hands on your legs with the palms facing up and sit upright for a moment.

Deeply breathe the light of divinity, of the all-embracing love into yourself and go into the intention that all your channels open, into a space of bliss and awareness. Now bow your head for the moments of purification and remain upright with your spine.


Thus in conjunction with the high energies we will transfer cleaning and purification which frees you of the collective energies which you have absorbed. The more sensitive you are, the higher developed your Light Body is, the more you feel the collective energies.

The cleaning energies are like a golden sieve. At the same time the high energy of the great lights flows through your cell consciousness. You can now also put all fears and worries into this sieve as well. Free yourself. We are here.


You are sensitive enough to feel that this cleaning and purification flows through your system and is good for you.


Now you can make yourself comfortable again.


How wonderful you look, how beautiful you are, how lightful. Full of joy we behold this and Kryon is so near you.


How often do you pose the question to the spiritual world or even the medium what your abilities are? Kryon would like to personally answer you today:

Each single one of you carries so many abilities within. Outstanding and wonderful abilities. But the phenomenon of humanity in the duality also often comprises that you are not aware of your abilities or do not use them or that you use your abilities for other people but rarely for yourself. But the greatest phenomenon appears to be that so many human beings would like to have the abilities of others and do not regard their own abilities highly or greatly.


Kryon asks you to make yourself aware of one of your main abilities, any ability, no matter what it may be. It is irrelevant whether it is the ability to heal, the ability to manifest, whether you possess the abilities of a mage, a high priestess or whether you are good at drawing or perhaps are a good listener. Perhaps it is your ability to be sensitive and empathetic. Perhaps it is your ability to be comforting or to give love. Choose something that is in you and make yourself aware of this one ability for a few moments, without any doubt, without ifs and buts. Without looking to see what abilities other people have. Take your own ability.


All your channels are open. Now follow the words of Kryon. I ask you: Go into your everyday life. Choose a perfectly normal day. One of many days. Then extract a situation which may stress you as it does on so many days. If it is possible for you let a picture appear, like a screen. Do not judge it. Simply let it appear and happen. Now consciously use your ability.

If it is the ablitiy to heal let the energies flow. If it is the ability to listen listen to what your soul is telling you. Use your ability and go into the intention. The ability is the greatest might of the divinity in you. It can change your situation and remove things that weigh on you. Perhaps you can see or even feel what is changing now.


I tell you, if it is possible for you to change one single situation, one picture of your life with your divinity, with your ability to change things, then what it results in is that you can change your whole life. Imagine that you can change all situations which weigh on you, that which lets you become unfree, with your ability. One single picture already sets something in motion which can bring the great change into your life.

The development of your ability, the looking without doubt, without ifs and buts, to accept your ability, that is the might in you. That is your divinity.


When you strive for abilities which other people have you deny your own ability. For the umpteenth time Kryon declares to you in the immeasurable love: You are here in this incarnation not in order to remove your lack or your blockades but you are here in order to recognize – your might, the realization of your self and the preparations for the great change on Earth. You are here in order to realize that you have been equipped with something so wonderful and marvellous. Recognize yourself.


Even if many human beings have recognized themselves they tend to use their abilities for other human beings. But they often forget themselves. Their soul and their life. It is so important that you see that you may use this might which you carry within also for yourself. We downright call you to expand and manifest yourself. Mighty and powerful. We are here in order to announce the messages to you. We are among you to accompany you, to love you, to make the energy more lightful. Recognize the marvellousness of the energies. The change is taking place continously. Changes are visible, tangible and palpable. But these changes should also comprise that you yourself are ready to change so that you can open your limits, loosen firm structures in order to move forward and set tracks the way you are doing it. Also for yourself. I know how you feel. Sometimes you feel torn between the Divine Reality and the duality. Sometimes you think you are marking time, not moving forward. But believe me. All of that only happens in the illusion. The more sensitive you are, the more you expand, the more you also feel the agony of the duality and the collective, the thoughts and the energies of the sleeping. It is almost as if you feel it yourself and are in the middle of it. But you know better. It is so important at this time that you clean, purify and center yourself again and again. Your light is shining and many human beings are yearning for this light. Unconsciously they are carrying the yearning within. But the fears are sometimes too great. That is why many human beings react with anger. But you are the love, the loving light, the lightworks of a lightworker. The network which is expanding and reaching the souls of the human beings.


When you pull out of a collective center yourself and align yourself in your soul. Become aware of your ability. Thus you are a bearer of the light.


Now Kryon asks you once more to lay your hands with palms up on your legs. Your channels are still open and here in this collective the energy is so lightful and loving. Be ready to accept what we are bringing you.

Breathe the light of love into yourself. Become aware of your abilities once more. Now imagine a big screen. Let pictures appear, the way you have always wished your life on Earth to be. Do this like a child without holding back in any way. Simply let pictures develop.


Now high frequencies from the master level of the light will send energy through your channels. If you permit it then we will irradiate this picture of life together with your energies and your abilities for it to gain consistency.


When you are back in your everyday life, in a situation which stresses you, remember the words of Kryon. One single picture can change your whole life. Allow it. For hear the words of Kryon.

Changes are a good thing. You do not need to torment yourself. You may enjoy life, with gladness and magnificence, with the might of God and all energies which you invoke.


Thus let us say together the words:

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So’ham.


My family. I love you so immeasurably and say