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Public Channeling of March 5, 2008




Melek Metatron:

          Transmission of Redemption Energy<?xml:namespace prefix = o />

Maha Cohan:

          The Energy of Dissociation



I am Melek Metatron. From the spheres of El'Shaddai I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT. I greet you in the collective of love.


You have gathered in order to feel the high energies and to hear the messages which are transferred. They are more effective than any word when your heart opens and the All-One, the unconditional love and the truth arrive. The waves of Metatron are reaching the Earth. The waves have been pouring down since time immemorial. Let there be light on Earth and in your heart. As bright as it shines so high do the sounds ring. The high energies are arriving, bundled with the power of the All-One, that which unites us, that which you sense, that which you are, great light in a human body. Concentrated power of the Son and the Holy Spirit, concentrated power of the Christ. We will send you redemption energy as a gift, embedded in the waves of Metatron. It will sound like a song, will bow before you, creator-human. Hear the words of Metatron and receive the redemption energy of the Christ. The redemption energy which resolves everything, each inconsistency of the duality, breaks open all limits and opens you for all the new things which are imminent. Once before the Son touched you, laid his hand on you and recognized you. Redemption energy is pouring in, sounding like a song. The high sounds are arriving in your soul. Bundled power, the colors of love, the waves of Metatron since time immemorial. Thus let there be light everywhere on Earth. So be it and so it is.


The bundled power of the redemption energy, borne by the waves of Metatron, is brought to you by the angels of creation. Breathe in a rhythm which is right for you. Open yourself to the All-One. Open yourself to the gifts of this kind for through the redemption energy which is pouring in the paths which you are walking are smoothed. The sun knowledge is arriving. You will receive the energies from the highest level, from the living crystal libraries of the universe. They will be brought to you directly through the living star tetrahedron. Call all your chakras together and expand them. Become like a sun, shining, bright and powerful. Sense the peace in your soul when you unite yourself with the love of the All-One, who blesses you and loves you so immeasurably, who whispers to you who you are: Great light in a human body. You are the ideal light structure.


While you continue to expand into all directions Metatron will ground you at all levels of your Self. Redemption energy lets you become free and dissolves all contradictions. All doubts are blown away for that which remains is the perfect truth, the great song of love and light, that which connects you with each other. Let the miracles happen within yourselves. Never set yourselves limits. Do not let human hands set any limits for you. Recognize your potential and your light. Receive the redemption energy by giving the permission that the angels of creation bring you this energy.


As by themselves your channels open. Once before you were allowed to feel this energy. Jesus was so close to you when he stood before you, blessed you and loved you so immeasurably. Now the time has come for you to remember. The memory which cancels everything out, the duality with all its apparent limits. You are the beloved human child. The Christ is coming very close to you with the waves of Metatron, and whispers the respect and the immeasurable love directly into your heart. This connection will last for evermore. It will carry you through all times, through all energies. The angels of creation begin to let the redemption energy flow to you with the waves of Metatron. The manifested Christ, Jesus, will touch you again now, as he did once he will whisper to you how much he loves you and will remind you that at this time the redemption energy is being released in order to smooth the path for the kingdom of God. As words do not suffice to describe what will happen now the energy will be transmitted without words.


Thus no questions remain unanswered, no contradictions, no doubts. So many paths guide you to the goal. The love accompanies you and the very highest cristalline structures connect themselves with your soul if you grant it.

The waves of Metatron are circling around you and find their way. You are the ideal light structure and you are being loved immeasurably by all the spheres of the great Light. When you are in mourning the redemption energy will release you. When you have to make decisions the redemption energy will help you. Redemption energy expands you, brings you peace, at the same time opens the way into your potential and gives you the appreciation of your love for yourself. You can feel the love of Jesus, and thus the light history of the crystal libraries has been brought to you: The memory.


The waves of Metatron are carrying you, as is the love of the Son. Before you will receive further messages the waves of Metatron will pour into your ideal light structure with the drops of blessing. Thus Metatron asks you: receive the breath of God.


(A powerful song is played)


While the redemption energy connects the high love of your Self, is linked and embedded so that all the memories in you awaken, Melek Metatron calls the great light messenger Maha Cohan. Melek Metatron watches the proceedings and the waves of Metatron accompany you.



I am Maha Cohan. I am the bearer and the guardian of the light and the energies. I greet you OMAR TA SATT. More than you can guess a gift was brought to you today, the meaning of which cannot be expressed in human words. But the sensitivity of the energies of the Christ has already carried you on to a higher energy level, and Maha Cohan, the light messenger, will bring you the energy of dissociation which you will carry in front of you like a protective shield. With the redemption energy you will walk on Earth even more sensitively. This high love energy which pours out will attract the human beings. They will want to be near you and you will tranfer the redemption energy to them. With each breath that you take the redemption energy will pour out of you. But it is also important that you can dissociate yourself of all those who want to come too close to you. Thus for the first time will Maha Cohan bring this energy in manifested form to you here. Lay your hands on your legs.


In order to receive this gift you are to be orientated spiritually. What does it mean to be spiritual? It means that you are in the intention of love and feel the energies and the truth which stands behind each word. Positively suck the energy into yourself for it strengthens your structure. Just as is right for you Maha Cohan will send his energy now. It begins at the central points of the palms of your hands.


You feel the strong energy which Maha Cohan is pouring in. For how often does it happen in your everyday life that you feel as if exhausted and torn? How often do you grant that words of human beings hurt you? Maha Cohan calls you: Do not allow the words of a human being to hurt you. Do not allow that human beings set limits for you.

Do not listen to human beings who want to tell you that only their truth is the one truth. Even in the duality truth begins with love. You too use words of the love which raises the human beings and connects everything. Give the human beings a smile. Say good words to the human beings, the words of truthfulness and diversity. Look the human beings in the eyes and look deep into their souls. When they want to tell you there is only one way to God fear speaks out of them. Often human beings, particularly the spiritual human beings, are in competition with each other. It is the fear which speaks out of them when they want to tell you that there is only one path, namely their path. We from the high Reality bring you the messages of love and we tell you: we turn to every human being who opens his channel in love. We do not refuse anybody anything. Each spiritual being is available for every human being no matter what his name is. Do you feel the power of the energy and the strength which is behind it? Now you are bearer of the redemption energy of Christ and incessantly are you connected with all that is. Each human being, no matter which kind, of which background and of which religion is entitled to receive this. The truth always find its way.


Maha Cohan, the angels of creation of the universe, the great Lord of the Divine Thought Field, Melek Metatron, say AN'ANASHA.


Maha Cohan is full of joy that you, the golden-blue frequency, are smoothing the path so tirelessly. Thus let there be light on Earth.