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Public Channeling of June 7, 2006




-         The Effect of the Magnetic Energies in Your Dimension

-         Exercise: Harmonizing of the Spiritual Wheel

Melek Metatron: Pouring Out of the Beads of Blessing

-         Are You Ready?



I Am Kryon of Magnetic Service and I greet all of you together and also each one of you with the words OMAR TA SATT.

What a joy it is to be so close to you. It means more than words can express. The veils of the dimensions are opening incessantly. Feel how close to you the energy of Kryon is.


As many of you have already noticed the magnetic energies of the New Age can flow into your dimension more and more intensely. Lady Gaia, too, is raising her energy steadily. More than you can guess this comprises a great gift, for the Ascension is progressing further and further. You began with a hike once, and now you will have reached the summit of the mountain soon. It may seem to you as if it has never been this exhausting, but take the last leg with courage and Divinity. The time will come in which you will look into Kryon's eyes. We shall embrace each other and a celebration of joy will take place. I love you so much.


You can feel each energetic movement in your Light Body. You can feel the energetic movements of Lady Gaia as well as the intense currents of the magnetic love energy. We are telling you what a great gift this is for you. We also know how you sometimes feel when the energy is so strongly in motion. As we have already mentioned, in these times it is very, very important to clean the Light Body, to keep it balanced, to align the energies and not to allow the flow to stagnate. Follow each movement of the new energy and know that we are accompanying you. The energies of the other dimensions of time are also beginning to work intensely. There will be great changes once again. As has been announced already, the climate is beginning to change. The colors are becoming more intense. The smells are changing. Your senses are taking everything in stronger. They are the signs of the times.


We will do an exercise with you today which is very important. Repeat this exercise as often as you can.


Use the Crystal AVATARA now and go into the middle of your center. Expand. Become one with your Divinity.


Become aware of your energetic shoes. At the same time use the Crystal ARIS. As by themselves your Alpha and Omega chakras open.


Before we will begin with the exercise your Light Body will be purified. The high energy of Angel Michael is flowing through your Alpha Chakra. It clears and cleans your Light Body and frees you of the adhesions of the duality. Feel the energy flowing through you.


Now imagine a reclining eight in your Light Body. This reclining eight appears to you as by itself.

With the intention of love call the golden-blue frequency now. This energy frequency now flows strongly through your Alpha Chakra directly to the reclining eight. From this high frequency energy two balls form.

One ball is blue, the other ball is golden.

Now let the balls move on the reclining eight. You can follow the movements. With each movement you are being stabilized and your energies are being balanced. Let the balls move faster and faster if you can.


The balls continue to move until your Spiritual Wheel begins to vibrate in balance, in a movement which is right for you.


In the middle of the reclining eight you will find two goblets. Let the balls flow to them. Whenever you feel imbalanced or have Light Body symptoms let the balls come out of the calyxes and repeat the exercise.

The more you do this the more you will be stabilized and strengthened. Your energies will be balanced and brought into a harmonious rhythm. Sense again what it feels like, now that your Spiritual Wheel is vibrating harmoniously.


Now the Sun God will send his energy through your Alpha chakra, along your spine, and conduct it through your Omega chakra on to Lady Gaia.


Become aware that you have already done very much. You have expanded and you have transformed many things. Many people have yet to do this. You are the Light, the expression and the life on Earth. Therefore you will receive the Beads of Blessing of Melek Metatron at the end today.

In this group in which you have gathered today this will be very intensely perceptible for in these gatherings the veil of the dimensions is even thinner. We are present and with you. Kryon, who loves you so immeasurably, is among you. Now rise.


(N.B. At this point a powerful song was played)



I am Melek Metatron. From the spheres of El'Shaddai I bid you welcome  OMAR TA SATT.


You have received the blessing of God, the Father, the Son and the Mother. You have received the Light of Love. The Star Tetrahedrons of the oceans are rising. The mountains are spitting fire. The Earth is beginning to move. But you are wearing a shield. You are being carried by the hands of God. I hold out my hands to you. May the moment arrive in which the Earth - Lady Gaia - takes her last steps. We shall welcome and receive you on the new Earth in the Divine Reality.


Do not ask: "When?", ask yourself: "Am I ready?".


You flower of life, Messenger of God, Pioneer of the Light. So be it. Let us say these words together:


Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh.



So it is.