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Public Channeling of June 6, 2007





-          Connection of the Planetary Heart Energy to the Starseed

-          A Loving Heart Can Never Really Be Injured



I Am Kryon and I greet you with the immeasurable love and the words OMAR TA SATT, my dear Pioneers of the Light, my lightworkers and all those who have come here with the intention of love.

Great gaps of the dimensional gates are opening and the energy is getting finer and higher. Everything is changing and if you look closely you can see it everywhere. Not just the climate but, if you look closely, the colors as well as time have changed in the duality. Everything is vibrating faster, higher, and thus more consciously.


Jesus Christ once said the words: “There is nothing the human being fears more than love.” Many have heard but not understood these words. For a human being mostly cannot imagine that he himself is afraid of love when he longs for it so much. But at the human level love can injure, it can reject you and produce tears and pain. But in your heart energy there is also a planetary love. This planetary love is to be connected to the great Starseed today. Before this happens it is important to purify, to cleanse and to ground you. So breathe the golden light of love into yourselves, unify your chakras and expand yourselves.

Find the peace and the security in your unified chakra.


The planetary love cannot injure, it cannot reject you, it cannot cause you pain. The connection to the Starseed, the big universal network, comprises that you can open yourself more for this planetary love and can thus also transform the personal frequency of fear. The energies are getting higher and higher and it is therefore very important for you to ground yourselves at all levels.

But first go into the intention to open yourself. As by themselves all your channels will align and open themselves. Give the permission that Jesus, the Christ, may connect your planetary heart energy to the big star tetrahedron and to the Starseed, the universal network of the universe. Take a little time to give this permission. It always happens in the way it is right at this very time.

Kryon conveys the words that these times of the gatherings are something very precious. While during your time very many messages were conveyed now it is the gifts which are being brought in order to let you vibrate even higher so that your energies can be balanced. We know that your personal pain caused by love can be great. The planetary connection will grant that you will be able to handle the personal, human love very much stronger and better, that you can allow it more and open yourself to it.


Now we will begin to cleanse you, to purify your centers and to balance your energies. If it is possible for you lay your hands on your legs with the palms facing up. That is where the entry points are. But they are also at the nape of your neck, under the cranial bone and near the third eye.

So many human beings are afraid of the human love. They fear the rejection and the injury. Sometimes the pain of the memory sits very deep. But believe me, when you permit the planetary frequency, absorb the planetary love even more, this may change. It can be very important for you. Now the energy of purification begins to flow.

Because I am so close to you, for, even if you cannot see me I am present here,I know that a heat wave is pouring through you. Melek Metatron himself will ground you at all levels now. For this inwardly say the words: Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai 'Tsebayoth.


After this initiation you will be able to absorb the planetary love of the Starseed even more. You will be able to feel yourself how much this strengthens and stabilizes you. It is so important that you open yourself also to human love without fear, can erase old pain from your memory.

A total of 11 planetary heart frequencies will be connected to the Starseed and the great grid of love. Each single connection has a meaning for you. It means well-being, harmony, peace and, above all, the opening for the human love which is so important also in these times. For when the planetary hearts of all human beings connect the human love can expand, without pain and without sorrow. It is an important matter for us to convey this to you.

You are being prepared for the energy of the Christ. Inwardly keep saying the words: Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So'ham.


After this initiation you will also be braver, perhaps even take steps about the human love which you used to deny yourself. At the same time you will feel the great love of the Starseed. The big universal net of the angels will lay itself around you, envelop you and be with you. This connection will exist as long as you permit.


When the ascension takes place the planetary frequencies of all human hearts will melt together. And today a beginning is being made. A great initiation as gift for you and your intention. Thus rise and receive the big present. Feel the love of the Christ.


(A powerful song is being played while the initiation is being carried out.)


Hear the words of Kryon. A loving heart can never really be injured. What injures you is the fear which lies behind it, the human part, the illusion. Have confidence in yourselves and allow yourselves to drop into the waves of love. Absorb the planetary love of the grid into yourselves. Devotedly trust in the process which is taking place.

The more you permit that this love pours in to you the more will human love meet you. Listen to the words of Kryon and see the changes. Take a close look and understand. But understand with the loving heart and not with the fear which lies behind it. For all of that is illusion. Love is the true, the good and the beautiful. Be prepared to open yourself at all levels for the love. This initiation will actually help you to let go better. For many human beings are afraid to forgive themselves for something when they love and they are afraid they will not get enough in return. Drop all these thoughts and be ready for all the love which is pouring in to you. Be ready for human love. Let go of the memories of pain and begin anew, each day again and again, with the opening of your heart, the human and the planetary love. Live the heart frequency of your soul. Let all those who have been waiting for a long time come to you at last by opening yourself inwardly and being without fear of injury. For the true love can never injure you. It is the origin of all things, it is the origin of all being, the essence of your Self. Try to cross out of yourself thoughts of the injuries and begin to love anew each day, to open yourself anew each day. This has been a very big gift for your loving intention and Kryon and the High Councillors of the Light say: A ni o’heved o’drach.



Before Kryon withdraws breathe these words deep into yourself:


You are being loved immeasurably.

You are being loved immeasurably.

You are being loved immeasurably.


Each kind of love which is being evinced for you is worth being accepted. Be it a smile, a look or a gesture. For consider that words cannot suffice to describe what love comprises. Pay attention to the eyes, the window of the soul. For Kryon, too, it is a difficult moment to withdraw for I like so much being so near you, speaking through the medium and touching your souls. You – my family of the golden-blue light.