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Public Channeling of June 4, 2008





Light Body Symptoms

The Changes at the Current Time

You Are here in Order to Realize Who You Are



I am Kryon of Magnetic Service and I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT. The Third Language, the words OMAR TA SATT, are coated with a certain energy frequency which means more than you could understand. Each single letter is charged with the frequency of the New Age. With the immeasurable love of Kryon the magnetic field is expanded and the magnetic energy can manifest on Earth. This is currently happening in very strong waves and as the human beings do not know what is going on they react to it with fear and retreat. But you, my dear lightworker, are prepared for the change of energies. You are ready to absorb the magnetic love energy with open heart. The magnetic field is expanding. A dance of lights is developing on the planet and Lady Gaia is breathing the Divine Reality into herself with her consciousness. There are big, massive shiftings happening underground, cleansing processes which concern the whole planet. The many changes which we announced are beginning to work with the power of the new age. The ascension wave is carried out in a certain rhythm. The time will come in which God himself will change his breathing and a change will take place, and you can participate.


The planetary connections have been carried out. The connections are getting deeper and deeper. The magnetic love field is expanding further and further and permits the magnetic energy to arrive on Earth. This means: Let there be light. Let there be light on Earth, let there be light in you. Lady Gaia is being born again. Transformation everywhere on Earth. You have the great advantage of being informed about what is happening during the changes. You have the opportunity to adapt to the energies, as you have made the decision in the intention of love. You are being loved immeasurably, for we need you as lighthouse and lightworker for the coming time. You are being loved so immeasurably. Kryon will let magnetic energy flow to you. It is enriched with different frequencies which are beneficial for your Light Body and which free you of the symptoms which you feel in this time of the great changes.


This is simply how it is. We have always foretold it to you. These symptoms show how much the change is happening. Symptoms mainly appear in the form of tiredness, impaired balance, dizziness, allergies, head-aches, tinitus and back problems. Ground yourself whenever you can and absorb the magnetic energy of the new age whenever you can. They are the most important preparations for the coming time. The magnetic energy is arriving and the more you absorb of it the further you expand and let the magnetic energy flow into your cells.


Thus Kryon asks you: Breathe in a rhythm that is right for you. Breathe love deeply into yourself. Sink into your Self and expand.

Call all your chakras together and let a big sun come into being. With each breath you take this sun expands in you and as by yourself you open all your channels as well as your Alpha and Omega chakras. Lay your hands on your legs palms facing up. The magnetic energy of Kryon, the great light, begins to flow.


The changes, no matter how they show themselves, with all the symptoms which you may feel, the fear which is spreading among human beings, the panic which arises, are a good thing in the end. For the planet is moving towards the Divine Reality. When the ascension has taken place it will be paradise on Earth. Feel how the magnetic energy touches you in the deepest part of your soul, and if you know your original name then speak it nonverbally. Feel how the energy arrives, how your cells are touched, your nervous system, your body, the soul, the Light Body. So much has happened on your planet recently and so many human beings carry grief and pain within because they have lost their house and human beings they love. Have sympathy and send all human beings unconditional love, just as is possible for you.


Phenomena create mysteries among scientists. But nobody can deny the changes anymore. Even the most deeply asleep will realize that these changes mean something. They are integrated in something higher. Feel the immeasurable love which bears the magnetic love energy within. It is as if it were whispering to you: Realize, realize, realize who you are. Feel the signs of the times and feel the divine might in you, great light on Earth. You are here in order to bring something about. You are here to stand helpully by the human beings’ side. You are here because you were chosen to participate in the great event which will take place. You are here to realize who you are. You are here to experience yourself as divine. You are here to recognize the truth in the duality. You are here to initiate the Divine Reality. You are bearer of the new energy. You are here to spread the light. You are here to give the human beings courage, to strengthen them. And above all you are here to realize how wonderfully your light is shining in you and to love yourself immeasurably. You are here because you are one with Lady Gaia, part of her. You are here to accompany Lady Gaia in her process of awakening. You are here to push aside the doubts and to let the veil of realization which carries the magnetic energy of the new age pour in to you. You are here to push aside the veil of oblivion. You are not here to suffer. You are here to realize that the suffering you had to bear is over. You are here to realize that you are allowed to accept all these gifts which we are bringing you. And you are to let all the miracles happen.


You have the choice. You can choose all sorts of things in the duality. Always choose the good and the true. Feel the magnetic love energy. When God’s breath will be poured out over you in a moment, the dance of lights and light fountains reaching you in your soul, let Lady Gaia participate. Connect yourself deeply with the consciousness Lady Gaia.

Now you are the messenger of God. Convey to Lady Gaia the words of Kryon when he says to you: Fear not, for let there be light on Earth, let there be light in you.

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, So'ham.


Thus, in a moment, when God’s breath touches you, you will integrate Lady Gaia. We will withdraw the magnetic energy now. Light fountains, God’s breath, the drops of blessing will touch you. Rise.


(A powerful song is played)


The lights of the universe pause when the light fountains, the breath of God, is poured over them. Kryon has spoken about the physical symptoms. I would like to add that currently it may come to great mood swings and listlessness, in conjunction with fear more often. But I ask you, especially in these times: Realize who you are. Do not let any doubt arise in your intention to work as lightbearer in the New Age. Each symptom, be it ever so unpleasant, shows you that you are developing further. That is how it is in the duality. You are bearer of the light.


Kryon, who loves you so immeasurably, ends the message with the words:

Realize, realize, realize.


A ni o’heved o’drach.