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Public Channeling of July 7, 2006



Master Lao Tse:

-         The Anchoring of the Energies from the Blueprint

-         Your Dream of the Divine Reality

-         Love the Energy of Abundance

-         The Raising of the Energies Through the World Cup



I Am Master Lao Tse and I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT.

It is a great honor and joy for me that I may speak to you today. Master Lao Tse is the Master of Wisdom, of Realization and of Love. Carried by the collective which builds up at this meeting we are ready to give you the energy of the New Age.

While Master Lao Tse ist sending you the messages through the medium 18 different beings of the Light have joined forces to work in your Light Body and your blueprint today with your permission. You are so wonderful and Master Lao Tse feels so strongly united with you for I, too, once was a great light in a human body. I love you so immeasurably.

Before Master Lao Tse passes the messages on to you I ask you, each single one, to go into the depth of your soul with a few breaths.

Unify your chakras and expand yourself as is possible for you, into all directions of the energy.

Find the stillness, the peace and the strength which show you the Divinity and let you feel who you are.


The gates of the dimensions are opening further and further and the change of energy which lets you feel that the change of dimensions is proceeding constantly, is taking place faster and faster. Many dimensional gates have opened themseves already and memories in your blueprint are beginning to flow into your Light Body. They are memories of the Divinity, the Love, the power, the freedom and the bliss. Before Master Lao Tse will send you further messages give the permission that 18 high beings of the Light may work in your blueprint so that the memories of the bliss will become perceptible in your Light Body, will expand in your soul and you can feel the power, the peace, the joy and the freedom for yourself in the way you once experienced it in your incarnations in which you were inspired by the freedom of your soul and the Divinity in you.

As by themselves your channels are opening.


The working in the blueprint may be an unusual feeling for you but let it happen for they are energies which will raise you, strengthen you and bring you freedom. For the memory of that which you have experienced in the Light and in the Divinity is to open itself to you the way the flower opens itself to the sun. Lay down your hands with the palms facing up.


Deep within you, in your soul, there is a dream. A dream which is whispering the truth to you. It is a dream of Divine Reality combined with a yearning. Try to feel deep down in you what dream it is. What does this dream comprise for you?

It does not matter at all what you are thinking of. It may concern your work, a person, your family or your life situation. Where in you do you feel your personal dream? What does it comprise? What is it whispering to you - in the presence of the Divine Reality, not in the game of the illusion, not in the game of the duality, but in the Truth and in the realization? Take your time for already the high Lights are beginning to pour the memories out of your blueprint.

It is very important that you leave your reason aside while you are looking for your personal dream. Leave everything aside that could hinder you to live this dream in everyday life.

At first this may sound incomprehensible to you. But believe me, it is so. Many people do not even know what their dream comprises. Do you know it? Can you feel it?

It is possible that many pictures will appear during these moments which have something to do with this dream. They are the energies from your blueprint which are supporting you. You have lived your dream once before.


Now feel what your yearning is striving for. We once conveyed to you in a message that there is a feeling in the duality which springs from the Truth. The yearning is the feeling of the Truth and the truthfulness. The yearning is the Truth and the realization. That which you are yearning for is the Truth in you. It springs from the Divine Reality and shows you the energy flow of your soul and your wishes. What do you yearn for? What is preventing you from living this yearning, to give in to it?

I can tell you what it is: it is the movements of your intellect which would like to make you believe that the yearning and your dream have no place in the duality. Your intellect would like to make you believe that you need securities in order to put the dreams to practice and to give free rein to your yearning. Your intellect is trying to frighten you in the collective. That is why many people, for example, do a job for which they have the required abilities. But I tell you: you have an ability which is much greater than what you have learned. It is the ability to do what you really love.


The rivers of the energies are expanding in your Light Body. The drops of energy are flowing from your blueprint and touch you deep in your soul.

If you live your yearning your dream will become reality. Verify that this dream is connected to love.

In the duality there may be resistance, conflicts and circumstances which prevent you from living your dream. But we tell you: if you love what you are doing and become active, then the energies will carry and accompany you.


An energy leap of freedom has taken place and many dimensional gates have opened themselves. The light- and powerful energies are flowing in. Up until now you hardly had access to your blueprint. And so you have gathered here today, knowing deep in your soul that today something wonderful is going to happen. For you are the ones to whom it is granted to access the blueprint at these moments. I ask you once again to let all the pictures appear before your inner eye which help you to live your dream and your yearning.


Many of you and all the other people feel tied to a job and a profession which they do not practice with love. Existential fears and the fear of loss and poverty hold them in these fetters of tightness. But what is it that gives you so much fear?

I tell you: money is an energy. If you love this energy it will find you. If you judge it, if you try to seize it it will cause you damage. Love this energy and let it circulate.

Permit yourself to accept this abundance without judging yourself. A job which you do with love automatically attracts abundance if you are active.


If you are ready visualize a big treasure chest in front of your Third Eye. So big that you can bathe in it.

Now, without judging it, lay down in this treasure chest. Be ready to melt together with this treasure of abundance.

And while you are bathing in the abundance the memories of the blueprint, the energies of the Divine Reality, the rivers of the dimensions continue to flow to you.


While Master Lao Tse will pass on a few more messages to you the whole energy which you have absorbed from your blueprint will be anchored in you including the abundance with the help of the high Lights of the Divine Reality and the Love. Once again take deep breaths and move into the flow of energy.

This anchoring is a great gift for you for we are calling you to love your dream of the Divine Reality and your yearning, to become active and to open yourself. As has already been announced to you many professions of the New Age will be created and you will realize what this means. Many people are not ready to live their dream. They turn back when they are half-way there because they feel resistances and see conflicts. But if you realize and put into pratice your dream of the Divine Reality you will notice that you carry the greatest ability in yourself and are capable of anything you wish. It is so beautiful to see how the anchorings in your Light Bodies begin to stabilize. The harmony of the vibration is recognizable.


Before Master Lao Tse says good-bye I would like to convey an important message to you about something that has happened now. Surely you have noticed how the movements of the energies in the world have changed because of a great event which many of you have followed. Through the World Cup of your game the energies have been raised in many people, and we from the spiritual world have used this to anchor these collective energies of increase. And so a network of love has come into being. Though in the duality it is a game with winners and losers, still the energies of the human beings have increased themselves with it.


As farewell I would like to say to you: you cannot lose the game. You, the Bringers of the Light on Earth who are sitting here, are the world champions. You are the bearing Light and we love you immeasurably.







N.B. Melek Metatron pointed out that the energies of the blueprint will pour into the Light Body over a period of 9 x 7 days.